Melbourne: No Protests, Police Repression Continues Anyway, the Zoom Classes Delighted

People getting tackled and arrested by Covid cult regime thugs just for looking like construction workers

No protest in Melbourne yesterday or today but that does not mean that virus cult enforcers have eased off — just the opposite: they’re on the prowl for anyone who just looks like they might be thinking about protesting (ie they look working-class but find themselves in the downtown).

(I believe the two following videos are from the 22nd when there was an active protest in the city:)

Meanwhile, in Sydney the virus regime goons are harassing the opposition right in their homes:

After this sort of stuff, do please tell me how the likes of Australia and other western states need to bring freedom and liberalism to Belarus. In Belarus construction workers can go to work, and even for a beer after work. And always have been, including during the spring of 2020. This looks far worse than any indignity that Belarusians have to endure.

Meanwhile the middle-class cult faithful are cheering on their parasite thugs:

Truly there can be no peace between us and this bipedal garbage. A parting of the ways between man and the man-bug is long overdue.

  1. ken says

    Police act like this because they are totally without skills. They cannot dig a hole to crap in. Therefore the only thing they can do is insult, intimidate and bully. They are incapable of thought, have no empathy, their only saving grace is,,, like a rottweiler,,, following orders of slug with even less intelligence.

    The only thing missing in the pictures is the swastika on their masks.

    1. BobsYerUncle says

      Rottweilers are one of the smartest, sweetest breeds of dog. Poor comparison.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        I would disagree.
        However It does depend a lot on how they’re raised and trained.

  2. nnn says

    Fascist pigs are in charge

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Fascist ?? Don’t disparage Mussolini… Those are humanoid reptilian psychopath.. Have a look at Dan Andrew ?? If you were going to remake Hitchcock movie PSYCHO, you could give him the main role of Norman Bates & he will not need to act as Anthony Perkins did, he will be a natural for that role ?
      Hint.. Look at his eyes ! A potential Pol Pot to Victorian people..

    2. Adam says

      Its already being made. Check out the videos being posted daily. The final chapter will be the public execution of the politicians, their Police commissioners and their goons dressed in black armour.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Who’s gonna make the movie “Escape from Australia” ?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Australian Boat People asking for refugees status in North Korea ??

      1. Adam says

        The way things are going it will be Tin Pot 2 Doughnuts Andrews and his criminal clique that will be.

        1. Mr Reynard says

          Quote:THIS SNIPER
          has a real determined mossadkiller
          instinct in his eyes + no regret !

    2. Adam says

      Its already being made. Checkout the videos being posted daily. The final chapter will be the public execution of the politicians, their police commissioners and their goons dressed in black armour.

  4. Michal says

    Australians, rise up this is a war to sterilize and kill you and your families. Rise up and hang your politicians in front of their families , HANG them all.You country is run by satanic communist shit same as Europe and USA. Rise up or you kids if they survive will shit on you grave.

  5. yuri says

    Sandel at Harvard compares US to N Korea—“procedural republic”….now prisoner island like amerikans—lowest most incompetent classes from civilized nations—except Russian in 1970’s and Jews
    rats driver and tuna desperate for pol pot vaccine in west virginny trailer park

    1. Raptar Driver says


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