Milley: US ‘Absolutely’ Could Defend Taiwan From China

Easy peasy

The U.S. military “absolutely” could defend Taiwan from a potential Chinese attack if asked to do so, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said Wednesday.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, Milley said he did not expect China to attempt to seize the self-governing island in the next 24 months, but should it happen, U.S. forces “absolutely have the capability” to defend Taipei, “no question about that.”

He also allowed that Beijing is “clearly and unambiguously building the capability to provide those options to the national leadership if they so choose at some point in the future.”

“Near future, probably not, but anything can happen,” he added in an interview conducted by NBC News’s Lester Holt.

Milley on Wednesday stressed the long-held U.S. stance of “strategic ambiguity” when it comes to Taiwan, saying that it would be up to the White House to decide whether to intervene if China sought control of the island.

The Pentagon’s top officer also touched on the recent Chinese hypersonic missile test over the summer, saying that it points to one of the most significant global power shifts since the World Wars.

Milley, who last week said the missile development is “very close” to another “Sputnik moment,” said the world is now “witnessing one of the largest shifts in global geo-strategic power.”

Source: The Hill

So according to himself, Milley was frantically working to stop Trump’s war with China the US was going to win easily anyway? 
  1. guest says

    In 1960 South Vietnam was an independent country, not intending to become communist. Not to worry, the U.S. rushed to the aid of South Vietnam. Ten years of war later, South Vietnam ceased to exist and the territory became part of communist Vietnam.

    In 1939 Poland was an independent country, not intending to become communist. In fact, a few years earlier Poland defeated the advancing Red Army. (UK & US never fought against the Red Army) Five years of war later, Poland became part of the communist Soviet empire.

    The best thing the people of Taiwan can do for themselves is to chase away every american from their island and either slug it out with the CPC, as their ancestors did, or negotiate an arrangement. If they allow the U.S. to help them, for sure, they will become communist, following a devastating war.

  2. rapter driver says

    I can protect my arkansas trailer from another toothless hillbilly if he is on crack

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Suck my dick Yurinator.
      What childish tactics you use.

  3. Steve Ginn says

    The Yanks will be blown out of the water if they go anywhere near Taiwan! And Taiwan will be the losers if they allow the Yanks any where near them!

  4. GMC says

    This is all a scam, just like the Russian vs American one is. It s all a show because there is a huge World Agenda going on and that supercedes everything else. Russia, China, Iran and many others know that the mRNA ” vax” is a killer and will harm children, yet they say Nothing. COVID United is just the beginning of a World Order end game scenario that is the beginning stages and all the Super Powers and their allixs/axis is in on it.
    My 2 rubles says that there is a huge cosmic or similar event headed this way and we are at the 1st stage of depopulating because there won t be enough habital space left on the planet, so those who make it through the catastrophe, will be lucky but enslaved easily by the N W O. My conspiracy theory folks lol its as good as the next one.

    1. Helga Weber says

      There was a lot of talk of war in the Ukraine, but when Putin deployed 100.000 troops along the russian boarder, suddenly all the talk stopped, at least for a while

      1. GMC says

        Ya, I watched the tanks roll by on the trains coming from Russia into Crimea. And anything on the Black Sea that isn t Russian, could be at the bottom in an hour, but they won t go after those Bio Weapons Labs in Ukraine, so……..

  5. silver9blue says

    China’s delay seems obviously about TSMC whom they relay on heavily as does the US. The US wants a TSMC on its soil in Arizona and is starting to insist all chip companies hand over data to them.

  6. Voz 0db says

    That fat useless american terrorist can’t even defend his own organism much less an island near China mainland!

  7. Eric the Red says

    Gen.Mark Milley is another political bench-warmer in charge of of homo hordes, tranny troops, and woke warriors. His winning strategy is to have the Chinese laugh themselves to death.

  8. Jasonovich says

    This is just vapour from a mad dog, whose only virtue in life is to blight the rest of the planet.
    The most likely outcome, there will be no United States of America once Texas (and others follow) secedes from the union. 

    Better I think the current American regime focuses on mending their own internal affairs than to meddle with the affairs of others.

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