NATO Complains Russia Was Mean to Its Fighter Harrasing Defense Minister Shoigu

Typical Russian aggression

Shoigu’s passenger Tu-214 was traveling from one part of Russia to another, was in international airspace, had a valid flight plan and transponders switched on, yet that didn’t stop NATO from escorting it at a close distance

A NATO military official issued a statement regarding a Tuesday interaction between a NATO (Spanish) and Russian warplane, condemning Russia’s jet for acting in an “unsafe manner,” and claiming it was only the “professionalism” of NATO that prevented a dangerous situation.

NATO complaining about Russian planes is nothing new, but in this situation it is probably inappropriate because the Spanish F-18 confronted the Russian planes, including a passenger aircraft, in international airspace. 

NATO concedes the aircraft, a Tu-214, had a “valid flight plan” and had already identified itself. The Russian Su-27 fighters, one of whom intercepted the F-18, did not have a flight plan.

Which, of course they didn’t, because those planes were just escorting the Tu-214 back toward Russia. The plane had Defense Minister Sergey Shogu on board, and the jets were just making sure NATO didn’t attack the defense minister or try to shoot his plane down.

NATO claimed the planes are routinely sent out when they see someone without a flight plan, which the Tu-214 had, and indeed this is the second time in the past couple of years that NATO warplanes have gone after the Russian DMs plane, so clearly that’s something Russian military aircraft are on the lookout for.


  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    NATO, like America itself, increasingly needs to justify its existence. NATO, for the simple reason that when the USSR disappeared in 1999, no cold war and no Soviet aggression existed any longer. It has to contrive something to justify its military budget of €1.4 trillion for 2019. America, for similar reasons has absolutely no reason to leave the coast of the USA. With a military budget approaching $1 trillion, 800+ military bases and 1,000,000 mercenary soldiers, it must create worldwide wars to justify its existence ! Think of the benefit to mankind and world peace, if these two satanic entities ceased to exist !

    1. Michal Soukup says

      USA has about 320,000,000 reasons to justify its existence with… They are called US citizens.

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says

        Really, Michal…..320,000,000 citizens, more like 320,000,000 brainwashed zombies or complicit criminals, if they’re not , then would they pass scrutiny to be classified as human ? America since its foundation, on the genocide of around 80 million of the original inhabitants, has continued its infamous and inglorious tradition. 243 years in existence, at continual war, for 223 of those years, although never having been attacked or invaded…..without a murmur from its “citizens”. In the last few decades alone, America has invaded 68 sovereign countries, butchering countless millions of innocent men, women, and children……again with the complete connivance of its “citizens”. I stand by my original post…..America is an evil, satanic entity, which completely ignores the laws of both God and man, and the world would be a much better place without it !

        1. Michal Soukup says


          Fact is that a lot of people Call USA thier home, and will fight for it if called upon.

          Until that changes USA is not going anywhere…

        2. Michal Soukup says

          Commiting genocide is nothing unhuman, in fact only humans are known to do so. Dont have inflated opinion of our own species.

        3. Michal Soukup says

          Of course they would pass scrutiny about being human. But Whoever would ever suggest such scrutiny needs repeated stabbing untill they cease twitiching.

    2. Nick Rhynes says

      “I have got the biggest knife
      so I cut the biggest slice”

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says

        …..And by your own logic, because America is the biggest psychopathic bully, it deserves the biggest slap……which it will get !

        1. Nick Rhynes says

          Inevitably, yet not in our lives.

          1. Séamus Ó Néill says

            Within a few very short years… Or maybe bankruptcy first

  2. Peter Five-Oh says

    Next time, the Russians should just shoot down the NATO jet cuz it did NOT have a flight plan either. That would send a clear message to NATO.

    1. Michal Soukup says

      Not really, anybody can fly anywhere in the international air space. Russians can send their planes to look all they want, but they have no right (nor does anybody else) to open fire at anything in the international air space, unless fired upon first.

      1. Peter Five-Oh says

        Just like oil tankers have the right to travel thru the seas unhindered. Yet, the UK decided they had the right to detain the oil tanker on any flimsy excuse. Do you really believe that the major powers actually comply with the rule of law? Can you explain why NATO (North Atlantic) troops were sent into Libya or into Eastern European countries when it was created to protect Western European nations? These guys only pay lip service to rule of law when it suits their purposes. Just like when the Iranians captured a British oil tanker, suddenly, they wanted to create a coalition of nations to keep the shipping lanes open for all vessels. No other nations signed on except the USA.

        1. Michal Soukup says

          Because these days Eastern European countries are members too (admitedly that could be recognised in the name of the aliance too) and they have Russia for neightbour

          Even if I begrudgingly agree that current russian autocrat is not stupid enough to commit russia in actual war outside the quassi wars where he supports local terrorists/separatists/freedom fighters, there is still no quarantee that whoever comes after Putin will have the same approach. They could even get into their heads some ideas about what’s right and wrong instead of realpolitik

  3. John C Carleton says

    One should not take a hand in a high stakes poker game unless one has been invited, has deep pockets and a big set of family jewels.

    Seems an uninvited piker tried to bluff his way into a high stakes game, got shooed off, humiliated, and is crying in his beer while whining he gets no respect

  4. skinnerreturns says

    It’s about time that the long range Su35s were unleashed to threaten NATO leaders while they fly outside of their national borders.
    Russia needs to stand up for itself, carry missiles and buzz NWO politiciansbankers until NATO realises that two can play the game of intimidation.

    1. jm74 says

      Waste of funds, no point really because it won’t achieve anything.

      1. skinnerreturns says

        What are NATO achieving with their aggression? Besides making Russia look weak.

        As for a waste of funds, how much is Russia spending now by sending armed escorts to protect their own government people?

        Russia needs to do the exact same to Western leaders, reciprocal and mirrored actions to make the Western leaders worry about being shot down.
        It’s obvious that NATO will shoot down a Russian aircraft someday, if there is no fighter escort, wouldn’t be the first time the NATO shot down an airliner.

        1. Mary E says

          First of all, it is not a waste of Russia’s funds to pay for escort fighters – for any reason, but especially with one of their military officers or leaders on board. They are prime targets! All because the US is an untrustworthy and off the rails entity who would shoot down a Russian plane without that escort….and blame it on some other country…if they got away with 9/11/01, why not downing a Russian plane?

          1. skinnerreturns says

            As I pointed out earlier Mary.

        2. jm74 says

          If Russia was so weak then why does the US need 30 countries to confront a single nation. Russia is doing fine, no need to act the fool like the West is currently doing.

          1. skinnerreturns says

            Don’t put words to me I never used.

            The US sets out to embarrass Russia by declaring sanctions on it, and sending military jets to threaten Russian civilian airliners going about their lawful business.

            Stalin thought Hitler was no threat also, and we all know how that turned out. The best way to counter US aggression is by throwing it back at them.
            Iran has put it up to the US, and the US has backed down, same for NK.

            1. jm74 says

              Asking a question or querying your comment is not putting words into your mouth. Making a statement has nothing to do with an interpretation of your comment. Stalin knew Hitler was a threat long before WW2.

            2. skinnerreturns says

              “If Russia was so weak”

              I don’t see Russia as weak, I’d hardly expect a weak country to send fighter jets up against NATO.

              Stalin was caught with his pants down, and nearly cost the USSR its existence, because he would not lay down a strong deterrent to Hitler.

              The only way to treat the likes of Hitler and NATO, is to stand up to them.

            3. jm74 says

              Agree with standing up to those confronting but in regards to Stalin I disagree. My grandfather was involved in the Russian theatre during ww2 and his views differ; being there is different to West’s interpretation in their history books.

            4. skinnerreturns says

              I wouldn’t believe a word of history the West preaches, but RussianSoviet sources state that Stalin did not believe Hitler would attack in 41.

              My view of Hitler is that he was a pawn of USFrench and British bankers who went rogue on them.
              The French just gave up, the Brits went home and left Europe to Hitler.

              They only came back in 44 because the Soviets managed to survive the largest invasion force in the entire history of the world.

              Who would loan so much to a nation saddled with massive war reparations, and let’s not forget the US forgave Germany ALL debts, including WW1 reparations, after WW2.

            5. jm74 says

              Hitler was financed from the West to eventually attack Russia; Poland was not a mistake, it was a decoy. Hitler took France which was an ancient enemy of the UK and US. There is a lot that hasn’t been told and a lot that has been written is untrue or misleading.
              I was stationed in Zeltweg/Austria for some time plus did a stint in Geilenkirchen and have a fair idea of what happened. The saying ‘spoils go to the victor’ is very true and they write the history books.

            6. skinnerreturns says

              Well said jm74.

              It’s not a new plan, the Brits financed Europe for 20 years to fight Napoleon.
              Bribery and corruption are the greatest friends the “West” has.

            7. skinnerreturns says

              Are you aware of how the Brits and Yanks demanded wheat payments from the Soviets during the Great Depression, rather than Tsarist gold?

              And then the West invented the Holdomar tale for the poor Galicians to scream about ever since.

            8. Mary E says

              A bully, once confronted by another equally strong entity, backs down quite quickly…unbelievable how this is all turning out for the once ‘good guys’, the US. They are now wearing black hats instead of white…. totally unhinged and wicked.

        3. DarkEyes says

          Russia is not, I repeat, not America.
          The Russian way of thinking is quite different from the Americans.
          Since 1863 the Americans are not even able anymore to comprehend the Russian way of living and thinking.

          1. skinnerreturns says

            We know they are not the same, ever since 1776. No one on the planet can comprehend how such a murderous society could be established with the words of “freedom and liberty”

            1. Mary E says

              Well because those are adjectives they put on themselves…
              as they do now! Currently, the US means no liberty and no freedom to its people and the people around the world.

          2. Nick Rhynes says

            Curious as to why you chose 1863? Are you linking the victory of the Union to The US inability to ‘comprehend the Russian way’?

      2. Peter Five-Oh says

        It will send a very clear msg to NATO. Unless they want to assign two fighter escorts for every banker or NWO official flying in a private jet, they had better put a muzzle on it.

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