Mandatory Vaccination Orders Spread to More Russian Regions

Subject to ruinous fines. The fines for businesses start at $1,400 but then run to $14,000 for subsequent "offenses"

Mandatory vaccinations now apply to public sector workers and workers in the service industry in the following regions:

  • Moscow city
  • Moscow oblast
  • Tula oblast (next to Moscow)
  • Leningrad oblast (surrounding St. Petersburg)
  • Kemerovo oblast (in Siberia)
  • Sakhalin oblast (in the Far East)

Moscow is mandating 60% of the workforce of every public or service institution must be vaccinated by mid-July subject to ruinous fines. The fines for businesses start at $1,400 but then run to $14,000 for subsequent “offenses”. 

Leningrad is mandating 80% must be vaccinated but the deadline is September 1, or else businesses will be ordered shut if COVID “cases” exceed a certain unspecified yet-to-be-determined threshold.

The 60% and the 80% thresholds are merely concessions to logistics. Injecting more than 1.4 million people (60% of the 2 million subject to the order) in the Moscow regions inside a month isn’t feasible anyway.

If the 60% quota were to be actually met by July 15 then the next month the order would simply be extended to yet more people. I have grave doubts he will be successful.

More about that later, for now, I leave you with an excerpt from a decree from the Leningrad governor which is a perfect example of the idiotic, criminal, utility-signaling (defined as parasites signaling that they are actually useful and that we desperately need them) that has marked the last year. The windbag goes so far as to lecture restaurants at what temperature shall they wash the plates:

Cinemas, theaters, concert organizations and houses of culture can hold events in the yellow zone, provided that no more than 50% of seats are filled and with the mandatory use of masks, and in the green zone, activities are allowed provided that no more than 75% of seats are filled and with the mandatory use of masks.

In all zones, the work of children’s playrooms located on the territory of shopping centers and shopping complexes has been temporarily suspended.

Museums in the “red” zone will be able to conduct outdoor excursions for groups of up to 20 people and with visitor routing that excludes oncoming traffic with the installation of appropriate signs and restrictive tapes. The premises can be visited by no more than one person per 7 sq. m with the obligatory use of masks and the observance of a social distance of 1.5 m. In the “yellow” zone – the number of people in a group for an outdoor excursion should not exceed 25 people, and in the premises there should not be more than one person per 4 square meters. m. 

Beauty salons and hairdressing salons in the “green” zone must now use up to 75% of the seats, and also monitor the observance of a distance of 1.5 m between visitors in the waiting area. The use of masks is mandatory.

Catering establishments in the “red” zone can continue to work with 50% occupancy and the distance between tables is at least 1.5 m. Visitor service from 2.00 to 06.00 can only be taken away or with delivery of orders. Catering in the “green” zone must provide a distance between tables of at least 1.5 m and processing of dishes at 95 degrees, or the use of disposable tableware. Exceptions are industrial canteens for employees of enterprises, as well as cafes on the territory of railway, sea and bus stations, gas stations.

MFC in “red” will be able to receive vaccinated citizens without an appointment for the implementation of a certain range of services. For the full list of services, a pre-recording is saved. In the “yellow” and “green” zones in the MFC, a mandatory entry has been introduced for those who did not have time to get vaccinated.

  1. GMC says

    We aren’t seeing these strict rules in Crimea yet, but they are pushing the sputnik V on all medical workers and those in medical sanitoriums/spas etc. The workers don’t seem to have a problem with it ,some are taking the jab , some have already had the virus, so they don’t want it and some just don’t want it – period.
    Maybe the Kremlin has to play ball wit the WHO, in order to sell their vaccines,worldwide, so they go along with the game, or at least partially. Many Russians are stubborn , if they don’t like something – it’s hard to change their minds and the way they do things. Spacibo A-E

    1. Robert I Bruce says

      Is Sputnik V a RnA vaccine? If it is anything like it, then you will have a massive depopulation of Russia in 2-3 generations.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        I don’t think it is. It seems to be a standard vaccine.
        Of course even standard vaccines are poisonous and create all kinds of problems down the road.
        Vaccines are bad science and good business.

        1. GMC says

          I think you are correct but the Sputnik V is a really advanced vaccine and is a step above the standard flu vax. It uses a higher tech composition than the standard vax. I’m still reading up on it and it takes alot of searching and learning all the technical verbage – language. It looks like the CIA, Big Pharma, NWO and others want to keep the viruses coming, so maybe the Sputnik is the best partial defense. Putin said there is No cure for vires , but these Ru.vaccines will certain cut down the strength of any attack. He said this publicly – months ago.

      2. GMC says

        What I have read in the Lancet and other places is that Sputnik V is not a genetic engineered gene therapy. It does not introduce the spike protein into the body like the mRNA does.And this is very dangerous because they are seeing that the spike protein , not only attaches to the body cells in order to start the infection, but the S P also causes major damages to tissue, can create blood clots and more. It looks like Sputnik V only pushes up the antibodies and immune system when the corona spike protein invades. It is against the Russian Federation rules to use any Genetically engineered Foods, Medicine etc. on the populace = Monsanto was kicked out awhile ago

        .I’m still learning about all these vaccines but my wife and several friends have taken the jab and have had No problems. They think i should take it, but I had the virus last December and I want to wait for at least 10 mos or more – I think I have the resistance built up still and I don’t think it’s a good Idea to get the jab too early after having the virus. Thanks

  2. Noragami says

    I am horrified to see that Putin and Russia are part of the New World Order after all.

    There is no effective coronavirus vaccine because coronaviruses mutate too quickly. And no safe coronavirus vaccine, because every single previous attempt to make one killed twenty to one hundred per cent of test animals via Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

    The Russian state MUST know that SARS COV2 doesn’t exist, and that the tests for it are junk. They must, therefore, be acting maliciously.

    1. ken says

      Correcto Mundo!

    2. Raptar Driver says

      I believe you have come to the correct conclusion.
      I had so hoped that Russia was an alternative to western totalitarianism.
      The Putin administration was put into power by the world government.

    3. GMC says

      Putin publicly stated that ” there is No cure for viruses, but the Sputnik V can eliminate much of the severe problems associated with the virus.” This virus is a BioWeapon , so we still don’t understand how long it stays in our body or if it is damaging our insides, even after it looks – finished. We all know that Russia is part of the NWO, they would have to be , since they deal successfully in selling world natural resources. Since the West is opposed to Sputnik , it must not be an mRNA f… up. My 2 rubles anyways.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        The virus is simply influenza A & B.

      2. Jab'em all ! says

        The BioWeapon is the mRNA jab.

  3. Andra Saltzberg says

    Anything to do with or about the corrupt WHO
    will inevitably be misdirection of the slimey sort
    absent of any correct or acceptable solution.

  4. ken says

    Looks like Sleepy Joe representing the Schwab/Gates Mafia meeting with Mr. Putin must have been a butt chewing for Putin for not following orders.

    Boy,,, you don’t want to get a geezer upset and missing his nap having to chastise straying ‘leaders’.

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