No More Trash — New Commenting Policy

Watch your tone

The Anti-Empire Supporting Readers Telegram Group has been great. The best part about it has been just how respectful it has been. Even when we are trying to make points that are diametrically opposed we do so with respect.

It has been a breath of fresh air and a revelation.

From now on AE commenting section will be like that as well.

The days when AE commenting section could be anyone’s garbage dump ends now.

From now on AE commenting section is going to look like a garden. Like a well-manicured garden in front of a holy site.

It’s going to look like something that I can show to my mother and do so with pride.

You can share any take or content you want, but you are going to do so with respect. 

First and foremost with the respect for this site, where you are a guest, and for I, your host.

You are going to use a tone you would use when in my home and you’re going to speak to me and about me as you would speak to my face.

Failing that I’m going to kick you out.

No more shitbergs, no swine, no parasites. No little bitches who are so brave on the internet.

You’re not going to come to a place that I pour all this effort and love into and then try to talk smack that you would never dare utter in my presence.

I will not ban you from commenting. I will block your IP from being able to even visit the site, you little pieces of shit. And then I’m going to block your stupid VPNs.

Then you can try and be ingrate parasites somewhere else. Little scummy punks.

Respect for this product that you are opting to consume of your own will and that is brought to you free of charge by a modest number of good, grateful, appreciative reader-donors starts now.

A small coterie of shitbergs isn’t going to be taking a dump all over what so many others find so valuable and dear.

  1. Robert J. says

    > And then I’m going to block your stupid VPNs.

    That may not be such a good idea. They are needed for a wide range of reasons, and you’d end up excluding plenty of people. The best search engine I know blocks all IPs from M247, a provider that covers half of the planet and rents servers to other VPN services. I know, it’s a difficult one.

    1. Field Empty says

      I meant a specific IP from a VPN, not VPNs as a whole. It’s pretty crazy how people will spew the most toxic bile about this site then use a VPN so they can come back and keep consuming it anyway.

  2. Wubble Gubble says

    Trolls, and bots abound in every platform in this assault of government propaganda.

    1. Field Empty says

      Not trolls per se, but people who consume the product for free for years, then start spewing bile about the site the moment it has a 15% different take or emphasis from what they’re looking to hear. The problem is the entitlement and the lack of class.

  3. GMC says

    Sorry A E – but you can’t provide a decent synopsis of the War going on – and you are very good { a Maverick } and you’re direct on it – without getting down and dirty with the guys that have seen War and have a few good opinions on both sides, And no i don’t make 5000 bucks a month working for some internet fardoo – I’m a totally sanctioned MF from Crimea. I like to comment on the War but I ain’t no goody Two shoes and neither are most that know about war. No offense – Enjoyed your website for years.

  4. Philip H Gattey says

    Anti Empire Substack.
    Great stuff , but, you ( anti E) are the nimble and nasty court jester , of course your wirebrush of acidic venom on others scrotums will be noticed. I like this guy, but SmartBoy Karma is an Iron rule.
    It’s like, righteous.
    your writing is superb. I have no complaints.

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