Merkel Sides With XI on Avoiding Cold War Blocs

Biden's coalition of the willing not exactly coming along

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday rejected calls for Europe to pick sides between the U.S. and China, in a nod to the plea made by Chinese President Xi Jinping a day earlier.

While the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden is looking to group together democracies to contain China, Merkel was pointedly wary about the formation of factions.

“I would very much wish to avoid the building of blocs,” Merkel told the Davos World Economic Forum. “I don’t think it would do justice to many societies if we were to say this is the United States and over there is China and we are grouping around either the one or the other. This is not my understanding of how things ought to be.”

Referring to Xi’s speech at the same forum, Merkel said: “The Chinese president spoke yesterday, and he and I agree on that. We see a need for multilateralism.”

“But there is one question where we are not in immediate agreement. Probably the question of what it means when you have different social models. When does interference begin and where does it end? When do you stand up for elementary values that are indivisible?” she said.

Merkel said she was “so satisfied” with the EU-China investment agreement, citing reciprocity, transparency on Chinese state subsidies, and the opening up of “more predictable access to … state-of-the-art technology” in China.

She also called on the new U.S. administration led by Biden — with whom she spoke on phone on Monday — to find common ground with the EU on taxing digital companies.

Source: Politico

  1. mijj says

    a pity the world can’t find the will to unite against the US Empire’s mass murder, terrorism, subversion and looting.


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      1. yuri says

        wrong you ignorant racist
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  2. ken says

    This from an East German who is destroying the German economy and culture as we speak.

    Isn’t it odd we still have time for our little wars and plans for wars while the great plague is raging around the world.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      You need not talk about peace and killing when the US has been doing this since the end of WW2. Period.

      1. yuri says

        for 2 centuries
        “amerikans have always been genocidal, enjoying killing from afar”. Philip Slater

  3. Jim seninor says

    Jim seninor

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