New Zealeand Is “One Step Short” of Another Lockdown with No COVID Cases in the past 100+ Days

House arrest for everyone to stop a virus nobody has

Just because a country has no cases of COVID-19 in the past 100 or more days doesn’t mean the masses get to move about freely. New Zealand is now reportedly “one step short” of another lockdown to stop the “delta variant” that no one has from spreading.

Are the slaves not tired of this obvious bullshit yet? A higher Covid-19 alert level, just one step short of lockdown, has been implemented in Wellington, as authorities fear the more dangerous Delta strain of the deadly virus was brought to the island country. According to a report by RT, the country with its population of nearly 5 million people has been enjoying a relatively quiet life during the global outbreak, with no new Covid cases reported in over 100 days. A quarantine-free travel bubble had been arranged with neighboring Australia but has now been halted.

There are concerns the man might have spread the Delta strain of the deadly virus. “This is a more infectious variant. The risk is higher than usual,” public health official Ashley Bloomfield said, as quoted by local media. He also said “everything’s on the table,” meaning the government cannot rule out a lockdown. RT

Also important to note, is that they are admitting that their savior, the “vaccine,” doesn’t work:

The infected Australian had been previously vaccinated with one dose of the AstraZeneca jab, New Zealand’s minister for Covid-19 response Chris Hipkins revealed. In New Zealand, over a million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered, according to health officials. RT

They have admitted time and time again that this experimental gene therapy does not prevent the transmission of or an infection from COVID-19.  So what’s the point? The agenda. It is a piece of the agenda.

Australia has also followed suit clamping down on people as they continue to fearmonger the public with this hoax. Measures have also been tightened over “exposure concerns” to the new variant. Gatherings and movement have been restricted in Sydney, and several neighboring states closed their borders. “We have gone from near and present danger to a very real and present danger,” local health minister Brad Hazzard told the media.

They are going to potentially lock down the slaves again for one case of the supposed “delta variant.” We live in dystopian times. What is it going to take for human beings to get off their knees and stop being slaves?


  1. Helga Weber says

    So it is not about a virus but something else.

    1. Studio 54 says

      ”So it is not about a virus but something else”

      People will refuse to believe that, even if the police start putting bullets through their own children’s heads. ‘Oh it is to save us from the virus’ they would say. You can’t help the stupid.

      1. John says


    2. John says

      from the start is about massive depopulation, control,crimes against humanity,new world order

  2. Joe_Below says

    They need to push their government into the sea.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      I think you’re right, but being way too gentle.

      I would opt for a more tactile and immediate solution.

      1. loongtip says

        Hollow points all round would be quicker as speed is of the essence!

    2. John says

      they newer will,they are already sheeple

  3. Raptar Driver says

    New Zealand is one step away from being an island prison.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      When you have as your PM a slut who was mentored & worked for a well known WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair ?? What else can you expect from that Ho ?
      Bet you Tony is very proud of her ?

    2. John says

      or island of sheeple,100%

  4. ken says

    What can you say… At some point People have to get up off their knees. Until that happens,,, this stupidity will continue…

    1. John says

      too late

  5. Studio 54 says

    All 5-eyes states are coming down hard on the slaves, Except in the home of the scam, the USA, where there is a big party starting. USA! USA! USA!

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      IMO the fate of Team America ® depends on the USA.

      If the American people can’t find it in themselves to overturn this stupidity and set things right, no one else in it’s vassal states have the spine to stand up and save themselves.

  6. Studio 54 says

    We will take from you as much power as you will let us take, you stay quiet, then we will take more and more.

  7. Studio 54 says

    As Trump told us: ‘the vaccines are a miracle’ & we all know miracles are not real. The reason flu cases have fallen is because it is seasonal.

    We will see a lot of old people dying from vaccines in the winter. A neo-liberal vaccine, with a pro corporate tax cuts agenda, to kill the old & the sick, just like the old flu jab always was.

    1. John says

      massive depopulation,to 500 milliopn,as wroten on the Georgiaguidestones

  8. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “There are concerns the man might have spread the Delta strain of the deadly virus.”

    How many lies can be packed into such a short sentence?

    “Australia has also followed suit clamping down on people as they continue to fearmonger the public with this hoax.”

    Damn right. The Victorian Chief Health Officer’s dire warnings of the “deadly Delta variant” being discovered in Victoria turned out to be false positives. Poor Chief Health Officer – he just so desperately wanted it to be real.

    And it’s no secret at all that the Corona Chan “vaccines” don’t even work, all they do is kill you.

    So it all begs the question – what’s the real game here, and who’s actually running the show? (Hint – what have creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus got planned for us?).

  9. Kokitsum says

    Didn’t London just have a 100,000 plus march ? Oh the media forgot to tell you so whats that tell you morons…GET UP!!

    1. John says

      1.5 millions

  10. Aides says

    Article is bullshit.

    an Australian over for the weekend tested positive for the delta variant and as a precaution the one city he went to went up an alert level while people got tested, the rest of the country has remained on no alert level. No community transmission by tomorrow that city will drop back down to having no alert level.

    1. Tom says

      For those of us living here it is absolutely great not having all the tourists and we don’t miss the freedom campers crapping everywhere. We are able to travel to great spots and have top accommodation at good prices. I’ve just had time at the Hilton on the Auckland waterfront and also the Hermitage at Mt Cook. All the great walks are booked out as Kiwis enjoy the freedom of not having all the foreigners. This is the place to be, our preference is to be totally ignored by the rest of you, especially the dull and the ignorant.

      1. loongtip says

        The dull and the ignorant pakehas are all in the Land of the Long White Shroud where they belong! Pity the poor Kiwis who have to put up with those phucks!

      2. Nadia Cerise says

        Prova a dirlo ai tuoi connazionali ke vivono di turismo..anke tu sederino al caldo.. dipendente pubblico ?

    2. Liz says

      It wasn’t ONE city, it was ONE region (Wellington Region) with multiple towns & cities!

  11. magnolia r says

    all because of one person.. or there is something they are not telling.

    1. loongtip says

      If you have to ask such a ridiculous question 18 months into this scam, no amount of explanation will ever educate you to the facts!

  12. Mike R says

    Seems like a good move, to me. Other countries are jealous of what NZ has achieved.

  13. Fernando says

    I see that very dangerous government there’re not only in Italy! We all should have to react seriously about this criminals minds

  14. loongtip says

    So why do the fucking idiots keep falling for this ongoing bullshit and not rebel against the crap?! A case of terminal stupidity allied with flawless self delusion!

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