North Korea Says “Will Not Offer Anything for Trump to Brag About” Without Receiving in Return

Not even a photo-op

Reuters has quoted Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Monday as saying North Korea has zero interest in giving President Trump future meetings to brag about unless it receives something in return.

  • N.Korea Says Will Not Offer Anything for US President Trump to Brag About
  • N.Korea Says Urges US to Drop Hostile Policy Against It If It Wants to Continue Dialogue

North Korea is learning from the US-China trade war, where President Trump routinely pumps fantasy trade deals and boasts on Twitter about illusionary $50 to $60 billion agriculture purchases.

Statements from KCNA were made via Foreign Ministry adviser Kim Kye Gwan, who has recently called for US concessions ahead of a December deadline set by Kim Jong Un for President Trump to provide favorable terms to restore nuclear talks.

Gwan said North Korea wasn’t interested in a summit with the US and called any future talks with the Trump administration “useless.”

“If the US does not really want to let go of its dialogue with us, it should make a decision to withdraw its hostile policy of viewing us as an enemy,” the KCNA statement said.

Gwan’s statements came after the Trump administration canceled joint military exercises with South Korea. President Trump tweeted that Kim Jong Un needs to “act quickly, get the deal done” and suggested a summit could be nearing, saying, “See you soon!”

Gwan said, “Although (North Korea and the US) held three summits and other meetings since June last year, there hasn’t been much improvement in relations, and the US has been just trying to buy time to its favor.”

“We are no longer interested in such meetings that provide us no benefit,” he added.

Negotiations have collapsed since a February summit between both countries in Vietnam after the US rejected North Korean demands for sanction relief for partial abandonment of its nuclear weapons.

It seems that Kim understands ahead of an election year, President Trump will want to showboat any progress made on the Korean Peninsula, even though it might not be beneficial for both countries in the long run.

Source: Zero Hedge

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thomas malthaus
thomas malthaus
7 months ago

The US will never–under any circumstances– remove its troops or nuclear weapons from Japan and South Korea.

Ending the sanctions is apparently a non-starter.

Chairman Kim’s strategy should be to keep NGOs from creating internal strife. I thinks he’s largely succeeded.

Nothing to negotiate.

With Russia and China’s assistance, the DPRK will have to ride out the financial tsunami awaiting the globe.