New Leaks Further Debunk OPCW Douma Lies

They prove Ian Henderson was a key team member

On FPF #489, I discuss how newly leaked documents from the OPCW show the organization was lying. The new docs leaked to the Grayzone, prove Ian Henderson was a vital member of the Douma fact-finding mission. As a member of the team, Henderson conducting an assessment that concluded the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma was staged. However, the OPCW left Henderson’s assessment out of the Douma report and concluded Assad had used chemical weapons.

Henderson’s assessment was eventually leaked, shedding important light on the truth of what happened in Douma. In an attempt to undermine the creditability of the report, OPCW leadership attacked Henderson. The new docs show the attempts to discredit Henderson were baseless smears. 

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  1. Jozo Magoc says

    Syria is in bad position. With the zionist controlled West, plus Turkey and Isrealhell/ Israel, betrayed by zionist agent in Kremlin,midged Rus.Putin!

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