Netanyahu: Israelis May Need to Get Vaccinated Every Six Months

Vaccine works so well you can never stop injecting it

Israel is considering massively expanding its vaccination program, with the possibility it will expand the mandate of the Green Passport system beyond the initial six-month period, with those participating receiving the COVID vaccine every six months.

Speaking with Galei Tzahal’s Efi Triger in an interview released Monday morning, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said it may be necessary for Israelis to get vaccinated twice this year, adding that Israel is in talks with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna for additional mass purchases of COVID vaccines.

“Within one year, we may need to get vaccinated twice, so we’re in talks with Pfizer and Moderna for the establishment of a vaccine factory in Israel,” said Netanyahu.

“We’re negotiating with Pfizer and Moderna to sign an agreement to purchase vaccines which are also suitable against the new mutations. If we need to vaccinate every citizen in Israel twice a year, it will require a total of 36 million vaccines.”

The Green Passport system, which limits access to some venues to Israelis with valid vaccination certificates or certificates of recovery from the coronavirus, may be extended beyond the initial six-month period, Netanyahu added.

“We are preparing for the possibility of renewing the Green Passport system every six months. It is possible that the coronavirus could come back, and we’ll see endless suffering from lockdowns, more infections, and more death.”

If reelected next month, Netanyahu said that his “primary mission will be to bring 36 million more vaccines over the next year.”

Source: Arutz Sheva

  1. Voz 0db says

    FUCK THEM… I guess a new culling of 6,000,000 jews via JAB is in order!

  2. ken says

    Yeah,,, can anyone remember “we only have to stay locked down for 14 days to flatten the curve”,,,, now over a year ago…..

  3. Mark says

    Ummm….how is Netanyahu still calling the shots? Wasn’t he, like, under investigation for corruption or something?

  4. Joe_Below says

    Looks like the Juden haven’t had enough.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Bibi .. Every 6 months ?? Are you sure NOT weekly ?

  6. irish says

    lol the faster to return palestine to the palestinians.

    1. William says

      Del Bigtree did a report last week. In Israel right after they started to vaccinate everyone the Deaths and Covid skyrocketed. The video about that one is near the bottom of the post. It is all so interesting.

  7. Seth Friedman says


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    1. Valerie says

      Excellent post! Points we all need to take to heart.

  8. GrimFandango says

    Nice. A Big Pharma population reduction program.

  9. BTDT (been there done that) says

    Nutanyay needs to get poked, too. Oh,
    I forgot, the man is the advisor, and advisors only advise others, not themselves, plus, his country’s name is Israel. It’s all just logic and good sense when the great Nutanyay speaks. Thus, I will rrrrrruuuunn out and get poked now, as I must trust everything Netanyay says.

  10. yuri says

    if vaccine is our saline, a placebo, ok

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