More Sanctions on Russians for Refusing to Say If They Have Stopped Beating Their Wives

America asked Russia to please promise to stop poisoning people for the love of God and Kremlin wouldn't even do that

The White House has announced that President Trump has imposed a new round of sanctions against Russia on Friday. The sanctions are nominally about the March 2018 Skripal poisoning in Britain, which the US has already issued sanctions over.

According to spokesman Hogan Gidley, the new sanctions are being imposed because of the last round of sanctions. In the previous sanctions the US demanded Russia offer them assurances that they’d stop poisoning people. 

Russia never made any such assurances, since they denied poisoning Skripal in the first place. But not admitting guilt and offering the US promises, the US felt the need to impose another round of sanctions, which are probably going to set the stage for more future sanctions for the same reason.

Officials claim Russia is “required” to offer the US assurances about poisonings under US law, and the White House insists these new sanctions prove that President Trump is harder on Russia than anyone else has ever been at any time.


  1. All_has_An _END_. says

    One word comes to mind : HUBRIS
    The US should look no further than at itself and ban fast food, all the preservatives and the junk etc ….

  2. Mary E says

    Say what?? They wouldn’t promise not to do what they didn’t do in the first place?
    Your ignorance is showing Washington…why don’t you call a spade a spade and just admit that you really really want to get into some kind of military tussle with Russia!?
    Russia is on the Belt and Road to economic security for their people and for their country…they have no time to trade jibes with the fools in Washington…they have much better things to do…..

  3. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Is there anyone in the US government that is not clinically certifiable, or manages to possess an IQ above 20. Not on the entire planet, if you searched high and low, could you gather together such a conglomeration of imbeciles Closeted in their little ivory towers, they’re oblivious to the real world, to the loathing and detestation felt for America and its insane policies, to the drive to de-dollarise the world, to the determination and resolve to end forever America’s dream of world domination. Wake up time is coming and I pity the average brainwashed American, completely unaware of the calamitous future !

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      “Indeed” to that last sentence, but I fear for many reasons there is little hope.

      Below is a good example of how twisted men with power can make things.

      In this case, Brazil:

    2. Vish says

      America’s lust for world domination is part of its sick cultural and political identity–it is an America national religion, though hidden and concealed behind Orwellian NewSpeak rationalizations about “defending liberty, democracy, or human rights.”

      This American drive for conquest and subjugation of others is as American than apple pie.

      This US national ideology used to be called Manifest Destiny, which was deployed to justify America’s theft and occupation of Native Indian or Mexican lands.

      Today, it is called a “rules-based” (American) world order or simply “freedom and democracy,” which are fake US values that are deployed to justify America’s totalitarian New World Order over the entire planet.

      This is a vision for an American international dictatorship in everything but name.

      America’s Hegemonic Ambitions: The US “International Dictatorship”, Its Friends, Its Enemies

    3. stevek9 says

      The end of the American Empire is not calamitous … for 99% of Americans. I wish to God it was gone now. America does not need an empire. The Russians finally got some sense, and I wish we would as well. Everything would be better.

    4. Mary E says

      I think all the American people need to read your missive!!! It is important to be aware for sure….and the people running the US government in Washington are just delusional, violent minded evil people without conscience or wisdom, let alone just plain old common sense and education…the poor American educational system really shines with these people!

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    if the u.s. complied with such a directive, (ie stop poisoning people) the supermarket shelves would be empty and the murikans would all be on the way to becoming healthier. lol

    1. pooi-hoong chan says

      True, Amerikka has been poisoning its people and the world with glyphosate, teflon and GMOs.

    2. Mary E says

      And what about the mass killings (like ElPaso and Dayton) in the US…maybe the rest of the world should sanction the US for bringing that kind of violence to its country from their battlefields in other countries..when will the powers of the US please stop this trump nonsense of violence against immigrants – and its own people?! The US seems to only know one way to reply to anything its leaders don’t like: violence and murder and war! They know nothing else, literally..

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        ” violence and murder and war!”
        it’s inherited.
        first the native americans
        second the african americans
        third each other.
        the “powers of the u.s.” are in total agreement with what is happening.
        they have been doing it long before D.T. came into office.
        a good place to start would be the 1st war between the settlers and the original inhabitants of the land.

    3. thomas malthaus says

      We can’t have that, can we. I’m obliged to be grateful the printing press has been running non-stop since 1971.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        no worries, never happen, too far gone lol

  5. John C Carleton says

    I know how they feel!

    I have repeatably called on the USA/Washington DC. political prostitutes to stop raping, murdering and eating babies!

    They just keep going after the children!

    Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings, USA/WASHINGTON DC!

  6. Mary E says

    That whole Skripal poisoning fiasco was a hoax perpetrated by the UK and the US to make Russia look like it had gone rogue- we all know that!-…imagine poisoning an unimportant ex spy and using something Russian to do it! Preposterous is the only acceptable word I can think of to describe those lies.
    So sanction away, US…just keep needling Russians, Iranians and Chinese ….you will get your comeuppance very soon and it will be a dark day in Washington when it happens!!
    And regarding other rogue actions being taken by the US…a naval blockage of Venezuela will not work! Russia and China have some interest there and won’t let an uninvited interloper do further harm to that country! Your reputation precedes you, Washington!

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