North Korea Mocks Japan for Rocket Artillery Test Reaction: ‘As If a Nuclear Bomb Was Dropped’ on You

Abe tried demonizing North Korea for what is no more than a large caliber artillery test


North Korea has issued a scathing statement mocking Japan’s condemnation of recent rocket and missile tests by insulting the country’s leader and evoking its painful history of nuclear warfare.

In a statement carried Thursday by the official Korean Central News Agency, North Korean Foreign Ministry ambassador Song Il Ho reacted to Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s reaction at a gathering of Southeast Asian nations to North Korea’s test last week of “a super-large multiple rocket launcher.” Abe characterized this launch and other short-range weapons tests as a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions—which North Korea does not recognize.

“Abe, prime minister of Japan, is an idiot and villain as he is making fuss as if a nuclear bomb was dropped on the land of Japan, taking issue with the DPRK’s test-fire of super-large multiple rocket launchers,” Song said, using an abbreviation for North Korea’s official name.

Song further derided Abe as “a base politician” and “a rarely ignorant man who dreams of making Japan a military power, though he is not able to distinguish multiple rocket launchers from missiles.” He went on to refer to the head of state as “deformed,” “base,” “rude,” “immoral” and a “dwarf” as well, claiming Japan was considered a “politically small nation,” a “sinking island country” and a “gloomy, desolate country” as it was excluded from a new era in North Korean diplomacy.

For the second time, however, no mention was made by North Korean state-run media of Kim himself attending the latest launch in what may be a strategy to dampen international reaction. The Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim had received the result before he then “expressed satisfaction over it and sent congratulations to the national defense scientists who are devotedly struggling for developing the self-defensive military muscle of the country and bolstering up its armed forces.”

“The perfection of the continuous fire system was verified through the test-fire to totally destroy with super-power the group target of the enemy and designated target area by surprise strike of the weapon system of super-large multiple rocket launchers,” the report added.

Source: Newsweek

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