NATO Harasses Plane With Russian Defense Minister on Board, Russian Fighter Gets Into Its Face

The Spanish F/A-18 broke off escort when the Russian Su-27 indicated it would fly into it

Russian state media showed a video of a mid-air confrontation over the Baltic Sea, where a Russian Su-27 fighter chased away a NATO F-18 that was moving toward a passenger plane.

NATO moved against the passenger aircraft when it was over the Baltic Sea after leaving Kaliningrad and heading toward Moscow. The plane contained Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shogu. The F-18 was from Spain, but operating out of Lithuania.

This is the second time a NATO fighter moved after a plane Shogu was on. Fortunately for Shogu, Russia keeps fighters in the area to protect high-ranking officials’ flights, and the Su-27 got into the area near the NATO plane, forcing it off.

Shogu was in Kaliningrad to attend a ceremony for the construction of a new military academy. The Russian exclave of Kaliingrad borders Lithuania and Poland, and NATO tends to militarize the area around it.



  1. Follows TheWay says

    America is Babylon, the great end-times nation prophesied in the Bible.

    Video: “Why America is Babylon” (and the fate of Babylon):

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    You just have to wonder what kind of people stage such threatening stunts.

    Are they people fit to govern anything, much less the world?

  3. BillA says

    the second time? How strong will the RF have to become to simply give a missile to the plane? And the 15+ planes probing the RF borders; why warn them off? Let them enter and give them a missile (good practice).

  4. Vish says

    Thuggery in the skies by America and its NATO sock-puppets.

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