New Theme

As you’ve probably noticed the site has switched to a new underlying WordPress theme.

It’s a much better basis to build on than the old one, but there’s still some cosmetics work to be done.

Also, there’s been a hiccup in getting the comments counter to work so it’s been disabled for the time being as it was always showing 0.

So the commenting still works and all, but for a short time the main page won’t be displaying how many comments have already been posted under each individual article.

  1. Nick Rhynes says

    Thanks for this. I was wondering what happenend to the conversation bubble on the main page.

    Jeep up the mediocre work!

    1. XRGRSF says

      All things considered the work has been much better than “mediocre”, but if you’re not satisfied with the quality of this site there are many, many others that you can visit.

      1. Nick Rhynes says

        It was a joke.


  2. Savely says

    Stop to put you insider website “news” in main stream and RSS! People don’t give a shit wether you change your userpic – it is NOT news people come to you for. Stop to behave as brainless blogger.

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