New Zealand’s Lockdown Was Such a “Success”, It Gets to Do It All Over Again!

Actually it just wasn't flu season yet, now for the real deal

For months we’ve heard the cry: oh how wonderfully New Zealand dealt with the Coronavirus! They did the tightest lockdown in the world! The coronavirus – no doubt astonished by the decisiveness and ferocity of prime minister Jacinda Ardern, the heroine of all media – just decided not to make this wonderful country a home. The virus was bested by political wit!

Oh what a fantasy it was all along, as Oxford’s Sunetra Gupta pointed out from the beginning. What was actually happening in New Zealand was delaying the inevitable. In the modern world, there is no chance for a developed society to replicate the experience of a primitive tribe with naive immune systems living in isolation.

You wouldn’t want to do that anyway because you make the whole population of your tribe fatally vulnerable to the next bug that comes along. In Gupta’s view, New Zealand’s “success” wouldn’t be that at all.

By the way, she also finds New Zealand’s approach immoral, a selfish demand that the rest of the world bear the burden of herd immunity while Kiwis hide in their homes and surf the Internet. Indeed, interestingly, she regards the New Zealand policy as a violation of the global social contract — the first truly persuasive deployment of that phrase that I’ve heard.

Stil, after 100 days, the New York Times sang a hymn to the country and its leader: “New Zealand’s successful fight against COVID-19 has made the Pacific island nation of 5 million one of the safest places in the world right now.”

Her upcoming election, proclaimed Ardern the Magnificent, is a “Covid election.” 

Alas, the virus was not entirely eradicated after all. Going 102 days without a reported case, tests found four people in one family. Yes, that’s 4 in a city of 1.7 million. Panic time! 

I could find nothing on whether they showed symptoms or how severe they are. In any case, if the goal is complete banishment of the virus through an aggressive application of state power, clearly something has to be done.

You can observe how much the country locked down and then opened up with a sense of false comfort, only to lock down again. Talk about regime uncertainty!

People had been going about their business, eating in restaurants and going to movies, while sniffing in disdain at the rest of the world for allowing the virus to sweep through and gain herd immunity. New Zealand found another way! A scientific way!

There was always an issue however. New Zealand’s economy relies directly and indirectly on international tourism for 10% of its GDP, and the industry employs 188,000 people. Would it have to end permanently, or perhaps every visitor would be subjected to testing and quarantine forever? That wouldn’t exactly be good for business.

But Ardern the Wise didn’t apparently think about what happens after she personally decided to deny her entire population natural immunities to a virus that has otherwise spread all over the world.

With four cases, what to do? Well, sure enough, now Ardern the Great has announced a full lockdown in the city of Auckland. Everyone home. All businesses except essentials are closed. Public venues including libraries, museums, cinemas, food courts, gyms, pools, playgrounds and markets will all close as soon as the lockdown begins. This announcement immediately caused panic buying. Customers blasted past security to load up in preparation for a long period of disaster.

That’s one way to end a dream.

Camelot is now under police-state rule yet again. Road blocksDelayed elections. After four cases! We await videos of police tackling people to the ground, commandos breaking down doors, restrictions on hoarding groceries, a brutal contract-tracing regime, fines and jails for daring to gather with friends, and all the concomitant side effects of lockdowns: drug overdoses, alcoholism, depression, and suicide.

Safe is not the first word to come to mind in Ardern the Magnificent’s safespace, where cops are a greater threat to the public than Covid-19.

And yet the virus will stay to vex the country. This will happen no matter the heaps of praise that Ardern the Holy receives from the New York Times.

Here we get to the root problem of lockdown theory. Initially, in the US and UK, it was about curve flattening to preserve hospital capacity. That gradually mutated into a completely different theory that politicians would use police power to suppress and eradicate a virus. To my knowledge – anyone can read a Dummies-style book on viruses on Kindle – no truly competent immunologist would say that suppression is either viable or desirable. And yet to one extent or another, most governments in the world, save a handful, attempted to do just this.

Somehow we knew about viruses, and then suddenly, we did not. It has been called the greatest failure of government in modern history.

New Zealand, a country of earnest people who pride themselves on intelligence and good government, took the theory of virus eradication through force to an extent not seen in any developed country. It went full barbarism, pitched by a suave politician with a charming accent. All was well. Now barbarism is back again.

Look, I apologize for my sassy tone here. It’s tragic what has happened to this wonderful country. It was my pleasure to visit there for a week. I, like many other Americans who visit, almost considered ripping up my return plane ticket.

New Zealand looks and feels like paradise.

Sadly, thanks to brutal and deeply incompetent political leadership, that paradise is lost, lost to the superstitions of the COVID faith that power, police, and adoring news coverage can scare a pathogen to go away and stay away.

You can follow the path of infection and death in New Zealand here. It might take a month, six months, or even a year, but it’s coming. No amount of force will stop it.

Source: AIER

  1. Emmet Sweeney says

    Good Heavens, when is this f…g madness going to end?

    1. kjf5 says

      As soon as every single person bends their knee to an earthly authority

    2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      I’m going to guess never. There will be covid-21, covid-23, etc. Fear and seclusion and brainwashing are now part of the fabric of US and “western” cultures.

      1. Zedekiah Smyth says

        Ron Paul has stated covid is the new terrorism. The War on Covid will have to be eternal. One day they’ll find the cave in Afghanistan where the covid boss is hiding and send in the marines!

    3. kjf5 says

      Hey emmet have you seen this? This is something no one wants to talk about. And every single day there are more of these. But covfefe is the topic. Covfefe is just a vehicle for the objective. A warning though it is not pleasant, no gory pics, just a list

  2. LS says

    Look at that disgusting female. We need to put an end to this crap.

  3. WiffIely says

    Well written piece that gets to the heart of the hysteria. The social phenomenon is not about a virus. This is about the almost total breakdown of government across the globe.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      It’s the breakdown of imperialist, globalist corporate capitalism. I think it has reached its growth limits and has hit a wall. That eventually happens to all empires. However, this is a capitalist empire and capitalism must consistently grow to survive and the growth has slowed gradually but constantly during the 21st century. In October and November of 2019 there were definite signs of a developing major recession or depression in the US and China.

      The “pandemic” allowed elites to take trillions of dollars, gave huge multi-national corporations excuses for receiving large amounts of money, and kept working and middle class populations in the US, EU, and China locked down, fearful, divided, depressed, confused, and more in debt. It gave the imperial capitalist oligarchs who control the US and EU political systems time to retrench and stave off widespread revolt and open discontent. It’s still not clear whether the strategy has worked. However, during 2020, US and EU oligarchs have increased their wealth and have not been forced to make a single concession to the middle and working classes.

      I think we might be experiencing the beginnings of global change – political and economic – that only happens once per millennia, or so. It’s hard to see what will result. Such change and turmoil usually evolves over many decades or even a century – the fall of the Roman Empire, the shift from the dark ages to the medieval world, the colonization and transformation of the Americas, etc. I’m 62 and probably won’t see the end result.

      It is, I think, the end of the world as we know it but I’m not sure I feel so fine. In fact, I feel a little queasy.

  4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    When the virus is a fantasy, what difference does it make what other fantasies aver?

  5. XRGRSF says

    EXCELLENT !! The worse it gets the better it is !! The West will be forced to either wake up or perish. I suppose I had better have my funeral suit cleaned, and pressed.

  6. voza0db says

    ENDLESS FUN! I just hope the next FLU SEASON to be at least as FUN as the last one!

  7. cechas vodobenikov says

    does NZ have an economy? 1-2 million work in Australia…if tourism is removed difficulties increase—people without immunity increasingly impoverished…soon to be a permanent prison colony

  8. Zedekiah Smyth says

    Ardern worked for the British government as an adviser on the invasion of Libya (how well that went), helped cover up the Rotherham sex grooming scandal and was president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. She’s a vile communist traitor, deliberately destroying the economy and society of New Zealand.

  9. cechas vodobenikov says

    slogans–communism, capitalism, socialism, etc r nearly meaningless, especially in the anglosphere….where the economic model is distinguished from the Rhine model….in the US there is decentralized but highly concentrated decision making regarding interests dear to the oligarchy—financial/banking policy, military. otherwise they prefer a chaotic decentralized arrangement where nothing is standardized, where expectations can hardly be comprehended—zoning, schools, police, local tax structures, community, elderly, youth programs, etc. this permits corporations to rule and creates an economy where small enterprises typically fail in less than 4 years…and large corporations, banks, automakers energy companies r government subsidized and always “bailed out” when on the verge of bankruptcy….socialism for the rich, “free” enterprise for everyone else
    call adern a socialist? or a fisherman?…no different from the previous leader in Chile–Bachelet—a fake socialist…Chile being one of the few nations w greater income/wealth disparities than USA (by gini-coeffecient)—what ever the CIA website wiki claims, is typically lies

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