Moscow Drops ‘Mandatory’ Glove Rule That Was Universally Ignored & Led to Skin Diseases

Another epidemiological victory for Russia’s most favorite and handsome mayor


“Return to normal life. Canceling the use of gloves,” reads the title of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin’s most recent ‘blog’ post, undoubtedly written by a sexually abused intern chained to a ceiling beam in the basement of Moscow City Hall.

This announcement really shows how much Sobyanin hates reality. Nobody wore his shitty plastic gloves. Ever. Your humble Moscow observer, E. Slavsquat, will swear on his favorite bowl of borscht that encountering a gloved shopper or metro passenger in Moscow was an exceedingly rare occurrence, like finding a 10-leaf clover. This was never not-true. Since the first days of ‘pandemic’ restrictions in March/April 2020, Muscovites diligently ignored this idiotic rule.

We will let Russian state media fill in the details:

According to virologist Yevgeny Timakov, wearing gloves did not affect the spread of COVID-19, and canceling their mandatory use in the summer is even useful. “Due to the lack of gloves, there is no increase in the incidence in any region. Therefore, the abolition of [mandatory] wearing of gloves is not significant at the moment. On the contrary, it is very difficult to wear gloves in the summer,” Timakov told TASS.

In addition, gloves in the summer contribute to the appearance of skin diseases, recalled the doctor of medical sciences, doctor-immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov.

“Dermatologists will have less work, because gloves are bad in such heat. The alternative was sprays, gels, various liquid preparations in sanitizers, which are much more effective, better and comfortable for people. But people should generally give up this habit, leaving the metro, for example, wiping their hands with napkins. This is effective not only in relation to coronavirus, but also in relation to many other diseases, “Zhemchugov emphasized.

Sobyanin is such a hilarious failure and scam artist. Please, send this mongoloid back to the Far East where he belongs.

Edward Slavsquat is Romanov blue-blood who is first in line to assume the Russian Monarchy but has been deprived of his birthright by the 300 IQ Einsteins illegally occupying the Kremlin and various Russian palaces that actually belong to Slavsquat.

  1. Steve Kastl says

    He sounds a bit like the NYC mayor with his idiotic proclamations.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    Surprised at the tolerance the Russian people have toward that Sobaka !

    1. GMC says

      It’s Moscow, and it’s like any other overpopulated city in the world – it has bought off politicians, Mafia Zionists and uni-capitalistic globalists making trouble and these F Up policies.

  3. Dattatreya says

    Just use a small sprayer with water and 3 to 4 drops of some herbal soap , and use your left hand to touch dirty things , and your right hand for cleaner things ( like your sprayer !!! )

    End of story …

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