Mutti Merkel Retires With a Leni Riefenstahl-Style Torchlit Military Ceremony

The bane of the injection-free

For a Chancellerin who ended 16-year reign by decreeing house arrest for the injection-free as an act of “national solidarity”, these esthetics seem wholly appropriate.


People who aren’t vaccinated will be excluded from nonessential stores, cultural and recreational venues, and parliament will consider a general vaccine mandate, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday, as part of an effort to curb coronavirus infections that again topped 70,000 newly confirmed COVID cases in a 24-hour period.

“The situation is our country is serious,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin, calling the measure an “act of national solidarity.”

Good commentary from CJ Hopkins and Max Blumenthal:


The Großer Zapfenstreich (“Grand Tattoo”) is a military ceremony performed in Germany and Austria. It is similar to the military tattoo ceremony performed in English-speaking countries, and is the most important ceremonial act executed by the German federal armed forces, the Bundeswehr, and by the Austrian federal armed forces Bundesheer.

The Zapfenstreich is performed only during national celebrations and solemn public commemorations, to honour distinguished persons present at such special events. Examples are the farewell ceremony for a German federal president, or at the conclusion of large military exercises.

It takes place in the evening hours and consists of a military formation of at least one military band, two platoons of armed infantrymen, and two lines of soldiers carrying torches, in total about 400 men.

  1. Matrixdissident says

    Could this look any more Nazi-esque?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hurt myself, falling from my chair laughing …

  2. Alberto says

    The nazigaysm…all obviously vaccinated!

  3. XSFRGR says

    “In a democracy people tend to receive the government that they deserve.”

  4. Romeo LeBlanc says

    Sad, as she is badly needed by the world.

    1. Martillo says

      sarcasm or mental illness?

  5. Martillo says

    Like CIA shill and Germanistan “chancellor” Helmut Kohl before her who maintained “Merkel couldn’t use a knife and fork when he pulled her out of the pond” STASI Erika, was bought and paid for by Al CIAduh 5 minutes after the “Wall” was moved. The Monica Lewinski of occupied Germanistan certainly knew how to stick that same knife in Kohl’s back however, and by pleasing her masters in Washing town managed to survive as long as Kohl himself did running the USSAN Teutonic protectorate. The anglozionazi empire of filth can always count on its Germanistan meat puppets “doing the right thing” obviously.
    Germany knows it and hates her lying a$$ and knows there hasn’t been a real election since the occupation and installation of the anglozionazi empire of filth when the “winners” chalked up the now disdained Nuremberg Protocols to off the same thugs they had financed leading to the destruction and later permanent occupation of Urupp…currently the evil EUSSR, run by hairdresser in chief and never elected spawn of USSAN slave owners, the inimitable midget Uschi Van der Lyin.
    STASI Erika has shown she can “dance” to any tune…as long as she’s center stage.
    Once a lying, dancing fool…always a lying dancing fool…

    Goebbels and co would be proud that fascism is more “alive” than ever in Germanistan, whatever about the frantic culling of the once proud German race.

    Onward to Ouch Witz where the joke is on all of those who line up like docile mutts for the all new Zyklon B covaid$ squirted hollow cost.

    Pfizer macht frei…mein Schnucki$

    Same as it ever waZ

  6. Martillo says

    If it looks like fascism, wobbles its fat ass like Göring, lies like Goebells, marches like the SS, and spouts bullshit like Onkel Adolf, with vertical pigs all the while crushing anti covaid$ death quirt new “jews” in the street then it is FA$CI$M…pure and simple.

    The commie sow is gone but the destruction she has caused the ordinary German people will live on.

    May she burn in hell.

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