New York Orders Compulsory Masking of Toddlers Aged 24 Months and Above in Kindergartens


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced various mask requirements on Wednesday including that staff, visitors, and children ages 2 and older must wear face coverings at child care facilities.

“The requirement applies to New York State Office of Children and Family Services-licensed and -registered child care centers, home-based group family and family child care programs, after-school child care programs and enrolled legally exempt group programs during operational hours,” according to a press release.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals ages 2 and above who have not been fully vaccinated utilize masks in indoor public places. Currently in the U.S. there are no vaccines authorized for use in individuals younger than 12-years-old.

“New masking requirements will also apply to congregate programs and facilities licensed, registered, operated, certified or approved by the Office of Mental Health, the Office of Addiction Services and Supports, the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, Office of Children and Family Services and the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. This includes but is not limited to certified residential and day programs, inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities, substance abuse programs, juvenile detention programs, juvenile residential facilities, congregate foster care programs, runaway and homeless youth, domestic violence and other shelter programs,” the press release notes.

The mask mandates apply to individuals medically capable of using a mask, irrespective of their vaccination status.

Hochul became the Empire State’s first female governor when she was sworn into office last month after Andrew Cuomo stepped down following a chorus of calls for his resignation after investigators concluded that he had sexually harassed multiple women. Cuomo said that he “never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances.”

“With the Delta variant on the rise, requiring masks at state-regulated child care, mental health, and substance abuse facilities is a key part of our broader strategy for slowing the spread of the virus, reopening our economy safely, and protecting vulnerable members of our population,” Hochul said, according to the press release. “For children under 12 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, masks are the best line of defense against COVID-19 infection. This new mask requirement ensures that children in our child care facilities receive the same protection as children in our schools.”

Source: The Blaze

  1. Mike says

    So when the vaccinated start to either “change” or die off en masse, what will be the response then? You are muzzling children to keep them safe. Thus ruining their airway at a very young age. CHILD ABUSE IN THE NAME OF SAFETY!!!

    Those of us who are not vaxxed will be waiting for when this is over. I for one will never forget this unholy injustice. I will not let others forget

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Absolutely this is child abuse, this is abusive to everyone!
      I work for a school district in rural Wisconsin I told my boss straight up what they’re doing is child abuse.
      Nuremberg 2.0 awaits these people.
      I will be a witness against them.

  2. ken says

    Couple of years ago they would have laughed if you had mentioned stupid crap like this. Today they’ll attack you if you say this IS stupid crap.

    How did they dumb people down this much,,, it’s incredible. What,,, they dump a 55 gallon drum of fluoride in the water supply?

    Worse, there’s nothing you can say to these imbeciles that will change what little is left of their minds.

    Putting a mask on a two year old while they play in a mud puddle making mud pies is insane. The real science showing that masks reduce oxygen, increase CO2 and become a germ infested playground is totally ignored and some even laugh at you if you mention it.

    Very few children caught whatever it is they are calling covid. Even fewer have died.

    Common sense is out the window. They wouldn’t recognize science if it kicked them in the derriere. It’s a competition of who appears to care the most. If it gets them a few extra brownie points they don’t care what damage is done to “the chilldren”

    1. jha says

      “get ready for the New World Order”
      ….president Bush sr

      “welcome to the New American Century”
      ….president Bush jr

  3. stephen kastl says

    Extremely stupid and illiterate order. Does anyone in charge understand this is a mountain over a molehill at this point. The damage done by unnecessary and illegal orders/mandates from governors, mayors, and presidents has caused 10x-100x-1000x more damage than a Covid virus ever could. When the faulty mRNA vaccine starts killing 60% of recipients within 2-3 years, how many people will hang for genocide here in the USA? Duel citizen Israelis run the USA–our Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State–are all dual citizens. Did they get vaccinated? Did Congressmen get vaccinated? Who knows but I would bet not or it was a placebo, not the real death/disability shot. As a retired physician, I cannot believe the lies coming out of the doctor’s mouths. Everything they are saying on TV is a lie or deliberate misinterpretation. They should have their licenses to practice medicine revoked.

  4. James Chambers says

    Is this the, ‘Twilight Zone?’

    1. Raptar Driver says

      More like the outer limits.
      Both great shows.
      Why didn’t are society learn anything from this?
      I consider that truly educational TV programming.

  5. Helga Weber says

    So much stupidity blows my mind, do these people not read the research.
    And nobody stands up, not one politician, that is the sad part.

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  7. Bobby says

    Here is the reaction, as I’ve witnessed it during my whole life of the average American. An unknown sound is heard and immediately a thousand people in the average neighborhood, run to the phone, call 911 and apprehensively ask “What was that noise.!!? A deeply frightened and suspicious people. It’s embarrassing.

    1. Bobby says

      By the way, anyone who thinks I’m defending the shots given to two year olds is WRONG.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      Very true but that’s not how it was in the 70s and 80s. This is a post cold war phenomenon.

      1. James says

        It’s actually more of a post-911 phenomenon.

        1. Raptar Driver says

          911 accelerated the process greatly.

  8. Archie1954 says

    It is the exact opposite of infanticide. It will protect those children to young to get a vaccination. Saying anything different is fake news!

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