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Mr. Trump, When Did Iraq Order These American Bases It Is Supposed to ‘Pay’ For?

Did you keep a copy of the order?

I am familiar with the concept. You order something, for example online or by phone, and when it is delivered to your doorstep you pay for it.

So when Trump says the US won’t submit to Iraq’s order to leave its soil until Iraq pays US “back” for the billions in construction costs for American bases there I am left wondering when did Iraq order these bases?

When exactly did Iraq wake up one day and was all like “You know what’d be great? If Americans came over here with hundreds of thousands of troops and contractors and needed to spend billions on base-building. Let’s go ahead and tell them to come over here and do that.”

I’ve got a decent memory but I can’t quite remember when that was, but surely the US has kept a copy of the order Trump can look up, and jog our memory.

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[…] Mr. Trump, When Did Iraq Order These American Bases It Is Supposed to ‘Pay’ For? by Marko Marjanović on January 7, 2020 at 12:18 […]

Mikhail Garchenko
Mikhail Garchenko
8 months ago
Translate that, read and UNDERSTAND it, please.
It´s a “Soprano´s” episode.
F***ing cretins.
But you will pay for that, take it for sure.
Sooner or later.

Tick Tock
Tick Tock
8 months ago

See the Monkey?

Mary E
8 months ago

The US military is like a leach – once it has hold of its prey, it never lets go without a fight to the death….hmmmm…. Let’s see, who has the most to win or lose in a war with Iran?
I would say Iran so it will fight with all its got..and win because the US is overspent financially and militarily, as well as not having a clue as to what a real war is! They are used to just bombing the hell out of defenseless countries and squating there for as long as they want and looting the resources which has been never-ending so far.

Nick Rhynes
Nick Rhynes
8 months ago

trump is butthurt over the flac he rightly received for abandoning one of our bases in Syria to the russians.

The conman carnival barker is very touchy these days as more and more of his graft, incompetence and treachery are exposed.

Not only does the emperor have no clothes, he’s also fat, stupid and ugly.

Tick Tock
Tick Tock
8 months ago

What a clown show the US Government has become. What an embarassment to US Citizens and the Humanity at large. Complete and total #uckups and we have a deep Bench. Its impossible not to laugh and maybe that’s best when the Atomization begins.