Merkel: “Digital Vaccination Certificates” Before Summer

“Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate.”

Digital vaccination certificates allowing people to travel in Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic will probably be available [“available” as if they were a good] before summer, Angela Merkel has said.

Speaking after a virtual EU summit, the German chancellor said: “Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate.”

She told a press conference that the EU Commission would need around three months to create the technical basis for such documents.

Leaders discussed whether and when to introduce vaccine certificates, which could help smooth a return to travel throughout the continent and avoid another devastating summer holiday season.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, said he is confident EU leaders will agree on common standards to allow international travels during the summer, including through introducing vaccine certificates.

Source: The Independent 

  1. ken says

    Oh yeah,,, gotta be digital!!! Which means you gotta have a POS digital phone, which then means you gotta have service for said POS digital phone which means you are on a digital leash.

    Gotta have an experimental mRNA hack shot that THEY SAY doesn’t work preventing or transmitting!!! Still must wear masks and all the other insanely stupid crap THEY say.

    All for an alleged plague that has a 99.9% recovery. A 0.01 death rate and then with 2 or 3 other life threatening ailments.

    All for an alleged plague with an average age of death at 82 with a lifespan average of 80.

    All for an alleged plague they had to eliminate another disease(s) (flu) to have a modest kill/infection rate.

    All for a alleged plague with a death rate less than Tuberculosis, Air pollution, medical boo boos and many others.

    In Nazi Germany they put people in concentration camps to experiment on them. After the war the medical/political Nazis were hung.

    Then the Allies signed the Nuremberg Protocols that required “informed consent” before any experimental drugs.

    In our advanced modern world today they lock people in their homes to experiment on them. Today the medical/political Nazis get accolades from the test subjects.

    Today informed consent is,,, take the shot or else!

    Doesn’t anybody even ‘wonder’ why they are so anal about getting the shot? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure something isn’t right!

  2. yuri says

    goebbels, himler and vichy france repeating history

  3. Andra says

    Acute Stasi mindset.

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