NATO United Around Giving Russia a Free Hand in Ukraine

If Moscow is willing to use the Russian military to forge an East Slavic bloc — it can

The narrative that is emerging is that after initial hiccups NATO has closed its ranks and is now presenting a unified front against Russia. But what has NATO unified around?

From the start, Biden has said no US legions will be sent to stand in the way of the Russians, which also certainly means that no auxiliary troops of the vassal states will be going there.

So, they are united in shipping small quantities of tactical weaponry that are an irritant to Moscow and make a Russian military option likelier. But which won’t make the least bit of difference to the big picture if Moscow decides to end rivalries in Eastern Slavdom and enforce hegemony with military means. (Not unlike what Prussia did over Germany.)

NATO has in no uncertain terms signaled that Russia has a free hand to partition or regime-change Ukraine and bring it into an East Slavic bloc if its military is up to the task (it is). And this is celebrated as something that is an “unpleasant surprise for Russia”? What is unpleasant about it?

NATO comedians:

NATO’s Unity an Unpleasant Surprise for Russia, Estonia Says

NATO’s unity in confronting the potential threat against Ukraine has been a negative surprise for Russia, and Europe must be strategic with sanctions in case of an attack, Estonia’s prime minister said.

“He’s building military forces around Ukraine, and it presents a great threat,” Kallas said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Monday from Tallinn. “The unity of NATO allies has become a negative surprise for Russia — that NATO’s allies have kept the line very strongly.”

Kallas urged western nations to avoid falling into the “trap” of conceding to Russian demands and ultimatums, which include written pledges not to allow new member states to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

She also again rejected Putin’s claim that NATO is a threat to Russia, saying the real threat seen by his administration is that countries in the former Soviet bloc are embracing democracy more deeply and diverging from what she called his “authoritarian” rule.

The European Union must act strategically with the use of potential additional sanctions against Russia — and possibly its ally Belarus — by sending a strong signal on what kind of penalties it can use and carrying them out if necessary, Kallas said.

She repeated the warning that dependence on Russian natural gas is detrimental to Europe’s security, and that western nations must also be on alert to react to aggression, including cyberattacks and hybrid offensives, such as Belarus’s efforts to send migrants across the EU’s eastern border last year.

“We hope that there is a diplomatic way out of this, and if the price for Russia is too high then they don’t make the steps that we see them planning,” Kallas said.

Remember: partitioning or subordinating neighboring states to make yourself a great power is bad, okay


  1. mijj says

    have you seen the sentimental flick, Field of Dreams? A moody Kevin Costner hears a voice saying “If you build it he will come”. He builds a baseball pitch in a field of corn. And he believes so hard and sincerely that ghostly players begin to populate the pitch.

    The USA is building an arena for war and hoping, by magical induction, Russia will come. Hoping Russia will be magically induced away from Russia’s actual real concerns and demands into Ukraine invasion, war and the shutting down of Europe.

    1. TZVI says

      My fear is a serious provocation will become the event that will ignite the ( new) tinderbox of Europe.

      Remember the Maine!

      We were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin!

      And from the Russian Side we have just one on the list, from the man you love to hate : Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvil ( Stalin) and his shelling of Mainila resulting in war with Finland…OK so just one, maybe two false flags from the Soviet side from a a list of 40 or so false flags, but it is there… though the list is nowhere complete…

      Just like Navel ships of old, the trick is used by many…

      “The term “false flag” originated in the 16th century as a purely figurative expression to mean “a deliberate misrepresentation of someone’s affiliation or motives”.[1] It was later used to describe a ruse in naval warfare whereby a vessel flew the flag of a neutral or enemy country in order to hide its true identity. The tactic was originally used by pirates and privateers to deceive other ships into allowing them to move closer before attacking them. It later was deemed an acceptable practice during naval warfare according to international maritime laws, provided the attacking vessel displayed its true flag once an attack had begun.[2][3][4][5

      1. TZVI says

        ahem “Naval” not Navel.

      2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

        I am waiting for Zelensky’s poisoning with Novichok by a KGB man in Russian army uniform waving a Hammer and Sickle flag and screaming “Long Live Putin”.

        1. TZVI says

          Yes the nerve agent that lucky targets do not die from, but only when attributed to the Russian Federation. 😉

        2. Jerôme says

          Fucking sic khazars!

  2. Geraldo says

    NATO is firmly united about not fighting Russia! Hurrah!

    The plan is to show those pesky Rooskiis who’s boss by allowing them to do whatever they want.

  3. Cap960 says

    Like I’ve said. Russia should reduce its gas price with a permanent agreement to never to go to war with for any NATO members that drops the alliance . The US would crazy!

    1. TZVI says

      For long term fixed contracts at fair prices, Hungary just took the lead, Germany is still getting NG and re-selling at a fat profit…Russia does NOT demand NATO disband, only not to put certain offensive weapons in post 1997 members…

      I think if the USA forced Ukraine to implement the Minks Accords, and agree not to join Nato, they may even accept that compromise and declare victory. A second winner would be the Ukraine, no war, get the east back, and stay neutral. But that seems to be a fantasy at this point. 🙁

  4. GMC says

    Yep, Nato, USA and Israel is all in – sending every proxy army they have in the world to Ukraine. They even faked a prison break in Syria so they could send them to either other parts of the mid East or to Ukraine. So we are looking at Blackrock and their other agencies, alQaeda, Isis, the Turks brotherhood, and every other swingin dick that needs a paycheck – and they get to kill Russians – Maybe.

    1. TZVI says

      Cannon fodder in the true meaning of the word. If a real war broke out Russia would use up old stock of artillery shells with modern targeting on the Cannons….then for giggles and clearing trenches they would use Thermobaric shells and rockets.

      Used in a proper grid pattern it would eliminate resistance on the front lines, at least not those deep underground…those large gaps are where the troops and tanks roll in…

      Yes the Javelins, UK NLAW, and Stingers will hurt Russia…even with a demoralized conscript force they should be willing to accept 25% losses of Helicopters and tanks from ALL forms of resistance, especially the older equipment…but make every effort to soften them up and prevent re-supply.

      Allong with Air Cover for a “no-fly zone” it would make it quite a ( and massive air /missile strikes on the Kiev airport, closing the resupply from NATO) The Black sea would be effectively closed to Kiev, leaving “only” a large land border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldovia to worry about…essentially a Western front that would fade away if they took Kiev and let the Ukraininas install a Russian friendly puppet state. The they would have to agree to be a CSTO Member to make it a lasting achievement.

      Sanctions, Sanctions…there will be many…the UK cant wait to get it’s hands on private property owned by Successful Russian nationals ( attack the Capitalists!), the USA eagerly thinks it will hobble Russia….and they will hurt them economically, but it will be in the short term. Long term Russia is positioned to survive any sanctions, and even thrive…( eventually). The real question is: If the USA completely sanctions all Russian NG, would Europe Comply? Would that be the end of NATO / the EU ??? The splits are already there, look at Croatia and Hungary, and to a lesser extent Germany…

      Will peace break out in our time, or would that be the Start of WWIII?

      1. GMC says

        Agree – Russia will be forced into a confrontation – all those troops, all that training, all that money spent for mercs and weapons. The West loves to use the Olympics for cover – but we will see.

        1. TZVI says

          Is see you have not noticed my reply to the earlier posting of this link, see the comments Here:

          IN short there is no real genetic evidence of massive influx of Khazar genes, and the historical timeline is way off ( by about 3-4 centuries at least).

          As for a nutcase Secular Apostate Zionist Jew saying they will “colonize” the Krim, well good luck this now Russia (Again).

  5. Roy Lester David says

    The outcome of this war was already determined long ago and the loser was clearly identified in the Bible.No doubt about the outcome

  6. Ron says

    The globalists ruining the West hate that Russia is no longer a commie country. I think they’re trying to sucker Russia into invading Ukraine, then blame Russia, in order to start a second Crimean War.

    Meanwhile, the people in the West are starting to revolt. The covid plandemic is failing. Vax deaths are increasing — one insurance company is reporting a 258% increase in life insurance paid; implying about 7 million more annual deaths for USA alone. Globalists may be trying to instigate a war to cover up the deaths.

    I think the globalists also are busy destroying China, since it represents a competitor to their global vision.

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