Mass Call Up of Unarmed Troops Needed to Battle Terrorists During a Plague That Necessitates Everyone Stays at Home

During a totally necessary quarantine it's always best to battle terrorists with as big a horde of barehanded troops as possible

Oh look, The Powers That Be couldn’t get real people to turn out for Biden so they’re planting flags so it wouldn’t look so. No no, that can’t be right. That’s way too cynical of me. Surely there are hundreds of thousands of people who would love to attend the inauguration but sadly the establishment must turn them away because there is a deadly invisible virus out there, that nonetheless did not preclude them from calling up 20,000 federalized National Guard soldiers that have nowhere to sleep but on top of each other. But that was necessary because of the grave “domestic terrorist” threat from the unpopular “anti-democracy” side that has no problem getting people to turn out. However, to counter this extremely grave and extremely real threat the troops don’t even need actual ammunition for their fire sticks, they can just as easily combat these extremely dangerous terrorists by throwing their empty pizza boxes at them.

Yup, a threat so grave it can be stopped by troops not issued live ammo necessitated the crowding of 20,000 soldiers into the Imperial Capital during a contagion so dangerous the entire 330-million nation had to be locked down over for 10 months. That is how very real the two threats are.

However, the danger that embarrassingly few people would turn up for Basement Joe is totally non-existent, and could only be suggested by mean, terrorist-sympathizing tongues.

Why call up 200 soldiers with guns when 20,000 disarmed ones can do the job? It’s not like we’re pretending there’s a lethal plague out there

  1. nnn says


  2. Anthony A Powell says

    the Yankee Empire marches on!

  3. yuri says

    only method for harris and her demented pet to be installed by oligarchy

  4. ken says

    I remember back in 68 the Czechs were revolting. I was stationed in West Germany in a little (at that time) town of Augsberg, We mounted the 60’s on our choppers and readied for take off to patrol the border. Some officers came by before takeoff and removed our ammo. I loaded some rocks on just in case.

    They did the same in Beirut where many of our soldiers were killed.

    But you can be sure the police are locked and loaded,,, ready to blow away another unarmed woman.They love killing women and children The shooter who killed Randy Weavers wife holding her baby ( a real threat to gov) tried for a twofer.He was promoted and Con-gress gave him a standing ovation. The women and children they burned out at Waco was their finest hour over illegal weapons which none were found.

    The only threat I see are the a$$holes that laughingly claim to represent us and their helpful despicables that burned down cities last year while peacefully protesting a couple of black drugged up felons dying in police custody.

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