Military Genius Erdogan Gets Hundreds More of His Troops Encircled in Syria

As Sergei Lavrov explains to him this is a Russian as well as a Syrian operation

To stop the ongoing — and wildly successful — Russian-backed Syrian offensive Erdogan ordered hundreds of additional Turkish troops to pour into Syria’s al-Qaeda-held Idlib and put themselves in the way of the advancing Syrian army.

This first got 7 of his troops killed when the Syrians at night mistook the Turks for Islamist rebels, and now it has resulted in all of the new troops becoming encircled.

The Turkish posts around the strategically extremely important town of Saraqib indeed prevented the Syrians from marching into it, on the main highways. Instead, the Syrian army went around the Turks and encircled the entire town, but not before allowing the demoralized rebels to escape first.

So you now have a situation where the Syrians are encircling a town of theirs that is empty but for the Turkish troops (the civilians fled the fighting days and weeks ago) that Erodgan sent to save it for al-Qaeda. Likely in the coming days, the Syrian army will enter the town, seeing it represents a very important juncture of two national highways, and subject the Turks to an even tighter encirclement.

Thus the number of Turkish posts encircled by the Syrian army grew from four to eight, all but one of them encircled in this latest offensive.

Erdogan said yesterday that he had issued an ultimatum to Vladimir Putin to by February-end get the Syrian army to retreat to the lines held before the last two Idlib offensives, or else he will tell his army and air force to do it.

For his part, Mike Pompeo has said the US stands by Turkish efforts to stop the “unjustifiable” Syrian offensive. Sergei Lavrov meanwhile pointed out that Turkey failed to fulfill its part of the Sochi truce and was thus in no position to issue demands. Lavrov’s Foreign Ministry also disclosed that Russian soldiers have also died supporting the current offensive. No, I don’t think that Russians will be telling the Syrians to give back Syrian territory to al-Qaeda that not just Syrian, but also Russian soldiers, have died to recapture for the Syrian state.

One of the Turkish bases that now finds itself encircled behind Syrian lines (albeit the Syrians do allow resupply)

  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Erdogan, like Trump, is another devious and dangerous fool, he dreams of another Ottoman Empire and stealing as much of Syria as he can is part of his hair-brained scheme. He works in conjunction with both Israel and America, infamous for their genocides….not that Turkey is immune from a bit of barbaric genocide itself, as the poor Armenians can testify. He, in his mal-functioning brain, believes he can play one against another to achieve his desired results. This will not end well for him or his army and a hasty withdrawal seems the only sensible option,

  2. ALberto says

    Erdogan just took on Mikheil Saakashvili as his senior personal offensive war tactic advisor. The War with Russia could last hours. Perhaps even several. Heh!

  3. Mikhail Garchenko says
    “Game Over, recep..!” 😛 Idiot.

  4. Mistaron says

    One: we don’t know what kind of deal Erdogan has made with the Americans who obviously have no intention of backing off from their plans for Syria and ‘Greater’ Israel.
    Two: Turkey for all its ‘good will’ with Russia is still a member of NATO.

    1. Canosin says


  5. thomas malthaus says
  6. getreal155 says

    Turkey proved many times that it is nothing more than an opportunistic terrorist country. Like the US and Israel they have no morals. Pure evil for any one that is not on their side. Russia is doing a great job containing these evil bastards.

    1. RussG553 says

      And Erdy conveniently forgot that Russia saved his sorry a$$ in the coup not too long ago. Perhaps Russia shouldn’t have …..

  7. Jesus says

    HTS is severely outmanned and outgunned by Syrian Russian and Iranian forces, Turkish inept moves to hold a static point of defense without considering tactical and strategic outflanking movements by their opponents is indicative of Turk strategic ineptitude.

  8. CHUCKMAN says

    I doubt that Erdogan really will raise the stakes a great deal if Syria and Russia steadily do what they’ve been doing.

    But, will the US do anything beyond encouraging Erdogan?

    1. Zaphod Braden says

      Trump will do what Israel ORDERS him to do.

  9. thomas malthaus says

    It’s unfortunate for Turkish citizens that they can’t display political opposition without grave personal repercussions. Erdogan’s military and diplomatic incompetence is showing.

    He’s probably running the conflict behind the Resolute desk in Ankara.

  10. mike hutchings says

    Syria has developed a very good fighting force…..Russia is nothing to tangle with.. Turkey better stick to killing civilians

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