New York’s Real COVID Death Toll From Nursing Homes Is Twice the Official 6,000

Cuomo and the COVID Rouge suppressing the real death toll from their biological warfare on nursing homes

Patricia Castillo remembers when the Newfane Rehab and Health Care Center, where her mother lived, notified her that a patient had just been admitted from a nearby Niagara County hospital with COVID-19.

Jill Sawyer, whose father lived at the same nursing home, remembers getting notified, too. “It was just a death sentence,” said Sawyer. The virus raced through Newfane, killing Castillo’s mother and Sawyer’s father and 24 other residents.

“My father was only 70 years old,” Sawyer sighs, and he was still “shuffling around and calling me 20 times a day.” Now, she says the phone doesn’t ring and she misses that.

COVID-19 has killed at least 11,000 to 12,000 nursing-home and assisted-living residents in New York, nearly double what the state admits to. And as the deaths mount, so have the lies and cover-ups.

The carnage started in March, when hospitals inundated with COVID-19 patients insisted on clearing out elderly patients, even if they were still infected, and sending them to whatever nursing homes had empty beds.

To swing that, they had to get rid of a safety regulation requiring patients to test negative twice for COVID-19 before being placed in a home. The state Health Department willingly complied.

On March 25, Gov. Cuomo’s Health Department mandated that nursing homes had to accept COVID patients and barred requiring any COVID tests for admission. Facilities like Newfane had to fly blind, not knowing which incoming patients had it.

The American Health Care Association called it a “recipe for disaster.” The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths urged Cuomo to change course.

Instead, New York’s health commissioner, Howard Zucker, began fudging the death statistics, which concealed the consequences: Until late April, New York had reported all nursing-home residents who died from COVID-19, whether they died at the home or after being hospitalized. That’s standard. But as the toll soared, the state quietly shifted to reporting only deaths at the homes. That reduced the number to 6,062 — terrible but only half the truth.

The reality is, at least another 17,000 elder-care patients with COVID-19 were sent to hospitals, and an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 of them have died, with death rates highest for those on ventilators, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association’s mortality rates.

Bottom line: 11,000 to 12,000 nursing-home and assisted-living residents have died from COVID-19, half of all the virus deaths statewide.

The health-care think tank American Commitment also pegs the deaths at 12,000.

That awful death toll didn’t have to happen. It’s six times the number of nursing-home fatalities as in Florida or California, both more populous states. [Albeit California enacted the same hysterical policy.]

Cuomo also tried to shift the blame to President Trump, pointing to a Trump administration statement issued on March 13. But the Cuomo administration is twisting it. The statement recommended nursing homes admit patients even if they were coming from a hospital battling COVID-19, not that patients with COVID-19 themselves had to be admitted.

In fact, on March 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautioned against allowing COVID-19 to invade a nursing home, warning that “it has the potential to result in high attack rates among residents, staff members and visitors.”

Cuomo’s “attempt to deflect blame onto the president sickens me,” says Castillo.

New York stuck with its deadly policy until May 10, way too long. Why? Because it wasn’t a mistake. It was a sell-out.

The hospital industry’s lobbying organization, the Greater New York Hospital Association, is a mega-donor to the state Democratic Party’s housekeeping committee, which helps elect Cuomo. It gave over $1 million in 2018. The hospital industry holds more sway in Albany than real estate or Wall Street.

No wonder Cuomo’s Health Department does the industry’s bidding.

Castillo is pained that her mother had to die alone, “isolated from those who loved her.” She hopes someone will “hold the governor’s feet to the fire.”

At the least, New Yorkers should demand a health department that protects the vulnerable instead of catering to political donors.

Source: New York Post

  1. LS says

    This ethnic scumbag got a lot of people killed because of ‘discrimination’. Creep.

  2. Michael Michaels says


  3. ke4ram says

    The hospitals were never ‘inudated’. Other hospitals with isolation wards were available. Not once during this “Pandemic” was any hospital overflowing with corona patients to my knowledge. At most some were 30-50 percent. Many hospitals are laying off because of corona dictates that disallowed elective care. Over a million and a half! Sending the sick back to infect others was murder.

    1. carlo151 says

      Not true. And I am telling you from a firsthand report.

      1. Maxwell says

        If you have a first hand report then you would know which hospital(s) and on which days. Please list them- no excuses.

        1. carlo151 says

          NY Presbyterian upper east side of NYC. All optional surgeries were halted until last week.

          You do not bring uninfected patients into a hospital that had halls filled and Er filled with covid patients.
          Doctors and nurses got covid.

          The layoffs come from the fact they cannot do the optional and very profitable elective surgery,

          I even had to skip a visit into another close by NYC hospital.

          We need healthcare insurance for all.

          1. Maxwell says

            What were the dates- do you have a link to anything or some report that you can cite.

            The layoffs have come from lack of people/patients in hospitals nationwide.

            We do not need need healthcare insurance for all we need straightforward health care for all- the parasitic insurance companies should be eliminate altogether.

            1. carlo151 says

              Do you have news where you are? April and May NYC hospitals were overwhelmed with covid patients. A 74 year old retired coworker of mine is dead, my golf buddy lost his mother who was very old but able to live on her own.
              And I have not been able to see my son and his fiancé who works at that hospital, initially was getting PPE they had to wear 11 straight hours. And since she works around these patients, the rest of the family cannot be near them.

            2. Maxwell says


              You’re not answering any of my questions. Where I live nothing- that is the case for the vast majority of the planet. That all of this has been severely mishandled is part of the problem but par for the course for years in the places where this seasonal virus has hit. Expect more of the same in the coming years if the social conditions aren’t changed. There is nothing unique about this year except for the gross administrative euthanasia that we have seen. Take out that one segment and we aren’t even having this conversation.

              For those suffering from and/or dying from the Covid19 virus there are in almost ALL cases three common traits;

              1) They live in large, polluted, toxic metropolitan areas- just take the areas/regions of Wuhan, Madrid, Brussels, Milan, NYC, Tehran etc. out of the equation and the mortality rate goes down so severely you could not locate it with a microscope;

              2) They are 65 plus years old AND have two or more (always at least one) SERIOUS underlying conditions;

              3) They were living in poorly run nursing home/care centers where virtually any contagion can kill these fragile people AND there was administrative malfeasance that resulted in institutionalized euthanasia.

              Virtually all of those in category 2 have lived in category 1 for many years.

              What is glaringly missing from this newly created (but long in the making) “health emergency of catastrophic proportions” is how on earth did so many – before this “new” virus came along – already suffer from severe respiratory ailments, diabetes, heart conditions etc.?

              Why are so many already suffering from reduced immunity?

              Why is nothing being announced to deal with these issues?

              Why was/is no government (before or after the “new” virus) interested in preventing the large number of pre-existing conditions from flourishing in our midst?

              Why is industrial agriculture still in existence when it is toxic for our bodies, the air and soil? Who profits from this?

              How come all of these multi-billion dollar medical institutions, federal agencies and their government pets are always using medications to treat the symptoms and never the conditions?

              What does this say about a society that is not taking care of it’s most vulnerable citizens as a built-in, defining feature of this society?

              What does this say about an economic social order that has created such unhealthy people who then become a perfect breeding ground for viral replication?

              If this were truly a global pandemic would we not see thousands of otherwise young and healthy people dying? Yet on a planet of 7.7 billion people it seems next to impossible to locate a single individual that fits that demographic. For those below age 55, preexisting conditions play a significant role, with the death rate currently around 0.0022%, or one death per 45,000 people in this age range. Below 25 years old the fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.00008%, or roughly one in 1.25 million.

              If this truly were a global pandemic why are we seeing near record lows in hospital bed occupancy rates and record highs in health care worker layoffs? An estimated 1.4 million health care workers lost their jobs in April. Shouldn’t it be exactly the opposite in the the midst of a global pandemic?

              Is this really a health emergency or is it a financial/security/political emergency?

              What we have is not a global pandemic; it is yet another seasonal virus that is exploiting rapidly deteriorating conditions created by a specific economic system that has as it’s hallmarks toxic air, destruction of the soil and polluted streams and oceans. You could say COVID-19 (if there is such a thing- have the viral particles been purified for a proper test?) is the symptom and the real, more damaging, disease is the current social order that has created a breeding ground for such viruses.

            3. carlo151 says

              You are preaching to the choir about health insurance companies. An industry that is totally unneeded. They collect $100 from a customer, keep $15 and pay the doctor $85, 4 months after your visit. And the doctor needs to hire an office business manager to deal with insurance claims.

              Medicare collects $100 and pays the doctor $97. There still needs to be a review of payments and eligibility. And approval, was the surgery to correct a scar from a bicycle accident or is it a cosmetic face lift that is not covered.

      2. XRGRSF says

        Your first hand report is seriously wrong. Why was the space on the hospital ship almost unused (179 patients) , and the Javits Center (1100 patients)( seriously under utilized? Thousands of medical professionals have been laid off, and the data is readily available. The 750 bed hospital, where my wife is an RN, was a ghost town for two months, and still hasn’t called all of its employees back.

        1. carlo151 says

          They shut off elective surgery so as to not expose them to covid if they do not have it.

  4. Al Carbone says

    Cuomo being a white hating communist exactly like the media is why he has been sainted. Cuomo should be arrested tortured disemboweled and hung from a pole until he rots

  5. carlo151 says

    What states had no nursing home problems?

    Normal flu deaths that climb into the thousands are usually all at nursing homes.

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