Moscow Goes Full CNN, Conjures Up Phony “Mass Graves” Supposedly From 2014 (Actually 1941)

Just because it's the Russians saying it doesn't mean it's not BS

Victims of 2014 have a place of honor in Donbass, they aren’t (and weren’t) dumped into mass graves, simple as that

Russia is distributing materials on Ukrainian war crimes gathered by Sledkom, its anti-corruption and police-investigating service, to UN Security Council members:

The Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN distributed among the members of the Security Council the materials of the Investigative Committee [Sledkom] and RT about the crimes of the Ukrainian military using prohibited methods of war.

UN yesterday distributed these materials among the member states of the UN Security Council. I ask you to look at these materials and ask you to be prepared that you will see something terrible,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said at a UN Security Council meeting.

What exactly is in these materials? We do not know. We do know that two days ago Sledkom announced it was opening an investigation into 5 unmarked mass graves discovered in Donbass between August and October 2021 containing 295 bodies. Sledkom claims in its announcement that these 295 bodies are of civilians killed by Ukrainian shelling in 2014:

Of these, the remains of at least 295 civilians killed as a result of indiscriminate shelling by Ukrainian armed formations in 2014 were exhumed. It is already known that among the remains there are the bodies of women of different ages.

I sincerely hope these “2014 shelling mass graves” are not in the materials Russia is distributing at the UN because this is absolute bunk. It’s a cynical fairy tale and an obvious, see-through lie.

Take a moment and think about what Sledkom is suggesting here. Sledkom is suggesting that in 2014 hundreds of Donbass civilians were killed by shelling whom their neighbors then proceeded to…dump in unmarked mass graves?

There is zero chance anyone was dumping civilian shelling victims in 2014 into unmarked mass graves, rather than giving them proper burials. Sledkom’s concoction isn’t just an easily dismissed lie, it is a deeply-offensive insult against Donbass.

How exactly do 295 shelling victims disappear into mass graves in 2014, and nobody goes looking for them, and they aren’t found until 2021? (When all of a sudden no fewer than 295 are located across five sites in just three months.)

Didn’t they have any relatives who would be looking for them, and nagging the authorities to look for them, and compiling disappeared-persons lists?

Are the bodies now being matched with missing-persons lists, and are TVs doing reportages on teary relatives finally learning the fates of their missing loved ones? (No they aren’t. Because there aren’t missing-persons lists with hundreds of civilians on them and there never were.)

And who are the people who dug the graves, how come they kept quiet about them all this time, and about the dead in 2014? Why just dump people into mass graves and then never speak a word about it to anyone? Who does that??? Wouldn’t getting help and having a normal funeral been simpler? Who are these strange people who dug up the mass graves?

None of this makes sense, because it is pure unadulterated BS.

The reason five mass graves containing 295 bodies can be found in 2021 despite nobody being missing is that these aren’t graves from 2014.

They are from the 1940s, or even earlier. Most likely 1941 to 1943.

Sledkom photo

In Russia and Ukraine, it is not that uncommon to find unmarked graves, even mass graves. These usually date to World War 2 and are usually of Soviet soldiers, but also civilians and sometimes Germans. There are tens of thousands of Russians involved in societies that look for these graves in order to give the remains a better resting place.

Insinuating these sites have anything to do with 2014 is descending to CNN levels of lying and war propaganda.

In fact, a Western journalist, David Rohde, won himself the Pulitzer Prize, a position with The New York Times, and a George Soros fellowship grant in the 1990s by abusing old bones in a different conflict:

Heading back to his parked car—his Serb driver and an interpreter he left nameless—Rohde said he came upon a pair of white bones that he judged to be a bare human femur

When he gave his congressional testimony, he was emphatic about having discovered “a decomposed human leg” the previous August—about a month after a controversial series of massacres of Muslim civilians and soldiers in and around the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica.

Writing in the Monitor on August 25, 1995, Rohde said he became convinced one of the bones he saw on August 16th was a human femur because he examined “pictures from friends’ medical books and x-rays of my own once-broken femur…” He also said he had looked at bone samples of cows, horses, pigs, bears, dogs, deer, and other animals at the Belgrade University veterinarian school, staring at the femurs and tibias of cows, horses, pigs, bears, dogs, deer, and other animals, and that the bone he saw protruding from the ground earlier was “too thin” for an animal.

His impromptu orthopedic study was conceivably undertaken in case of any future doubts—say, during a congressional hearing—about the unusual bareness of the bone, which presumably was attached to a human buried in haste just one month earlier.

“Great job” then to the Russians for studying up on the macabre Pulitzer-worthy level of propaganda long used by the West. I’m not sure we’re any better off if the Russians are now also reaching into the gutter.

Sledkom — the Russian White Helmets?

From Sledkom

It’s even cringier that Zakharova tries to defend the allegation. But her defense just further illustrates how nonsensical the “2014 unmarked mass graves” concoction is. Zakharova posts a slew of photos featuring memorials to civilian victims of shelling who received a proper burial and whose names were properly recorded. It’s absurd to believe 295 others like them would be dumped in unmarked mass graves and forgotten.

She also posts a picture of three bodies, but whose state of decomposition contrasts greatly with the bones published by Sledkom. How could Sledkom’s bare skulls and Zakharova’s three almost intact bodies both be from the same year?

From Zakharova
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    The west does can Russia. Let’s not be hypocritical with our criticisms.

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    Could it be that the bodies were so mangled bye 152 mm shells or whatever, that they could not be identified and put into a single grave?

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  4. Alberto Nieto says

    Pretty flimsy debunking piece. Some proofs of the allegations (eg “no missing persons reported”) would help take this seriously. As it stands, it is somewhere in the realm of “US never landed on the moon”.

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