Moscow Decrees Vaccine Passports

Cafes and restaurants now only for the 15% who have been injected

Sobyanin decrees that from next week only a small minority of Muscovites can enter the property of other Muscovites who run cafes and restaurants:

From June 28, 2021, only visitors who have protection against the disease will be able to visit public catering establishments:

  • vaccinated;
  • have had COVID-19 in the last 6 months;
  • or have a negative PCR test valid for 3 days.

This despite the fact tests claiming an infection already peaked on June 19th and have already fallen considerably since then from 9500 to 6500 per day entirely without the new segregation.

Sobyanin keeps repeating that 14,000 virus-positive people are in hospital which sounds like a high number until you consider that Moscow has 12 million people. One thing he does not say is how many people are there in hospitals altogether, with COVID and without. And how that number compares to the number of hospitalizations at other times. Quite possibly in the aggregate hospitals are more empty than ever as was the case in the West during the scaredemic.

So let’s recap. if you’re unvaccinated in Moscow that means no hospital treatment for you (except ER and scheduled treatment for cancer and blood disese patients) and now no lunch, coffee, or beer. And if you work in the public sector or the service industry you have to get injected or your job is in jeopardy.

But interesting to see just how ill-thought-out and self-defeating Sobyanin decrees are.

How are service sector businesses supposed to entice their workers to get vaccinated and fuel his mandatory vax drive if Sobyanin is killing their businesses anyway? With what money, and what for? They’re going to pay out vaccination bonuses so they can remain open to cater to the 15% who got injected? Might as well close now.

  1. SteveK9 says

    Sobyanin is competing with Bill DeBlasio for most stupid/dictatorial Mayor in the World. Sad that Putin doesn’t just put a stop to this.

    1. Peter Loch says

      Putin will have approved this, just like Trump approved the shut downs in the USA to destroy small buisness. Tyrants like surveillance and COVID apps are surveillance.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Ding ding ding ding ding!
        We have a winner!

  2. GMC says

    Would be interesting to know how many people infected today , has already been Sputniked. And the same in India, USA, Britain, with regards to the mRNA injections. The SOP is screw the people – not go after the people and places that keep making the virus and spreading it. Very Cowardly.

  3. edwardi says

    Perhaps this mayor is trying to lose the coming elections for Putin’s party, this draconian decree is not going to fly with the public. Perhaps the Sputnik vaccine is more benign than the incredibly malicious and harmful US vaccines that highjack the normal immune system and cause the body to self manufacture the Spike protein that is hemorrhaging through those afflicted by this euthanizing devious death trap, but it is also unnecessary and the wrong way to go in reacting to the virus. By now it is obvious that there are very effective prophylactic measures better than these vaccines to protect the public, such as repurposed existing drugs and especially proven effective is Ivermectin, which has been proven over and over again. Look at any country or region that has implemented Ivermectin as a basic strategy and look at the numbers. In those regions of India successfully using Ivermectin to control so called infections the Govt. is passing out preventative home use kits with Ivermectin, something I myself would like to have in my medicine cabinet as an insurance if needed. People everywhere should be encouraged to self monitor symptoms and at first sign of any trouble to present to doctor or hospital and start on Ivermectin ( there are also several other proven effective treatments including but not limited to hydroxychloroquine ), which are effective to prevent infection in the first place, and to treat it in the event of. People in general eat uninformed ( to avoid the word stupid ) diets composed of many foods that predispose them to illnesses of many sorts, especially in Western countries that market via inbred Capitalism so called “processed” foods. But beyond that it is incredible that in this day and age most people do not understand the self harm of eating Lectins in foods, and how they damage the gut wall causing Leaky Gut leading to many harms. Suggested reading is The Plant Paradox or The Longevity Paradox, both by Dr. Steven Gundry.

  4. Peter Loch says

    This is coming to all of us in November/December, there will be a massive fake outbreak of ‘cases’ and we will be told get inject or be locked down for life. This is not finished yet, peoples cowardices & compliance has embolden the CIA to think the unthinkable, a CIA world control app, fronted by google/apple in now on ye cards.

  5. Dale says

    Where is Putin in all this ? Is Sobyanin the only dictator in Russia ?

    1. Peter Loch says

      He is agreeing with Sobyanin, that is where he is. You think Russia is a functioning democracy?

      1. Dale says

        Up until recently, it was acting as a redoubt against Covid hysteria. So, in a sense, more functionally Democratic than the West.

  6. Dale says

    I am confused though. I have a Russian friend who steadfastly maintains none of this is true. That life in Moscow is entirely back to normal with few if any restrictions.

    1. nonamed says

      Same here, i am ethnically half Russian with Russian citizenship, have not heard about mandatory vaccinations or e-passports, and i have seen videos online somewhere like a month ago, how all places are open, people drink, play music and dance in big groups inside restaurant/bar, etc. Almost nobody wearing masks.

  7. ken says

    This is probably for Western fear freaks. The numbers don’t make sense. 14,000 virus ‘positive’ ,,, vs infected in hospitals. 0.116% of the population. That should be easily verified but never is. Of course we all know- or should know- the PCR could find Elvis if the cycle count is high enough.

    No,,,Something is not right about any of this.

  8. Jerry Hood says

    Rus.Putin is Halacha jews slave…Russians needs get rid of him and install in Kremlin a true Russian patriot= Varyag( Viking descendant)! Rus.Putin is globalist asshole..

  9. Jerry Hood says

    For this cowardice, the yids will reward Russia, re- installing her into G8= globalist masonic group!!! No symoathy for Russia anymore! Jew controlled SLAVE country!!!

  10. Voz 0db says

    Nothing like a bilateral meeting between two scoundrels and jesters to fine tune the tools the SRF & Billionaires want to be deployed…

  11. Andrew Ho says

    There are 3 options. Why did the author focus on the first one only and ignore the other two? Even his headline showed the bias.

    To elaborate further, let’s look at the third option: a negative PCR test in the last 3 days. What does it mean? It means the government is encouraging its citizens to get tested as frequently as possible. It’s still very restrictive – forcing people to get tested maybe every week – but it’s a valid option for people who do not want the vaccine.

    Read the whole article before jumping to conclusions people.

    1. Dale says

      Well, of course Covid is a hoax. I’m just disappointed that Russia is buying into it just as much of the world is coming out of it.

  12. Raptar Driver says

    Where is Yuri Mcflurry?
    That spook should be all over this.
    I guess he went on a vodka and Krocodile binge.

  13. Raptar Driver says

    The Putin administration is a major part of the world government and this is a glimpse.
    Any who would still deny out there?
    I would tell you to get your head checked but that would probably create more problems for you.

  14. Juan says

    The old russian myth about the evil local boyard (Idiot Mayor) vs the good tsar (Putin)

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