Netanyahu Congratulating US Regime on a Successful Coup, Thanks Trump for Services Rendered

That's one way to "thank" him

All that work for Israel bought Trump…about 8 hours of congratulations delay compared to other “world leaders”.

One thing about Trump: he has no friends and inspired zero loyalty because he surrounded himself with and promoted natural enemies and opportunists.

  1. 01000110 01000101 says

    Trump doesn’t even care, his daughter married one of the main NY small hat families.

  2. CARLOS says

    These tweets are showing who is the master and his servants / tools.

  3. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Trump, Biden/Harris….it’ll not make much difference to the perceived goals of the “empire”, the imperial psychopathic slaughter will continue unabated, that is until the US gets a slap, and get a slap it surely will. It may be de-dollarisation, it may be a short, but very punishing war, but the death dirge is already sounding for the most satanic nation on earth !

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