Podcast: Netanyahu’s Fake Documents Pushed the US Towards War

Did the doc prompt Trump's sanctions war on Iran?

On FPF #486, I discuss how Israel apparently used fake documents to push Trump towards war with Iran in April 2018.

Gareth Porter has a great article out that explains how it is clear the documents were forgeries.

Netanyahu released the documents in April of 2018 before Trump withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal and imposed a ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions campaign against Iran.

The economic war – and other provocative actions by Trump – has moved the US uncomfortable close to a shooting war with Iran.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    it takes very little pushing to convince an amerikan to go to war—per capita the nation w the most violent crime on earth….”amerikans have always been genocidal, enjoying killing from afar”. Philip Slater….he attributed the invasions in Vietnam and Iraq (both supported by 80% of the adult population), to a particular culture and the Psychology of that culture

  2. Michael says

    Israel has taken on the Asian powers with America as its weapon. Problem with that strategy is that Israel has to fight several major Asian powers using American forces. Back in 2000 Israel wanted America to wage an economic war with China in order to stop China from becoming a world power. But Israel also wanted America to deal with a rapidly rising militant Arab world. The latter was the immediate threat to Israel.

    Then 9/11 happened committing America to the ME stage. It was a war that President Bush thought could be completed in a few years. Instead the financial crisis of 2008 and a powerful backlash from the Middle East caused America to commit itself to a protracted and expanded war across the entire ME region from Afghanistan to Turkey.

    In the meantime China fully aware that the war which America planned to take against her in 2000 was now delayed. China took this opportunity to ramp up and in the following 20 years built organizations, banks, embarked in the Belt and Roadway, increased gold holdings and repositioned herself for the inevitable showdown which came under President Trump in 2017.

    Had America taken on China in 2000 America would have won hands down. Not in 2017. By then America had spent over 6 Trillion on Wars that she never won and the Middle East became more militant with seasoned armies. China is now too powerful and quite capable of handling a full scale economic war. Due to the muddling leadership of Israel America has lost on all foreign frontiers.

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