Marine Corps Is Scheming New “Littoral Regiments” Specifically to Park Them off the Coast of China

Imagine if China was designing "littoral regiments" to park in Cuba and the Caribbean

The Marine Corps is moving quickly to develop a new kind of infantry unit to challenge Chinese claims on small islands in the Pacific, while the Navy is developing new and smaller ships to move and supply them once they deploy.

The new Littoral Regiments won’t be fully fleshed out for several years, but Marine Corps leaders said today they will be bolstered by logistics and air defense battalions once they’re ready to go.

The Corps is wargaming “what assets would we be able to place in that battle space that are very low signature and that give us the firepower that we need to be a relevant force that provides consequences, should we get past the deterrence phase,”  Maj. Gen. Kevin Iiams, assistant deputy commandant of Combat Development, told reporters at the virtual Modern Day Marine event today.

The Corps envisions three new regiments, with two based in Japan and one in Guam.

Plans call for the regiment to undergo wargames and experimentation for about three years until a unit is fleshed out and ready to actually deploy.

“Much like our [Marine air-ground task forces] that we have now, there are support elements to it,” Iiams said. “So, we’ll have a littoral combat team; we’ll have a littoral logistics battalion; and we’ll have an anti-air battalion,” Iiams added.

The units are part of the Corps’ effort to move toward building a fast-moving, hard to detect “inside force” that can operate within range of Chinese and Russian weapons ranges while packing a potent offensive punch.

Over the summer, the Navy met with shipbuilders to talk about plans for a new class of logistics ship that can operate under fire and resupply Marines deep within the range of enemy precision weapons. The Next Generation Medium Logistics Ship would resupply both ships at sea, as well as small, ad hoc bases ashore.

There is also the Light Amphibious Warship, or LAW, which the Navy is working to define, which will be able to carry Marines as well as fuel and supplies — but also have the capability to share information with other parts of the fleet hundreds of miles away. “I see these LAWs as part of Marine organizations,” Marine Maj. Gen. Tracy King said last month, adding, “and those larger Marine organizations being part of an Expeditionary Strike Group — that’s a little bit new. We’re evolving not only the stuff that we’re acquiring, but the way in which we’re going to use it and the way in which we’re going to fight it.”

The Navy and Marines eventually hope to build over twenty LAWs, if the designs and cost per ship works out.

Source: Breaking Defense

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Is this article talking about the new navy ships that don’t work at all?

  2. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

    Americans are deluded. Its pretty obvious that they have zero idea what littoral ships are. The Chinese aint gonna let them park their dumb shits off the coast and unless the US suddenly develops hypersonic missiles (theyre about 10 years off that, if ever) this simply isn’t a game the yanks can win but y’know spending a few hundred billion on more failed junk hardware … feel free, sure the jobless millions will approve.

  3. ke4ram says

    If this is true which I sincerely hope not, the ships and troops would be decimated in about 30 minutes from shore based anti-ship missile batteries. If they don’t know this then they’re more stupid than even I thought.

    IMO this gaming BS is nothing but a money transfer for the MIC,,, lol,,, isn’t it all today?

    The first four littoral ships were of such poor quality they decided it was too costly to repair them and decommissioned them. They called this savings.

    The ships are virtually unusable after 16 years and 30 billion dollars with a cost overrun of 250%. The whole of the US military industrial complex is a dollar sink hole. It takes $50 dollars of fraud and bribes and bonuses, (let’s not forget that), to get $1 dollar of worthless product that does not work like this ship and aircraft like the F35. That’s just to produce it. The real money is made by the cost of repairing everything that doesn’t work two or three times. Then the idiots come out and say “Well, we have to put them in service even if they don’t work”

    This is why/how Russia can have a war budget almost 20 times less than the USA but still put out products that outclass anything the US builds. Even China is building better quality products. America builds nothing but 3rd class merchandise and charges 1st class prices plus bribes and bonuses. No wonder we don’t manufacture our own retail products.

  4. James Willy says

    Maybe with all this China might fight back??????? Probably NOT givien their track record. China will probably just sit there and do nothing like always. China needs to team up with Iran and Russia and stand up to these gringo yankee pigs and destroy them. TODAY.

    1. i totally agree

    2. ZhongHua says

      Absolutely agree but Chinas strategy is to peacefully develop itself economically and militarily while the US will eventually bankrupt itself wasting billions on overpriced garbage. China doesn’t like to go to war unless all peaceful options are exhausted

  5. brian niziol says

    Sink them. I give your my personal guarantee that Trump will do nothing you cannot deal with.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    the empire wasting money to accelerate collapse

    1. David Bedford says

      I’m looking forward to China cashing in $1 trillion worth of treasury bonds and the whole world racing to get rid of theirs before the US dollar collapses.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        It will likely occur like death by a thousand (trillion) paper cuts rather than an immediate action to doom all financial markets.

        They’re well into acquiring commodities and real estate in exchange for dollars.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says

        I cannot predict markets nor what China will do with their US bonds…the Univ of Mich professor Juan Cole claims that the US spends more on its military each year than the next 14 largest militaries combined. This does not include the cost of the 17 intelligence agencies. I suspect that the poor management of covid in states like NY California, has created enormous economic and psychological damage. It is reported that 180,000 small enterprises have closed and cannot reopen

  7. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Don’t remember when I’ve read so much verbal diahorrea in one page. If these pompous ass-holes believe even 1/10 of the inane rubbish they spout, they should all be committed…..and no release date given !

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