New US Army Chief of Staff Introduces #TryWinning Campaign

Thinks it might be fun to actually win once in a while and not just participate

In his first week as Army Chief of Staff, General James C. McConville emailed a letter to the force outlining his humble suggestion that the army #TryWinning sometime, just like, once or twice, to see how it goes.

“When we send the Army somewhere, we don’t go to participate, we don’t go to “try hard”—We go to win!” he wrote. “I’m not saying you have to like it, but could you guys at least try winning? If you don’t like it, you can quit. But let’s give this winning thing a real chance, okay guys?”

McConville added that he was “just floating an idea,” and was open to hearing what the soldiers had to say about it, too. “Just to get a diversity of viewpoints on this one,” he added

If winning doesn’t work, McConville added that the army could always go back to years of frustrated stagnation, “no harm, no foul.”

Army public affairs officers say the #TryWinning initiative is aimed not only at destroying America’s enemies in close combat, but also higher retention job satisfaction ratings.

McConville concluded that “winning is actually kind of cool if you think about it.” And hinting if we just get through this thing with Afghanistan, maybe the whole army team could go get soft serve cones together, and wouldn’t that be fun?

Source: Duffel Blog

  1. Garry Compton says

    Love the humour Ckpt. Asia – my colonel in Nam was interested in getting as many home as possible, because he knew that place, was a scam for the armament club and elite military boys to get rank.

  2. John C Carleton says

    The problem is he is a USA general, not an American general.

    Last American general was General George S Patton, which USA/DC along with Communist Russia murdered for not selling America out to the Red Bolsheviks/Rats.

    USA generals are chosen, not for their intelligence, their tenacity, their warrior ethic, but for kissing the Rats butts, following orders, being willing to sell out America, helping the Congressional/industrial/military complex steal from and financially rape the American people, and sending American children to murder and to die in wars for Israhell, the Rats’s crime cabal.

    Thats not a winner.

    1. DarkEyes says

      IMO, not entirely correct.

      Yer man general is not a USA general either for “USA” means the fifty states of States, which gives America, he is a US general and US citizen, which IMO means he and the rest of all the US military are working for the UN Inc.

      And we know by now who the main shareholders of the UN Inc. are.

      1. John C Carleton says

        USA has nothing to do with the States.
        The States are occupied by USA, a sub corporation of the British Empire, making the USA a foreign to America.

        Patton was the Last American General, as he was murdered by the USA, and Russia, jointly, for not selling America out to Russian Red Bolshevism.


        Every general since Patton has served USA/DC, not Americans, making them not American generals, but corporation officers of the USA corporation.

        USA has nothing to do with America, other than as foreign, and illegitimate occupier.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    “When we send the Army somewhere, we don’t go to participate, we don’t go to “try hard”—We go to win!” he wrote.

    no, no, no you don’t go to win.
    you go to eat up gear, ammo, rockets etc so the MIC can build moar and moar and your fodder can get drugged up and go crazy and kill civilians to fulfil the eugenics agenda.

    where you been general?

    1. DarkEyes says

      Yer man is only excercising his learned by heart PR session.
      His ISUS Government does not win him wars for no wars are “non-profit” intervals and can be quite damaging on the year balance.
      Victories and peace are anyhow bad for Profits.

      He did not learn his lesson well.

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