Moscow’s Friendly Mayor Dreams of “Genetic Passports” by 2030

If you like UN Agenda 2030, you'll love Moscow 2030!

QR codes are so 2020!

Editor’s note: It’s explicitly a gene passport to facilitate “future gene therapy” —— by 2030.

This way to get Slavsquats as soon as they’re out.

Russians—all of them, except for the yellow-bellies—are excited about being QR cattle-tagged; as a matter of fact, many feared there wouldn’t be enough QR codes to go around, because of huge popular demand and Western sanctions.

But in Moscow, QR codes are already going out of style—everyone is eager for their “genetic passport,” which Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, the Mighty Virus Khan, has promised to deliver to the masses.

It’s all laid out in plain Russian, in Sobyanin’s “Moscow 2030” blueprint for the creation of a UN-inspired Smart City:

Electronic medical records and genetic passports

The widespread introduction of electronic medical records, as well as the creation of “genetic passports,” will determine the degree of genetic predisposition to the development of pathology for each Muscovite, calculate the risks of disease occurrence and optimize protocols for traditional therapy and in the future gene therapy, in order to provide personalized medical services.

Of course, this “genetic passport” will only be used to keep you as fit as a fiddle. There is no possible way to misuse a document that lists your genetic defects.

Wait a second… we’re pretty sure we’ve seen this movie before….

This is 100% about public health. It’s about your health. It’s about how much you love and respect Sergey Sobyanin, who in 2030 will probably be a Cyborg powered by eco-friendly baby tears.

On page 38, we learn about how digital implants will be used to… calculate how much you need to pay for healthcare? Something like that:

Wearable and implanted medical digital devices

Wearable digital medical devices and smart clothing will be further developed, which will support the desire of Muscovites to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent diseases and increase the responsiveness to their occurrence. Wearable devices, sensors and sensors in the clothes of residents will send a signal to UMIAS [Unified Medical Information Analysis System, which already exists] in advance about an alleged deterioration in health or a sudden accident and will call a doctor at home or an ambulance to the scene.

Based on data on the individual’s lifestyle and health received from these devices, insurance companies will calculate the amount of insurance payments.

Also, “cognitive disorders” and other ailments will be treated with “nanobots – devices the size of blood cells, functioning inside the human body.”

Sobyanin has an entire website dedicated to his amazing plans for Moscow. We’ve only skimmed it. Probably there are many other ambitious plans for the future of Moscow. Maybe there is a paragraph tucked away somewhere explaining how Cyborg Sobyanin will create checkpoints around the city to ensure that everyone has received their hourly Sputnik booster.

Remember: all of this is about Public Health. Never forget this!

This is the same government apparatus that for half a decade fabricated mortality rates as part of a “public health” initiative. It was a really great initiative. Everyone became much more healthy, on paper. Eventually the hoax became so blatant and embarrassing that it was physically impossible to cover it up (although Russia’s benevolent public servants certainly tried!).

Guys, chill. The digital implant for calculating your health insurance premium will be extremely anti-NATO. You will feel so morally superior, with your anti-NATO health insurance chip. Think of all those suckers in the West, with their pro-NATO health insurance chip. lol, losers.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

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