Maybe the Next Time the US Bombs Your Country It Will Be Because It’s Not Carbon Neutral Enough

Biden orders the imperial stormtroopers to virtue signal wokeness on climate cult

Editor’s note: Virtue signal on the climate hysteria and build up touchy-feely brownie points you can then cash in to bomb brown people and Eastern European white trash. Perhaps even because they’re carbon positive and therefore “driving insecurity” in the world.

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon will include climate change-related issues in its National Defense Strategy  and war gaming, a major change driven by President Biden signing of an executive order today instructing the government to begin tackling climate change on a wider scale.

Biden’s order directs the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to include climate risk assessments in developing a new National Defense Strategy, due in 2022, along with the Defense Planning Guidance, the Chairman’s Risk Assessment, “and other relevant strategy, planning, and programming documents and processes.”

The order gives the Pentagon and other federal agencies 120 days to produce “an analysis of the security implications of climate change (Climate Risk Analysis) that can be incorporated into modeling, simulation, war-gaming, and other analyses.”

In 2019 alone, the military identified climate-related impacts at 79 installations.

While the armed services has for years accepted that changes in climate will drive instability and have adverse effects on port infrastructure and bases at home and abroad, the 2018 National Defense Strategy did not name climate change as a national security priority. The order marks a sharp departure from Trump administration policies that pushed to expand oil and gas exploration and ignored climate change’s effects.

“The Department will immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change considerations in our activities and risk assessments, to mitigate this driver of insecurity,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

Beginning in January 2022, the Pentagon will also provide the White House an annual update on progress made in incorporating the security implications of climate change into those documents.

Source: Breaking Defense

  1. yuri says

    the LGBT military will stop issuing lube for dildos and restrict TP to officers, teach employment agency military to use poison oak instead

  2. ken says

    Mankind has declared war on God and life by declaring CO2 a pollutant. CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis. Without plants ALL life dies. All life by the creator on this planet is carbon based. By making carbon a villain they are making life in general a villain. By trying to eliminate it they are trying to eliminate you. Have you noticed everything they are doing centers around eliminating you? The magic fake virus,,, the fake climate disaster, wars…

    As of now CO2 comprises about 400ppm of the atmosphere. It is a greenhouse gas with limitations. The amount of CO2 can double, triple or quadruple but it will not cause further warming. All it will do is create larger crops and more arable land. In fact CO2 is used in plant nurseries to increase production.

    CO2 is good for you and good for the planet. If it wasn’t for greenhouse gasses temperatures would freeze every night making growing crops impossible.

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