Moon of Communism, Famous Early COVID Maoist, Penned Just Two Lockdown(-ish) Articles in Entire 2021

Why when Covid and Covid-attributed deaths are as present as ever?

Moon “Lockdowns Are Not Enough” Alabama

If you point your browser at World Socialist Web Site you will gaze upon a site that has been consistently and tirelessly calling for Draconian Covid lockdowns for nearly two years now. Right now their top headline reads “The global pandemic and World War I: The ruling class decides for death“. They run something like it every few days.

They started calling for urgent, more and harsher lockdowns in 2020 — and since the Covid situation hasn’t changed dramatically since — they never stopped. 2021 saw as many Covid-attributed deaths as 2020 so everything that applied to 2020 must also apply to 2021.

The basic premise of the World Socialist Web Site is that we could be saving more lives with longer and deeper lockdowns but that the ruling capitalist class is “prioritizing profits over lives”. I think they are wrong, but I respect their consistency. Their logical consistency in remaining as zealous as they were on the first day — since data remains unchanged — forces me to appreciate that they are sincere. They are doing what they believe in and they will keep doing it — with the same intensity — for as long as they believe in it. Should they ever stop they will have an explicit reason and explanation for it.

Let’s compare that to their fellow leftist, Moon of Alabama (Bernhard). In March-April-May 2020 you couldn’t find a more active, more zealous, or more radical proponent of lockdowns in the entire alt-media. He famously argued that Western European governments should grab Covid-positive children from their parents and house them in quarantine centers. (He called it “breaking the family chain.”) Equally famously the proponent of the “Lockdown Is Not Enough” approach argued that even with the post-March-23 lockdown the UK would only have enough intensive-care beds for just a fraction of those who needed them:

Even with a shutdown the situation for Britain’s National Health Service is likely to become catastrophic. The red line in the graphic below is the actual critical case capacity the NHS has. There are some 10 critical care beds per 100.000 people. All prediction variants show that it will be exceed several times. Johnson’s ‘do nothing’ strategy would have required 180 critical care beds per 100,000 people.  Even with all measures that will now be taken there will likely be a need for several [times] more critical care beds for each one that currently exists.

“You may live” and “you must die” decisions will have to be made as there is not enough capacity in place.

In the event, British hospitals languished at overall occupancies as low as 60% and overall intensive-care units occupancy didn’t even hit 80% — substantially less than in normal times. None of this shook Moon of Communism or his beliefs. He certainly offered no explanation as to why Belarus never saw its ICUs swamped by ten times as many people as they could handle.

So then what is MoC up to these days? Certainly just like the World Socialist Web Site he has never stopped tirelessly advocating for more, deeper, and urgent lockdowns, right?

Since COVID and COVID deaths remain just as present as they were in those early days what else could he be doing?

Since he was such a radical in the early days and never repudiated that radicalism, he really doesn’t have a choice, does he?

If lockdown zealotry was so urgently needed in early 2020, then it is no less needed in late 2021 as the northern hemisphere starts to enter another virus season. (With mRNA treatments that do not affect transmission and only partly protect against virus-associated death.)

So with how many COVID-related articles has this old anti-Covid fighter blessed the world with in 2021?


Just two Covid-related article from this anti-Covid crusader in entire 2021 in which a few million people are said to have been killed by this virus.

Even those two weren’t as Maoist as his earlier work. In distant February Mao of Alabama warned that a terrible “third wave” that would go against seasonality and would hit “ten times the infection numbers of the second wave” was already starting, but also acknowledged that many people were done and over with the forever virus war. 

There is a growing share of the population that ignores lockdown and mask mandates. These are not all Covidiots. The people have just had enough of it.

He predicted that the average age of death in this “third wave” would drop drastically:

There will no longer be grandpas or grandmas of age dying from Covid-19 but mothers or fathers in the best years of their lives. The sum of years of life lost (YLL) during the third wave will therefore likely exceed the sum of the second wave.”

He claimed that his hope was that he was wrong, but then never revisited his dire predictions to examine if they had been right or wrong. (Was there a massive wave from February to Summer? Did the average age of death see a dramatic drop? You tell me.)

Then this September Mao of Alabama told his readers they should get vaccinated but didn’t need a booster. (He believes mRNA gives robust T-cell immunity.) He felt forced to do so after “a number of misleading comments about Covid-19” from his readers:

There were again a number of misleading comments about Covid-19 in yesterday’s open thread. I have deleted a dozen or so of those.

Defying health authorities and The Science to tell readers to skip the booster, and acknowledging that his lockdown fanaticism is increasingly unpopular with the masses — these are no small feats for this Virus Maoist. In April 2020 his message was rather less ambiguous:

Shut everything down that can be shut down. Increase social distance as much as possible. Avoid all live social contacts wherever possible. Do it NOW!

Not shutting everything down guarantees that our health care systems will get overwhelmed.

But the major difference isn’t the slight change in tone, but that alt-media’s onetime foremost Virus Mao essentially no longer ever covers COVID or advocates for anti-COVID measures.


He himself in February predicted a truly horrendous “third wave” was on the way. So why didn’t he spend his March, April and May 2021 the exact same way he had spent his March, April and May 2020 — frantically urging Draconian anti-virus measures week-in-week-out?

This is what the World Socialist Web Site has done. Since the virus situation in 2021 wasn’t substantially different from the one in 2020 they never stopped fighting the good fight. Why has Moon of Mao?

I think his readers deserve an explanation. I think the people who were subject to Draconian lockdowns in the spring of 2020 against their will — thanks in part due to thousands of internet fanatics like Comrade Moon — likewise deserve an explanation.

Why is Mao now AWOL from the fight? Is it because we now know so much more than we did in March 2020? If so then he needs to speak up about that. Is it because his personal intuitive understanding of the magnitude of the threat has changed? If so then he needs to speak up about that. Or if nothing is changed, then he needs to explain why he is no longer fighting the life-saving fight he was fighting before.

Why precisely was the same threat worth so much ink in the Spring of 2020, but has been barely worth a mention in the entire 2021?

The one thing he can not claim is that he is no longer in the fight because he is no longer needed. The lockdown ideology was never more ascendant than in March-April 2020 and it is precisely then that he was piling on. Back when billions of human beings were in forced lockdown and there was barely any opposition to it he was expending ink on Covid by the barrel. Yet as “anti-virus” measures have gradually become less and less appetizing, when they are in greater need of talented advocates and defenders than ever, Mao is nowhere to be found.

Is Moon really going to let his erstwhile co-belligerents fight the cause of Covid fanaticism all by their lonesome?

PS.: On this site, you can post all the “misleading comments about Covid-19” you want. I don’t delete stuff just because it rubs me the wrong way. (And I’m certainly not going to delete your stuff then write a full-post reply to have the last word.)

The only comment rules are: Don’t impersonate another commenter.

And: Try not to name-call each other too much. Namecalling is for those who cower and refuse to engage, but if someone is in the comment section that speaks to at least some willingness to debate. Try to insult their comment more than the person. Instead of calling the person stupid say “This is the stupidest crap I ever read.” It feels just as good, gets essentially the same thing across, but still exudes some courtesy for the fellow flame war duelist.

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    I used to go the wsws to read the leftie left to gauge temperature – I still like leftie economic ideas to some extent, if not the (a)moral ones.

    But they are so bad now I actually got bothered enough to write them a long letter with links to data and so on, being fairly blunt about the insanity of the cult they were living in.

    No reply sadly, but what should I have expected?

    .My favourite is still the close down the schools campaign – socialists (who were never bad at teaching their masses, even if with glugs of indoctrination here and there) screaming to make kids dumb again, for effectively a thing that doesn’t affect the kids. And they managed to find a dumb enough parent or three to go along with the scheme.

    I’d call them psychos but I think they don’t have enough synapses firing to get such a haughty label.

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting look at how one nation is coercing its citizens into getting vaccinated for COVID-19:

    Any excuse to cut health care spending will be perfectly acceptable to the power-drunk sociopaths running the governments of many nations.

    1. ken says

      A New York pol, Pat Burke has just introduced a bill that would allow the insurance companies to deny coverage for covid related treatments.

    2. winston says

      they should just give $200 to everyone who gets vaxxed, take up would blossom, nothing people covet more than cash, especially in the US. It would work out cheaper in the long run, pointless appealing to ‘community’ and empathy when those two things are long dead in the West, sacrificed on the alter of neoliberal zombie banker debt slavery, envy and greed. Anti empire should move on and get back to its old model of differing news, I realise the anti vax economic model has proved a boon but seriously coming here these days is like reading the output of an insane asylum complete with fervent drool. soon all the anti vaxxers will be dead from mutations, half the vaxxed will be dead from effects of vaxxine and nobody wins because we’ll all be living in a state of marshall law. put the blame where it belongs with clueless politicians, greedy pharma, a supine MSM and a dumb public, all the enemy for years.

  3. ken says

    How can one trust the data when the data are completely controlled by the government and/or its agencies?

    How can one trust the data when just about everyone, doctors, hospitals, politicians are paid off big time by governments and/or their agencies?

    How can you trust the data when governments and corporations are banning, firing world renowned doctors and scientists for not agreeing with the government narrative?

    How can one trust government when it is coercing people, especially children to get an “experimental” jab when the supposed disease itself poses less danger than the jab?

    How can one trust governments when most are going full on fascist totalitarian? Australia chasing Aboriginals down and stabbing them with a needle or sticking them in camps. Canada did the same with its indigenous.

    Maybe all can be justified if people were dropping dead in the streets but the only people dropping dead are those that took the jab.

    I was banned from MOA because I was calling ‘b’ out on his not only socialist but completely wild views and his banning of folks with different albeit good logical posts. The guy truly went off the reservation. MOA used to be my first website in the AM.

    So far on this site no outright banning,,, but RT like,,, have recently got “waiting on approval” several times for undisclosed reasons. Zerohedge another site I was banned and given no apparent reason. One day posting, next day banned. Probably pissed off a Tyler. Now ZH wants you to get their paid premium to not be censored. Too funny!

    1. Field Empty says

      Since I’ve started adding phrases, IPs, and links from the spambot messages into the spam filter a huge number of legit messages are also being automatically held back by WordPress. Not just yours but everyone’s, some days it seems 20-30% of comments get held back despite being completely innocent and not including anything from the filter. It’s very frustrating actually as there’s no reason that I can see as to why that should be happening. 

      I’ll experiment with clearing the spam filter entirely and getting an anti-spam plugin instead and see how that works. But Akismet which is the biggest isn’t free, and the Antispam Bee which is the 2nd biggest isn’t compatible with wpDiscuz, but I’ve found one that looks promising and that I’ll be trying out soon:

      1. ken says

        I have programmed for over 30 years. Every time I would correct an error five more would pop up many times more egregious than the original.

        The thing with digital is it is not self aware. It cannot not ‘think’, has no cognitive ability. There is no intelligence in digital,,, artificial or otherwise.
        It has no concept of topic. For example “I saw a bear” vs “I can’t bear it” vs “I have a right to bear arms” Digital hasn’t a clue. That is why it will never replace us. A five year old human has more “intelligence” than any super computer.

        You have a good site,,, has great potential. Good luck on keeping the spammers out.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      Those Bulgarians are easily annoyed.

  4. edwardi says

    Fascinating, great article, really helps put MOA into a perspective I have been wondering about, how about take another look @ The Saker, as I remember he seems to be of similar opinions to MOA. , and both are in my opinion always interesting to read when they stick to geo politics, war machines and the etc., and The Saker runs a particularly interesting site. But their opinions on the Vax and related issues have always rubbed me wrong, chaffed. If anything the Lockdowns have demonstrated clearly that lockdowns don’t work, or work negatively in numerous ways of unintended other consequences far worse than the % probability of contracting the alleged Virus. In reality these ‘waves’ of infection seem much closer to the seasonal flu pattern, which coincidentally no longer occurs, or the two or conflated to the point of who the F knows ? Seriously Lacking is co-related emphasis on Prevention and early Treatment, advice to bone up on what is now out in a single capsule called the Zelenski protocol, my neighbor just flashed a bottle of that at me recently, which is exactly the same advice people like Dr. Mercola was giving in the first few months of our travails, Get your Vitamin D levels up where they belong, dose up big if you need to, along with K2, Zinc and Quercitin, now all in the Z cap. But also some mentions of the effectiveness in many different nations now of early treatment of any symptoms with Ivermectin. Where are all the take home Ivermectin included protocol kits. A facebook friend of mine, a native to Kerbala India, months ago informed me when asking that he had had Covid, was promptly issued a take home kit with Ivermectin and recovered on the 2nd day. So one of the poorest regions in the world has better medical care and advice than found anywhere in the ‘new’ World ? Better than Russia even. What prevention advice is being given in Russia ? I am a huge fan of Putin and Russia, but what the F is going on there with Vladamir ? Are they advocating early treatment of any symptom and early detection and reporting. The darn, excuse my language, alternative treatments with repurposed drugs are proven nearly 100% safe over the past 50 years, so why are they being forbidden ? something very dark going on there, but why would Vladimir not be catching on to it ? China has, they were attacked first, early on went right to a very effective treatment, if hospitalized, which included foremost intravenous Vitamin C. For more on the myriad effective uses of Vitamin C I suggest a book by Dr. Thomas Levy on subject. Responsible and intelligent MD’s do exist, but these 3 letter or more, LOL, captured regulatory agencies are handcuffing them as they go about their Killing us for Profit agenda. At lease the people of the world should have gotten a vote on the de population agenda, perhaps a sincere look at the problems and etc., and then the option to self administer a poison pill, to suicide us voluntarily, but this outright criminal Murder Inc., has got to be flushed out and Prosecuted.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Saker is CIA.

      1. winston says

        so is my milkman, nano bots in the semi skimmed, they’re everywhere.

        1. Raptar Driver says

          I miss the milkman.

      2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

        Maybe not CIA, but a self satisfied moron who can’t stand dissent. At least he isn’t covfefevirus obsessed like Marjanovic.

    2. winston says

      naked capitalism is where you want to be, theyve been on the button with covid and have plenty of people in the comments who work in the field and on mutations research, lots of links to data and modelling etc. this new strain looks like something seperate, might as well be covidSars3. killing plenty of younger people but numbers are thin on the ground as of yet, complicated because in SA there is a high AIDS population so it appears pretty lethal on the immuno compromised, the question is will it be resilient or burn itself out as it spreads to ‘healthier’ countries. current vaxes will be useless against it.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        There is no proof that viruses cause disease.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    The neat thing about this fake pandemic… now it is easy to delineate the sane from the insane.

    1. winston says

      If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.

      Its the same with insane asylums.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Up is down left is right?I
        Keep repeating the same thing expecting a different result?

  6. GMC says

    Totally agree, when Moon said he was deleting comments that he deemed too radical about m RNA jabs, I thought he must be talking to the Duff’s over at ” Veterans” Today, who are cheer leaders for the poison that has left my brother pretty F up.I’ll leave you with this list of different plagues that the WHO, Gates, and WEF had planned for us – yes that new virus “Out of Africa – Omicron” is one the list, an early X Christmas present.

    1. Maiasta says

      Try fulvic acid or humic acid for your brother, in combination with n-acetylcysteine and proteolytic enzymes.

      Since the release of Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid‘s full report, we know with absolute certainty that most of these shots contain graphene oxide, a substance that is highly toxic inside the body and that is likely to be the prime causative agent of the cytokine storms and the heart aliments of myocarditis, pericarditis, etc. The body can get rid of it, but it needs help. And that is where fulvic acid and n-acetylcysteine come into the picture:

      Master Detox Agent for Graphene Oxide

      1. GMC says

        Thanks M but he already is trying to recover from a double bi pass and a new heart valve. He took Moderna. We have no heart problems in our family, as far back as I know so – ya, I’ll blame Moderna since he #1 he was stupid enough to take it and #2 Moderna has been kicked out of Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland etc. for exactly that reason – its a Heart Grenade. lol Our ancestry is Swedish too – lol

        1. Maiasta says

          I hope he recovers. Maybe deep cell detoxification is best left to a later date. What he certainly can do in the meantime though is take magnesium chloride (the most polyvalent form of Mg), as this is the primary natural heart medication, and has been shown to improve post-surgical outcomes consistently. It also acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent too, which, as you know, is going to be important in his condition.

          1. GMC says

            Thanks M – I will surely relate the use of Mg, as his pain and inflammation is depressing. You must have worked in a Hospital !?Thanks again.

            1. Maiasta says

              You’re welcome. I’ve worked in clinics. I’m an acupuncturist & nutritional therapist.

      2. GMC says

        I’ve read Dr. Campra’s work on the contaminants that he has found in the m RNA gene therapy solutions – disgusting.

  7. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    Perhaps because unlike you, Bernhard actually has both integrity and standards and wants to keep his site an anti imperialist site instead of a covfefevirus obsessed sewer pit which calls Bolsonaro a hero? You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but you don’t have that much self awareness.

    1. Field Empty says

      You ought to lay out your case against me in a longer text like I did for Moon of Maoism and I’ll be happy to read it and respond to it when I see what your full case is and where you are coming from and what your laid out position is. I would love it if you did that.

      1. Field Empty says

        If you want I’ll run it here on AE. Then I’ll run my reply, and if you have a decent length-size reply to that I’ll run that too.

        1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says


          Let us take as accepted that the whole Covid-19 “phenomenon” is a wildly inflated, deliberately hyped gimmick that exists more in the media and among politicians than in real life, and whose purposes are:

          1. To make profits for pharmaceutical companies.
          2. To try and stem the rise of China.
          3. To crush dissent and control people’s lives, and, very importantly
          4. To distract attention from the crimes of the imperialists whom “anti”empire (hahahahahaha) still pretends it is opposing.

          Whether Covid-19 is actually dangerous or not, we can state with confidence that the whole thing has been massively and deliberately turned into a weapon to subjugate people and divide opposition, right? You and I agree on that, I take it?

          So please tell me why “anti”empire is fully and unreservedly letting itself be made use of in the distract attention and divide opposition campaign?

          You claim to be an anti imperialist site. Yet looking at your homepage just a couple of weeks ago, 12 of the top 13 articles were about Covid-19 (or covfefevirus as my girlfriend and I dubbed it). The 13th was about, if memory serves, Susan Rice or some other person.

          Yet at the very same time:

          1. American supported TPLF and Oromo secessionist rebels were (and still are) advancing towards Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and America supports them against the legitimate Abiy Ahmed government;

          2. The Houthis were closing in on Ma’arib and had forced the invading Saudi Barbarian headchopper regime to abandon a key port;

          3. America claimed Russia was “about to invade Ukraine”, something even the Ukranazi coup regime denied before suddenly changing track;

          4. The Modi regime in India was compelled to withdraw agricultural laws that had elicited massive farmers protests and meanwhile created fresh border confrontations with China;

          5. Russia gave permission to the zionist entity to bomb Syria at will without Russian intervention;

          6. The Iranians foiled the American Navy’s attempt to hijack a tanker of Iranian oil;

          7. The propaganda kept claiming China would invade the Taiwanese rump regime;

          8. The Taliban and Iranian border guards fought a pitched battle.

          (And these are just what I remember.)

          Yet not one person perusing this “anti imperialist” site would know anything about that, because you only choose to babble about covfefevirus.

          That is apart from your dubbing Jair Bolsonaro a “hero”. Apparently to this “anti imperialist” site, this man can lock up his opponents, destroy the Amazon, pack the judiciary with his stooges, join the imperialist crusade against the legitimate government of Venezuela, and all that does not matter to you because he makes noises about not enforcing vaccines. You even claimed “it must be nice to have a president who’s not a fascist” about Bolsonaro, who’s a literal fascist. And that’s from your “anti imperialist” site, which also had Lukashenko pegged as a “hero” before he switched to supporting lockdowns and vaccines. That he saw off a major colour revolution attempt and his convoluted relationship with Putin isn’t apparently a factor either way.

          Also, your calling people “covid nazis”, “covid maoists”, and so on its just illiterate and pathetic. Especially when you direct it at people who are actually reporting about imperialist crimes, like Bernhard.

          So this is what I am charging you with:

          1. Deliberately cramming your site to the brim with covfefevirus claptrap (while the likes of Moon Of Alabama also occasionally go into their version of the claptrap at least they don’t talk about it to the exception of everything else).

          2. Failure to report on actual imperialist crimes.

          3. Lionising CIA stooge criminals like Bolsonaro based entirely on what they say about covfefevirus.

          4. Smearing actual anti imperialist sites that continue to be anti imperialist instead of descending into being covfefevirus sewer pits obsessing about it to the exception of all else.

          There, that’s my response.

          1. Field Empty says

            Thanks, I appreciate that.

            Seems we hit publish at about the same time:

            I have some other things on my plate right now but I’ll get back to you.

            In the mean time, do you want me to run this comment as an article?

            1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

              As I said elsewhere, yes, you can.

              Testing to see if my email is still “invalid” here as it suddenly and mysteriously became.

            2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

              Apparently working now.

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