Muzzling Kids and Closing Schools Is Irrational, Unscientific Child Abuse

"Subjected to the anti-science mania of gentry liberals and the cravenness of political leaders beholden to teachers unions"

America’s public-health bureaucrats, chiefly the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are insisting on masking kids and granting baseless alibis to teachers unions that would delay or defer schools reopening for another year, if they could get away with it.

This, even as fresh evidence mounts that kids aren’t at risk from COVID-19 and aren’t spreaders — and that school closures do them grave harm.

A study out of the UK released last week proved — once again — what we’ve known for more than a year: Kids transmit the coronavirus at a much lower rate than do adults. Epidemiologist Shamez Ladhani, who led the study, found that children “aren’t taking [the virus] home and then transferring it to the community. These kids have very little capacity to infect household members.”

Nevertheless, we Americans ­inflicted misery upon our kids. We took away school, kept them apart from their friends, and needlessly covered their faces. It wasn’t all kids who suffered, though. Kids in private and parochial schools in urban areas went to school. Kids in public schools in GOP-governed areas also went to school (and even got to play sports, mask-free).

And everything turned out OK: States with open schools didn’t have more child COVID cases and certainly not more hospitalizations or deaths. Schools without mask mandates didn’t have significantly more COVID cases. They simply put kids first.

But kids unlucky enough to live in blue cities and states were subjected to the anti-science mania of gentry liberals and the cravenness of political leaders beholden to teachers unions.

A McKinsey study released last week surveyed the damage. It concluded that school closures “left students on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading by the end of the school year.”

Although the McKinsey study researched the effects of the “unfinished” 2019-20 academic year, it doesn’t take rocket science to conclude that students who then had the benefit of full-time, ­in-person schooling in 2020-21 did far better than those whom unions and politicians subjected to nearly another full year of school closures — like kids in Gotham.

And again, for what? Study after disregarded study has shown that even unvaccinated children are safer than many vaccinated adults. Kids don’t spread COVID the same way. Schools aren’t infection hot spots. Kids rarely get sick from COVID and, when they do, it’s no worse than a cold.

We need to internalize this and stop listening to unhinged bureaucrats and journalists who frame children as little disease vectors. They aren’t. There’s a reason much of Europe didn’t mask kids under age 12 at all. It isn’t that they care about their kids less than we do, here in a country that starts masking at the insane age of 2. In fact, it shows Europeans care about their kids’ development so much they won’t force them to play bit parts in a grand psychodrama.

What about teachers? Teachers, we are told by those who have kept kids out of classrooms for more than a year, are terrified. Yet are they?

Over the weekend, we learned that 60 percent of Big ­Apple teachers haven’t received the COVID vaccine. American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten said, “We believe strongly that everyone should get vaccinated, unless they have a medical or religious exception, and that this should be a mandatory subject of negotiation for ­employers to keep their employees safe and build trust.”

Talk us into it, in other words. Use cash.

Weingarten still continues to equivocate over whether schools will fully open in areas she controls. After repeated assurances about how much she wants kids back in classrooms, Weingarten is back on our TV screens telling us her union will “try” to get them back. “Try” was unacceptable in August 2020. But in August 2021, anyone denying schooling to children should be banished from public life.

We have to let kids live again, the way they have all along in saner parts of the country. Anything else is cruelty and, yes, tantamount to science denial.

Source: The New York Post

  1. ken says

    Oh this covid shit is getting stale. Yeah, should we muzzle and torture our ‘loved children’, make them get the kill shot so we terrified teachers feel safe? What a load of crap! Fire them all. No more government unions of any type. They are only concerned about themselves and their pensions.

    I am astounded how little it takes to frighten people these days. A virus, computer generated by assholes that have taken over our lives. All they have done is put out one lie after another, all proven.

    We need a couple of weeks to flatten the curve, our hospitals and ICU’s are maxxed out. Lie! Hospitals were not and still are not over crowded.

    So many are dying we need mass graves, refrigerated trucks to hold the bodies. Lie! The mass graves in NYC was always there for the indigent folks that could not afford the mortuary services. The refrigerated trailers were to hold people until they could be transferred. A city the size of NYC has a hell of a lot of folks dying even under the best of conditions.

    The death rate rapidly increasing. Lie! They were and still are marking flu and other diseases as their pet covid. Even traffic deaths. Anyone dying of almost anything having a PCR positive test in the past 28 days were marked covid. The overall death rates are about the same as previous years.

    Masks stop the spread. Lie! Everyone knows that’s a lie. Why do the most masked up locations have the highest ‘cases’?

    The injections are safe and effective. 15,000 in the US and over 20,000 dead in the EU. More dead then in nine eleven, the NA/ME, Afghan wars combined.

    These are what you call clues. From all the clues they have left it is obviously a not so well planned con. Only thing in their favor is the number of complete morons existing today.

    Other posters can add to the list,,, there are many, many lies left.

    “We have to let kids live again,…”

    This entire operation being led by Kill Gates and company don’t want anyone living. Agenda 2030 has most dead by that year.

    A great die off is coming due to their poison shots. It will be blamed on non existent covid variants which they will demand even more to get the injection. Have no idea of their goal but I would guess at least six billion of us have to die before they put out the all clear. Then it will be an unbelievable hell world.

    It’s now or never…..

    1. Raptar Driver says

      6.66 billion?

  2. Felix says

    They do this to the children to violate the general population and the parents, once they have abused their children anything is possible.

  3. Felix says

    What is worrying me now is the nature of the opposition to the Covid scam, it’s feel, its political alliances and its drivers.
    It doesn’t feel organic. I am suspicious of many of its players. I can’t help it. A lot of them look dodgy to me. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe a lot of what they say. I do. I think they are equipped with the truth on Covid, which is that much of Covid, if not all of the narrative, is a fraud.

    My problem is their motivation, agenda and political beliefs. That is a serious debate ignored, and something that raises the real spectre that everything we are being subjected to is a manipulated and that even the opposition to Covid is serving the objectives of the fraud as much as the Covid fraud itself.

    In the allowed media, the anti-Covid message is certainly being carried by right or far-right wing voices, like the adorable Peter Hitchens, IEA, Katie Hopkins, the UK’s Talk Radio, Fox News, or by what I consider mouth pieces for the CIA like Alex Jones, David Icke & Corbett. I find myself surrounded by questionable allies, none of whom represent me and my moderate scepticisms.
    I’m not trying to slur the COVID opposition as right wing, I’m just pointing out that much of it has been captured by forces of the far-right who are also state operators.

    This comment was banned in Off-Guardian.

    1. Coram Nobis says

      David Icke & James Corbett are CIA?

      Have you actually ever seen their videos, or are you just a statist shill masquerading as a “moderate”?

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