New Zealand Extends the “Three-Day” National Lockdown Declared in Response to One Case of Someone Showing ‘Positive’ on a PCR

Jacinda determined to show up the Taliban as beacons of liberalism next to the Virus Taliban

Advocates of zero-Covid have a lot to answer for. New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden has just announced that the three-day lockdown imposed earlier this week in response to one coronavirus case – you read that correctly – is being extended for a week, following a rise in positive test results to a whopping 31.

Meanwhile, Gladys Berejiklian, the Premier of New South Wales, announced that Sydney would remain in lockdown until the end of September. In certain parts of the city, a 9pm to 5am curfew will be imposed and outside exercise restricted to one hour a day.

New Zealand has seen only 26 Covid deaths in a population of five million, while Australia has chalked up 974 in a population of over 25 million – yet the insane zero-Covid policy means just one positive case can prompt a lockdown, as we saw in New Zealand earlier this week. MailOnline has more.

Ardern, who is trying to sustain a zero-Covid strategy through strict border controls and lockdowns, initially announced the national shutdown would last three days but on Friday had to succumb to the inevitable and extend it to at least a week.

Vast swathes of Australia are also under zero-Covid lockdowns and residents of Sydney were told they will have to stay home until at least October under strict lockdown rules that will not be lifted until at least 70% of the population are fully vaccinated.

When it hits that vaccination target, the restrictions will be lifted under a “freedom roadmap” similar to the one implemented in the U.K. months ago.

New Zealand initially brought in its lockdown over one case but Ardern said that officials were still trying to assess the scale of the outbreak, which emerged in Auckland this week and has now spread to Wellington.

“We just don’t quite know the full scale of this Delta outbreak. All in all, this tells us we need to continue to be cautious,” she said.

Source: The Daily Skeptic

  1. ken says

    If the PCR cannot distinguish between the flu and covid how do they determine this Delta bs? There is no test for the Delta. (sigh)

    If the Sars 2 is has not been isolated and therefore does not exist how does the Delta exist?

    Are your freedoms a privilege to be given or taken by cretins like Adern? Apparently most think politicians have the final say in whether you can travel, work or live for that matter.

    I have noticed the total number of deaths from the vaxx have suddenly stopped being reported even by ‘alternative’ news sites. Stu Peterson who does at least mention the deaths does not track them. VaccineInjuryNews dot com has stories but does not track the deaths and injuries. Why? Hell,,, they cry more about being banned from twatter or farcebook.

    Putting “Vaccine Deaths” in the ‘alternative search engine duckduckgo gets you this:
    At the top of your screen.

    “”Vaccines in the US are highly effective, including against the Delta variant. The COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are highly effective at preventing severe disease and death, including against the Delta variant. bla bla bla bla”


    The VAERS system is run by the CDC/FDA,,, the same evil bastards telling you the shot is safe and effective.

    This shot has killed tens of thousands and it doesn’t seem to matter. An Australian politician develops Bell’s Palsy right after the jab and still does not associate it with the jab. A woman who had her brother die of the vaxx says the shot is safe and effective and suggests all to get the shot. Insanity doesn’t cover this. It’s like hypnosis!

    The latest deviation of US Law and the Nuremberg Code is the City of Los Angeles dictating the mandatory shot. Something like 50,000+ work there. Yes the city of angels is now the city of demons. 15 delirious assholes determine life, death or misery of city workers.

    I notice that most the mandates have a date in late September or October. Apparently something is going to happen shortly after that.

    This is madness of the highest level and is happening everywhere.

    1. Art says

      Excellent questions. She’s telling people what to think, not to question what she’s saying. As GW Bush stated: “You can fool some of the people all of the time. Those are the ones we need to concentrate on.”

      1. ken says

        Has anyone noticed that more compliance begets more restrictions?

        Just saying…

        and Georgie is also noted for “That GD piece of paper” referring to the US constitution he swore an oath to. Yet many swear by him!

      2. Mr Reynard says

        What did you expected from a ugly transgender, mentored by a famous War Criminal Tony Bliar , which BTW is very proud of him/her/it ??

        1. Eileen Kuch says

          Mr. Reynard, you have a real valid point there, and I agree 100%. What did anybody expect from an ugly transgender, mentored by none other than a famous War Criminal Tony Blair – which, BTW – is fully proud of him/her/it?

        2. mothman777 says

          With a husband called ‘Gaylord’, hahaha. People who vote for NWO clowns like this (or who allow them to stay in office after vote-fixing software was used to get them into office as is very likely with these NWO types) are simply asking for this, they need to get de-‘woke’ fast all the way.

          1. Mr Reynard says

            Ohh so he’s not Lord of the Flies, bu just Lord of the Sodomites ??

    2. Mark says

      They have to get everyone vaccinated before the onset of flu season. If the alternative press is right that vaccination with gene therapy is likely to cause autoimmune collapse and/or antibody-dependent enhancement reactions, the beginning of flu season in December (in North America) is the likely kickoff.

      This is instructive.

      1. Eileen Kuch says

        Well, Mark, I’ll never get vaccinated with the mRNA gene therapy. I’m taking supplements such as D3, Cinnamon, Zinc, Activated Charcoal and Black Elderberry; these supplements keep me healthy; whereas, the mRNA gene therapy would kill me.

        1. ken says

          The virus like everything else is a scam,,, not real. It’s never been isolated to prove its existence. They’re just relabeling everything as covid to receive the higher reimbursement from government and insurance and to scare the crap out of everyone.

          The kill shot IS the bio weapon. Do not take it if possible.

          And please, don’t believe all the crap about the variants,,, whether covid was weaponized and//or that it is a bio weapon by the CCP. It’s all garbage.

      2. ken says

        Very likely. Also I think 5g has a part in this somehow.

    3. Aidan says

      Genomic Testing is used to workout what it is, who knows what they actual find though

  2. Howard T. Lewis III says


  3. L Garou says

    Fake Democracy..

  4. Afshin Nejat says

    And they just take it.

  5. Aidan says

    And yet why the rest of the world was having restrictions life in New Zealand went on as normal, sports events, concerts, etc etc. a week or two lock down to go on as normal, no one cares, I don’t.

  6. Logonaut says

    What’s happening is not about some virus but the deliberate attempt to contract the economy of the world and participating nations in what is supposed to be preemptive action in relation to limits of growth. Whatever you think of this, this is roughly what they are doing. Carbon emissions targets are a combination of peak fossil fuels and preempting peak fossil fuels, nothing to do with global warming. Lockdowns, carbon emissions targets, all of these are about the transition from growth to degrowth, and from degrowth to equilibrium. The more people who know about this, the more we can get rid of the draconian measures and censorship and attempts to hide the real reasons for suddenly treating civilians like the citizens of a conquered foreign nation. Remember: when in doubt, in the natural world at this time, it is most likely about either geometrically increasing human population or the planet’s finite resource base, and various attempts to mitigate and manage these.  This is apparently an all-out effort to deliberately change from capitalism to steady-state economics, with lockdowns in general and especially of major ports being critical aspects of this shift.

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