Norwegian Health Authorities Report 0.12% COVID-19 Fatality Rate

No more lethal than the flu

How dangerous has covid-19 been in Norway?

In its latest risk report, the National Institute of Public Health has tried to map the outcomes of coronary heart disease in Norway over the past six months. This means that they have ignored the first months of the pandemic, when very little was known about how the disease should be treated.

Mortality: 0.12 percent

According to FHI, their best estimate is that 73,000 people have been infected in Norway between 1 June and 30 November:

  • 0.12 percent of those infected have lost their lives
  • 0.15 percent of those infected have needed intensive care
  • 1 percent of those infected have ended up in hospital.

In comparison, the mortality rate for influenza has been estimated at 0.1 per cent , and that the need for hospitalization is around 1.5 per cent.

Thus, the estimates in Norway are significantly lower than what has so far been the best estimates in the world, at 0.4-1 percent.

Large differences between age groups

However, they point out that there are significant differences between age groups.

So far, almost 90% of the deaths have occurred in the group over 70 years. For people over the age of 80, the disease seems to be very dangerous with lethality above 5%, reports FHI.

Throughout the summer and autumn, very much of the registered spread of infection was in younger age groups.

– Overall, the epidemic since 1 June has given a modest disease burden in Norway. An important reason for this is that the older part of the population has been little affected, and situations of congestion in the hospitals have been avoided, writes FHI.

In comparison, a typical flu epidemic in five to six weeks gives about 5000 hospitalizations, of which 200 in the intensive care unit and an excess mortality of around 1000, but the variation between the flu epidemics is large. However, the potential disease burden in the covid-19 epidemic is greater than in the case of the flu since the potential for spread is significantly greater and the individual severity is somewhat higher, writes FHI.

Source: Nettavisen

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