New York Baseball Games to Have Separate Seating Sections for the Injected and the Noninjected and That’s a Great Thing

First segregation then secession

New York state is lifting occupancy limits for vaccinated fans attending Mets and Yankees games as part of the major reopening push, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

The new rules allow vaccinated fans, as well as their children under age 16, to sit in special seating sections at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in the Bronx and Flushing, respectively. The fans would still be required to wear face coverings.

Unvaccinated fans attending the games will be seated in sections with a 33% occupancy limit and a six-foot social distance rule. 

This is a wonderful thing that ought to have our fullest support. Next, please total separation between the face diaper zombies and us. They can have their diapered sections and malls and every kind of institution and office and we can have our own. But at that point, they no longer get to govern also us, but only themselves. The only thing wrong with apartheid was that self-governance was denied to blacks who were still being run by the whites. But distance from the brain-diseased Coronatarian ghouls in off itself is only a good thing. We’ll wear our yellow stars with pride, and while they’re at it, how about separate blood banks? Until the safety of mRNA is established in 5-10 years should we really be mixing our blood with theirs? The precautionary principle would say no. If we’re as careful about mRNA as they are about the Mind Virus-19 we should definitely maintain separate blood banks, question is will the Coronatarian supremacists let us? (You know the anwser.)

  1. Jerry Hood says

    First of all, only dumbed down idiots goes on a such games, no one else in the wprld plays…Secondary, the jews don’t give a da,m about goyim sports, they just own the teams and scoop the profit,the goyim brings for the jews! Cuomo,the italian jew like Fauci, a murdeter of the retireees in nursing homes…Starts new segregation of the dumbed down goyim..

    1. RIP says

      The hits just keep on coming…..get ready for the FREE one-way train rides..

    2. Juan says

      Wrong, “football” is the “sport” nobody else plays. Baseball is enjoyed by many nations, in fact Cubans, Venezuelans and Japanese regularly whip your asses at it.

  2. ken says

    From what I hear, it’s not healthy for non GMO humans to get too close to the gene therapy zombies.

    1. Maiasta says

      Yeah, that’s true. But whatever it is that the vaccinated are shedding (a spike protein?) we can’t really avoid it now (no way yot distinguish the vaxxed from the unvaxxed). As far as seeding a new pathogen into the human population goes, we have to admit that the billionaires have won this round.

    2. GMC says

      I hope those non GMO fans and their ” We don’t want to be GMO’d ” signs, have a lot of them pointed at the cameras too.

  3. Maiasta says

    Segregation is a terrible idea. The unvaxxed will get the sh*t end of this stick. We will be discriminated against in every dimension of life. As this French commentator says: “If the vaccination passport is moral and acceptable in restaurants, it will be deemed moral and acceptable everywhere!”

    1. RIP says

      Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. Oops wrong century!
      Lets dig up ole George Wallace…..the end is near.

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