NATO Supreme Allied Commander Says West Is Concerned With China-Russia Ties

Maybe shouldn't have brought them together then?

On Wednesday, the top general of NATO said the US and its Western allies are concerned with the growing cooperation between China and Russia.

Gen. Tod Wolters, who currently serves as the head of US European Command and as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, told reporters that the increased ties between Beijing and Moscow “really does suggest an emergence of a partnership of convenience.”

Welters said the partnership seeks to advance the mutual interests of Russia and China. “And that advancement could be to the detriment of Europe and corresponding and surrounding nations,” he said.

With NATO looking to stay relevant and the US moving to prioritize Asia, the alliance has recently set its eyes on China. At the end of 2020, NATO released a report that called for the alliance to increase its focus on China by furthering cooperation with countries in Asia, like Japan, Australia, and India.

With China and Russia both targets of NATO and the US, the two countries will naturally grow closer. Both countries have also found themselves targeted by US economic sanctions in recent years, another reason for Beijing and Moscow to step up cooperation.


  1. Sally Snyder says

    While it is rarely reported, here are some of Vladimir Putin’s recent comments on key global issues including an all-out war:

    It is always an interesting exercise to actually read and understand how “the other side” views the current global reality.

  2. mijj says

    cry me a river, NATO.

  3. ken says

    Europe is already destroyed as is most of the West. The Chinese or Russians want nothing to do with taking over the Western nations whose people are unskilled and under educated derelicts wanting everything for free while squabbling over gender perversions and slavery that ended 150 years ago.

    Who in their right mind would want to conquer a mess like that? But the West are a legend in their own minds, living off of past accomplishments of a once free people now enslaved and impoverished, in need of the riches and resources that others worked for.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      Reason the West got to where it was, was due to its kleptomaniacal ways and now that both Russia and China have wisened up to their ways and ignored them, they want to destroy both to resume their plunder.

  4. XSFRGR says

    Russia/China is the future while the West is what once was, but will never be again.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      Absolutely and the West knows this and that is one of the main reason why it is opposing both Russia and China so forcefully as they known that both these countries can not only exist but prosper without them.

  5. Richard Seeto says

    Incredible that NATO and US narratives that it is OK for them to raise as many allies as they want but as soon as the other side does the same, raises not only concern but alarm. Do these mobs think that only they have the right to independence and self preservation?

    1. Eddy says

      Yes, actually they do. They believe THEY are exceptional, and as such, it is their right to Rule the World and enslave everyone else. All for their own good of course.

  6. nnn says

    Just another retarded General

  7. Mr Reynard says

    The terror of Russian Army & Chinese Army ??


  8. Eddy says

    Need I point out to this idiot General, NATO is in the Northern Hemisphere and Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, we have no similarities with the Europeans other than the color of our skin, and basicly, Australians couldn’t give a stuff what Europeans want to do to themselves. There’s a reason, millions of Europeans have turned their backs on Europe and migrated to Australia. They can have their war mongering all to themselves.

  9. Jerry Hood says

    NATO= North American Terrorist Organization!!!

  10. Zhonghua says

    The hubris and stupidity of western world is funny and sickening at the same time. If these cucks are so worried about a Sino-Russian alliance then maybe they should stop demonizing and undermining both. Keep making enemies out of both and they will be the fucking enemy, it’s not rocket science.

    I as a proud Chinese stuck in murica, wish for China and Russia to prosper and to destroy or peacefully surpass the sick, decadent, crumbling western world!

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