‘Novak’s Real Crime Was to Have Stood Up for Himself and, in So Doing, Exposed Our Cowardice’

"We have to hate him… If Novak is not the devil, then we are all fools"

The whole country is hating on Novak Djokovic right now because he had the courage to do what most of us did not – stand up for himself.

Novak’s principled stance has only served to highlight the fact that millions of Australians have allowed themselves to be abused for the past two years. And no one wants to admit that.

It is far easier to demonise a Serbian millionaire who took a stand than it is to agree that we have been bullied into submission by politicians and health bureaucrats.

How else to explain the unhinged reaction to the world Number One tennis player being allowed to defend his Australian Open title? And how else to understand the glee with which his subsequent visa rejection was greeted?

When news broke earlier this week that Novak was going to be allowed to play in Australia, a Victorian journalist tweeted: ‘If we still have crowds at the Australian Open by the time it starts, it’s the duty of every Australian to boo Novak relentlessly between sets. Shit is absolutely f***ed.’

Urging 14,000 people under the Rod Laver Arena roof to exhale in unison to protest an airborne virus is the kind of dumb you can only be when you’re smack bang in the middle of a rabid mob.

Not to be outdone, a prominent Melbourne journalist tweeted that the Australian Open was ‘a tournament fans were scared to come to in the first place and won’t want to attend now’.

Really? People were scared that the medically cleared Grand Slam winner might walk onto a fenced-off court, cough during a rally, and infect everyone in the stadium with the plague? Get a grip. He’s a tennis player, not the Grim Reaper.

No one seriously believes Novak is a health risk. And no one seriously believes that kicking him out of the country is protecting Australians.

Australia recorded more than 60,000 Covid cases in the past 24 hours. It’s not like Novak – someone who is perfectly healthy and who has natural immunity from having beaten the virus earlier – was going to ruin Melbourne’s (mythical) Covid-Zero utopia.

Novak’s crime was to have insisted that a person’s medical information should be private – something we all believed as recently as 2018.

He then successfully argued his case before an independent panel of six doctors as well as the Victorian Health Department. As a result, he was cleared to ply his trade as a free man, with a clean bill of health.

You see the problem here, don’t you? Novak kept his medical history private while we all agreed to flash our medical history to a stranger in exchange for the right to enter Kmart.

Novak fought for and won the right to earn a living on his own terms while we all consented to making a series of unending injections a condition of being able to earn a livelihood.


Novak probably wouldn’t have agreed to a 9pm curfew. He probably wouldn’t have forbidden his children from visiting playgrounds. And he probably wouldn’t have missed out on precious time with family because an unelected, unrepresentative bureaucrat said ‘science’. Novak probably would have stood up to all that nonsense. And how we hate him for it!

We have to hate him… If Novak is not the devil, then we are all fools – fools for acquiescing to increasingly nonsensical demands and fools for agreeing to endlessly shifting Covid goal posts.

Novak’s Australian Open entry did not mean that we had all been played by politicians. It was Novak who was the problem – not the tyrannical rules to which we so meekly submitted. Rules that made us so angry because Novak refused to be enslaved beside us. It wasn’t fair. Why should Novak resist when we had not?

He should be booed. He should be boycotted. He should get sick with Covid!

At least, that’s what some people seriously suggested, whilst claiming they were concerned about ‘public health’, of course.

On and on it went. Vitriol heaped upon disdain, piled upon contempt.

The Project’s Peter Helliar tweeted: ‘Margaret Court relieved she won’t be the most unpopular person at Rod Laver Arena this year.’

Leaving aside the fact that using the story of Novak’s medical exemption as an excuse to kick a 79-year-old woman did Helliar no favours, how do we explain Helliar’s assertion that Novak – who has harmed no one and who has broken no law – is suddenly the most reviled person in the country?

‘Rules are rules,’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison insisted, when announcing to the baying Twitter mob that Novak’s visa had been cancelled.

Most of us just thought it was good of the Prime Minister to finally turn up for something… But I digress.

‘Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from Covid, we are continuing to be vigilant,’ he said.

Vigilant in what? Protecting a Covid-ravaged populace from a healthy man with natural immunity?

One suspects it might have more to do with the fact there is an election coming up and it suits to have an unpopular foreigner upon whom to focus community anger.

Novak’s real crime was to have stood up for himself and, in so doing, exposed our cowardice.

Don’t think of Novak as a tennis player who got special privileges. He did not.

And don’t think of Novak as a selfish athlete who is disrespecting Australia. He is not.

Think of Novak as a mirror in whom we saw an unflattering reflection of ourselves. Our first response was to smash the mirror. Then we cheered that the mirror was to be marched onto a plane and sent back to where it had come from.

But there is no escaping what we have seen of ourselves – or the bad luck that’s sure to come with breaking that mirror.

Source: Spectator Australia

  1. London says

    Novak follows in the footsteps of Watt Tyler, William Wallace, Kennedy brothers (whose grandson is strongly included in this list) … lets hope he does not end up the same way but he is a sportsman so it will be a sports punishment not a head on a spike, hang draw quarter, assassination. Yes you are. It is the fate of those independent of the worldwide yoke of the world’s richest families and their controlled professions, politicians and media. All of the above are heroes for all time.

  2. Chacko Kurian says

    ‘The fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the breast of man’-from Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

  3. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “The whole country is hating on Novak Djokovic right now because he had the courage to do what most of us did not – stand up for himself.”

    No, it’s not, it’s really not.

    It’s the Satanic political class, their beauracratic stooges and the entirety of the bought-and-paid-for Australian mainstream media that is “hating on Novak Djokovic”.

    The common folk in Australia could care less. A great many of them already ignore the mainstream media, because they know what’s going on.

    This is a controlled narrative which is subordinate to the Satanists’ Corona Chan “pandemic” narrative, a key part of their depopulation plan.

    “When news broke earlier this week that Novak was going to be allowed to play in Australia, a Victorian journalist tweeted: ‘If we still have crowds at the Australian Open by the time it starts, it’s the duty of every Australian to boo Novak relentlessly between sets. Shit is absolutely f***ed.’”

    A Victorian “journalist”? Really? How about we just call a spade a spade – a Victorian presstitute paid by his Globalist masters to spew lies to support the official position of the Satanists entrenched throughout the Australian governments.

    Why would anyone be concerned about a brainless lying presstitute’s paid anouncement on a Globalist media platform like Twitter?

    For that matter, why breathe life into that venemous tirade by repeating it?

    “‘Rules are rules,’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison insisted, when announcing to the baying Twitter mob that Novak’s visa had been cancelled.”

    There’s that Globalist-controlled propaganda machine again – Twitter.

    Sure, it matters to the Satanists’ controlled narrative – but only for that diminishing proportion of the population that still give it any credence.

    Here’s a small measure that might help to restore public confidence in the official narrative – drag Hill Song paedophile and closet Satanist Morrison and all his ilk out into the street and string every last one of them up on a lamp post.

    1. ken says

      If it’s any consolation we in the US are not much better.

      Commie rat holes like California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Jersey, Maine, Minnesota are the outliers ,,, almost all except for three or four and even those are semi covid regimes.

      In Alabama (a supposed Red state) a commie judge threw a person in jail for not wearing a mask,,,there are no mask mandates in Alabama.

      Here in ‘Free Florida’ where requiring a mask by the mini dictators is banned by the governor, about one third of the covidians still wear them.

      The world is sick,,, mentally,,, only the degree of the sickness is up for debate.

      Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Austria, Canada and the UK are just ahead of the curve.

    2. Chacko Kurian says

      The Christian Right support Smirko, no matter his continual lying and shifting blame onto others. I’ve spoken to quite a few and it does not seem to bother them. I guess they believe that it is all right to make deals with Satan if it to to further Christianity! When are they going to understand that smirko and the rest are either satanists or at the least useful idiots for the NWO elite.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Organized Christianity is Satans false church.

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          In one sense, the Church is fundamentally democratic, much like any club that requires membership to participate, because anyone who doesn’t like the rules is free to leave.

          On the other hand, within the context of the Church Militant, for those who are determined to be members, the Pope is a dictator, because he has absolute authority.

          That same old time-tested rule applies – if you’re going to have a dictator, make sure you get a good one.

          Pope Paul VI was aware of the problem – in his words “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church”. The stooges, butt-lickers & court jesters can collectively be just as dangerous as a crooked king (if not more so).

  4. Ragde says

    Idiots from the beady eyed PM all the way down

  5. ken says

    “Australia recorded more than 60,000 Covid cases in the past 24 hours.”

    Wonder who is selling these kits to the Australian regime. On amazon they go for $23 US. So, let’s assume $20 US…. What is 20 x 60,000. Someone made $1.2 million buckeroos in one day,,, and we’re not counting the PCR negatives! We’re looking at a possible 2-3 million US dollars in one day…..

    And even better,,, That bogus PCR has been dropped in the US. It can’t determine the flu from the covid (which the virus has not been proven to even exist (lol))

    You silly Aussie’s must love to be cleaned out! Apparently you love being treated like cattle, marked and injected with whatever your owners wish.

    Poor people,,, can’t see a scam that would be obvious to a kindergartner. You are making your owners very happy and very rich!

    Oh well,,, to each his/her own.

    1. Ronne Shelton says

      For in U.S.A. we are 85% sold out to fauxi and his bagman biden!

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Really it’s less than 50%

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          “Really it’s less than 50%”

          … and that’s why they are trying really hard to go full retard on you too. The clock is ticking, and Klaus has a schedule to meet.

          But you’ve got guns – lots and lots of guns – and people who know how to use them (and IMO the sooner they do, the better for everyone all around the world).

          Just a few good men with pure hearts and the determination to live righteously is enough to beat a pack of Satanic Globalist bastards any day of the week.

          Dr. David Martin Names the Names behind the Corona Chan “Pandemic” and the Push to Depopulate Earth
          [ https://video.wixstatic.com/video/b5e5d1_e622f719ebdc417d939dc87ae0995514/480p/mp4/file.mp4 ]

  6. silver9blue says

    You forgot to mention he was tested and had covid on Dec 16 and despite this was seen maskless at a few events in Serbia. Applied for an exemption because he had covid. His lawyers have revealed this. Its called looking for a loophole.

    1. Yvonne says

      The “tests” are fraudulent. Get up to speed. Behaving like a free human being with inherent natural rights is not “looking for a loophole”. The “vaccinated” … it is not a vaccine by any proper definition…but a genetic therapy that forces the body to manufacture the toxic spike protein, endangering multiple organs and causing loss of natural immune system functioning…anyway, the “vaccinated”, provided the “vaccine” worked, would have nothing to fear from anyone harboring a virus that they were “vaccinated” against. Also, they wound not need to fear the other “vaccinated” who, we are told by the tyrannical health authorities, do still harbor and transmit covid …

      Do try to make sense of this. If the “vaccinated” can still get and transmit the virus that supposedly they were vaccinated against, as admitted by the health tyranny agencies that advise (against all sense) that people should allow this technology into their bodies, then that “vaccine” is entirely useless.

      Except of course for its real purposes, which include depopulation and profits for pharma from the disorders caused that subsequently require their “help” in the form of expensive medications taken for the rest of a reduced life span spent in “vaccine” induced poor health.

      And the grand purpose of the “vaccines”, which is total control of individuals, so that no one lives as a human being should, in freedom. God did not create us slaves to other humans who pretend to be God…instead, “…put no other gods before me.” One cannot live as spirit within directs, while one gives total obedience and allegiance to a false god or a false narrative.

    2. Kieran says

      so what. an average healthy human will have an asymptomatic infection and will carry antibodies against the virus for a long time and the sooner the whole population gets it the better to achieve herd immunity from a very mild variant with hardly any fatalities.

      what is going on at present is insanity personified by authority blinded by greed and enforcing all sorts of useless mandates and pushing harmful kill-shots on helpless kids that will breed and spread mutations because these so-called vaccines DO NOT GIVE YOU IMMUNITY

    3. Mark says

      Plenty of real scientists, with real degrees and real studies and everything, report that natural immunity is generally far superior as a defense against COVID and other coronaviruses. It’s just that natural immunity varies somewhat from person to person, and The World Of Order decided it would impose vaccines so that everyone started from the same benchmark, which – since the vaccines are not really vaccines and do not confer immunity – are now measured by time since you got your last shot. The public-health whackos are satisfied that they can record your data and autogenerate a reminder to you to get your next shot when it is due, and that the overall system will be superior to natural immunity even if natural immunity outlasts individual shots. They’ll keep tweaking as they get more data, and set up a global inoculation program that will map out your shots from cradle to grave.

      If Novak had COVID on December 16th and the Follow The Science crowd is satisfied that two weeks or less is enough for it to have cleared your system, then he is good to go.

      1. Ronne Shelton says

        Money makes the virus go round and round and round and round all over the world. $$$$$$$ for the 1%

  7. Kieran says

    this is what politicians do all over the world, especially when facing elections they have some golden rules to apply on unsuspecting sheep:
    divide and rule
    find a scapegoat
    change goalposts
    employ doublespeak in such a manner, if there existed a COVID virus/variant at all, it would be confused by now

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “… especially when facing elections…”

      Another trick they have up their sleeves is to rig the elections (the Australian Electoral Commission is rotten to the core, and has already publicly announced that the “unvaccinated” will not be allowed to monitor Australian election processes and vote counting – and let’s all get ready for mandatory postal voting).

      Yet another ace up their sleeve is to just declare a “health emergency” and suspend all elections. That’s a very real prospect at both the Australian State and Federal government levels. Dictator Dan in Victoria has already awarded himself the power to do precisely that.

      In which case we will be obliged to just drag them all out into the street and hang them on lamp posts – for the public health, you see.

  8. Mark says

    There is a little Nazi collaborator in almost everyone, and about 80% of the population of the ‘developed nations’ is grooving on watching a minority forced to do something they do not want to do and are resisting. It’s fun for most people, although many would pretend otherwise, to see the proud get their noses rubbed in the dirt. Those Quislings get an extra little jolt of virtuous goodie-good pleasure out of loudly going along with the latest lunatic demands of the public-health dictatorship. Because it makes life a little bit sweeter for them knowing that in a few days, their neighbours who complain about the bolshie government will get a some more restrictions slapped on them because they would not kneel.

    Australia and Canada are now unrecognizable as the countries they so recently were. I live in Canada, and for me it will never be the same again even if it does return to something like ‘normal’, because its government did things and said things I would have sworn it never would. It has crossed the Rubicon. Modern societies liked and respected Germany, but a little part of them would always remember the lengths Germany went to when the Nazis ran it. And now Canada and Australia are the same. Countries that crossed the line into insanity under the control of lunatics. There are some lengths to which a government must never go, and once it has established a precedent, you can never be confident it won’t do it again.

    1. Ronne Shelton says

      Mass Formation Psychosis + endless $$$$$$$$ is a dangerous combination, especially when in U.S.A average adult comprehension level (understanding) is 6-8th graders 11-13 years old, led by 78+years old men named Fauxi & Biden.

    2. Eddy says

      Australia has always been like this. Recall the Chamberlain saga with the baby and the dingo. The whole nation railed up against the poor woman with the Jounalists leading the charge, even the politicians got their two bobs worth in. How long ago was that now ?? Yet today we have the very same thing going on. IMHO, it’s endemic to Australians who seem totally incapable of thinking for themselves.

    3. Raptar Driver says

      No, it’s a minority of people however Their influence is very strong.

    4. NobodyUKnow says

      I have lived in Canada all of my life and feel the same way you do. Canada has become something other than what it used to be. Our politicians are wildly incompetent and dictatorial, supported by idiots who have accepted the bullshit, the fear and the hysteria.

      Canadians have become weak and easily led, in contrast to the strong, independent-minded people they used to be.

      I am very seriously considering emigrating to another country as a consequence. I’d stay and fight, but it would be a one-man battle that would not be likely to succeed, and I would not be able to count on the support of my countrymen, who have all become sheep and are willing to be shorn and slaughtered.

    5. FewThereBe says

      The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ – this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

      – Aldous Huxley


      Or, as the Bible puts it:

      The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jer 17:9)

  9. Ronne Shelton says

    That pretty amazing! I have tears for what we’ve become and you told us! 

  10. Eddy says

    Australians ARE a very RABID mob, when the journalists ignite them. Just ask Lindy Chamberlain.

  11. Raptar Driver says

    Australians have become ignorant, cowardly non-entities.
    The author is quite correct, this Serbian millionaire exposed what they are, so now they direct there anger in the wrong direction.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      You’re parroting Big Media’s narrative – breathing life into their lies.

      The common folk beg to differ…


  12. AndyJ says

    If it was really about COVID and the safety of the good (???) citizens of AU, Novak would be tested at the border and allowed in if clear. Why not? But it is not about COVID or ‘rules’, it is about the fascist policies imposed upon the whole population. To show us all that we are under yoke. And the blind fools cannot see it.

  13. Mateja T. says

    Thank you!

  14. Kim says

    Well said, when will people realize that they are now enslaved due to their acquiescence.

  15. Carol Dobson says

    He’ll prob win anyway hopefully, cos they dropping like flies with Myocarditis. Well done for standing up xxx

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