Middle East Paper Claims Saudi Jets Bombed Pro-Iranian Militias in Eastern Syria

Which would make it an act of war vs Syria and Iraq both

Editor’s note: Personally I’m more inclined to think this didn’t actually take place but you make up your own mind.

Saudi Arabian fighter jets participated in a recent operation targeting Iranian militia [actually Iraqi Shia militias with a few IRGC officers embedded] positions in the eastern Syrian city of Albu Kamal across from the Iraqi border, according to a report by Independent Arabia citing a western source.

The source told the news outlet that the operations resulted in the killing and wounding of several militants as well as the destruction of several weapons depots, including missiles and drones.

Saudi fighter jets, including jets [from other countries] monitored changes in the positions of Iranian militias, especially those of the Quds Force in Albu Kamal and other areas in the Iraqi-Syrian border, destroying warehouses, batteries, missiles and a drone base all believed were about to be used by Iran to strike other Saudi targets after targeting Aramco,” the western source, who declined to be named, told Independent Arabia.

The report said that unidentified drones were reported in the skies over Albu Kamal city and areas under the control of Iranian militias on Wednesday.

A day earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said overnight airstrikes killed 10 pro-Iranian Iraqi militiamen in Albu Kamal without specifying who carried them out.

The report noted that the strike was the second of its kind to target Iranian and pro-Iran militias in the city this month.

An Al Arabiya correspondent said that explosions were heard in the Iraqi town of Qa’im on Tuesday near the Syrian border at around 12:30 am.

Source: Al Arabiya

  1. temujin1970 says

    The Saudis are to incompetent to pull off an operation like this. I do not believe this report.

  2. Jesus says

    I do not think the story is true, Russian S400 Radar would have easily picked up such intrusion and Abu Kamal is on the Syrian side of Eufrates.

    1. Tomislav Šantak says

      But how to make a difference between US planes and Saudy planes… Also S400 is used only for protection of Russian military bases in Syria….

      1. Jesus says

        The S400 radar can scan hundreds of kms, Russia and US have an deconfliction agreement along the Eufrates river when it comeS to air activity. Most of US aircraft operating in eastern Syria are based in Iraq, and easily monitored.

        1. Tomislav Šantak says
          1. Jesus says

            There is a S350 battery deployed in central Syria that has its radar integrated with the s400. I am sure there are A 50 awacs and satellite monitoring of the area.

  3. James Willy says

    If true, then why were they not shot down? Do these men not have manpads at least?

    1. Tomislav Šantak says

      Manpads have a range under 5km…

  4. John C Carleton says

    Saudies are Israhells Whipping Boy.

    Saudis took the blame for Israhell doing the war crime cowardly degenerate mass murder of 9-11.
    Now Saudi is to take the blame for the RothsRat’s Israhell war crimes of attacking Syria from the air, in yet more war crimes?

    What is needed to bring peace to the earth, is World Wide Rodent Control.

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