Moscow’s Formerly Lockdown Lemming Mayor Lifts Ban on Nightclubs Amid 3000 Daily Test Positives

From Whitmer to semi-DeSantis

Moscow most of the remaining restrictions because 2,000 to 3,000 daily “infections” is suddenly no big deal:

The Russian capital’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, issued an order on Wednesday morning in which he confirmed that restrictions on bars, restaurants, clubs, and bowling alleys would be lifted.

Justifying the decision, Sobyanin said that “the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection continues to improve. During the past week, the number of new infections did not exceed two or three thousand per day. The number of hospitalized people dropped by another thousand.

Two to three thousand isn’t that much less than what Moscow was recording in April (admittedly with a lower testing capacity) when Sobyanin was Russia’s number one lockdown fanatic and was allowed briefly to influence and lead the national policy in the same direction.

Opening nightclubs amid 3,000 daily “cases” is both A) correct, B) far more laissez-faire than rest of Europe, and C) far more laissez-faire than was Russia in the spring.

Without ever admitting it both Sobyanin and Russia have flipped on lockdowns nearly 180 degrees, or as much as they can while still saving face and not having to admit openly the supposedly anti-viral crackdowns were an unforced error to begin with.

  1. padre says

    I wish you would stop using this “positive” stuff, when WHO admitted that it is as reliable as fortune telling!

    1. Field Empty says

      The whole point is that a test positive is not a disease positive

  2. ken says

    They know it’s BS…. going along to help their Western Partners destroy their economies… far, far better than old school wars. Soon Putin might be heard saying “America,,, Take down that wall!”

    The picture reveals over 90% not wearing the mask,,, of course I don’t know the date it was taken,,, but all the same, in dumbs… America it’s over 90% wearing the rag.

    Oh,,, The PCR cannot detect infection. In fact the PCR being used is not even looking for any specific virus. Your pet rock would likely test ‘infected’.

  3. yuri says

    only servers in restaurants and small number of medically vulnerable wear masks in Russia

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