Makers Say Vaccines Cut Chance of Dying by 10 Times, but Age Cuts It by Up to 15,000 Times

If you have a 1,000 times reduction from age why do you need the 10 times reduction from a live experiment?

Young people reclaiming Venice skate park from the death cult

Editor’s note: Realistically here is what is going to happen — the most likely scenario, almost certain to come true: In the next 20 years you are going to develop some horrible auto-immune condition just like everyone else does. And if you get jabbed you will always wonder if the injection might not have done something to contribute to it. At least if you don’t get injected you will sleep peacefully knowing you hadn’t brought it on you (other than by eating semi-toxic industrial food and running on your stress system as most everyone does these days).

Here is the ratio of observed US deaths attributed to COVID compared to the entire population stratified by age:

Here is the estimated US COVID infection fatality rate stratified by age:

As you can see, and as we have known ever since the first detected outbreak in Wuhan, COVID mortality risk varies by age to a colossal degree. (It varies by age 10X more than influenza which is already hugely age-dependent.)

The infection mortality for an 80-year old male reaches 5%. That’s not nothing.

By the same token, the difference in estimated IFR between an 80-year old and a 6-year old is a factor of 5,000. The difference in observed COVID-attributed mortality between an 84-year old and 5-year olds is a factor of 15,000.

The vaccine manufacturers claim a vaccine “efficacy” of just over 90 percent. If they are right that means the vaccine can reduce your chances of dying by 10 times.

However, your age can reduce your chances of dying by up to 15,000 times.

Clearly one of these two figures is far, far greater than the other.

It means age will always remain the far more important factor to mortality outcomes. Astronomically so.

A 10 times reduction is a scientific accomplishment and in certain, very specific circumstances useful and nothing to be scoffed at.

But in a different setting, it is likewise absolutely meaningless. If thanks to a younger age you already enjoy a reduction in mortality risk in the 100s or 1000s, then how useful is it to multiply that by another 10?

Understand that at certain ages we start to talk about COVID mortality risks below that of mortality due to drownings.

There are 286 documented deaths of children under 18 officially attributed to COVID in 2020 and 2021. There are 800 child drowning deaths each year.

The 42,000 road accident deaths in just 2020 are more than all the COVID deaths of all Americans under 54.

They are 15 times more than all 2860 COVID-attributed deaths among the under 30s.

They are still 5 times more than all 8685 COVID-attributed deaths among the under 40s.

How much time do you spend fretting about death on your commute to work, or in a drowning, and how far would you go to reduce your chances of such by a factor of 10?

Would you inject a substance that promised to reduce your chances of a drowning death 10 times as soon as it was invented, or would you wait 5-10 years to see if there are long-term side effects?

The popo harrasing not-at-risk people for not sheltering from what does not threaten them

If someone is 80 years old I will be the last person to say that that person shouldn’t take the vaccine. Let’s be real. At 80 years old long-term side effects are less of a concern, and if it can cut your chances of dying, should you catch it, by 10 times from 5% to 0.5% that’s a very sweet deal.

Of course, there are reasons to believe the reduction is not really 10 times, particularly in the elderly.

One reason is that between 30% to 50% have already had COVID so for them the vaccine will at best do nothing.

The other reason is that vaccines don’t work as well in individuals whose immune systems are already weak.

In fact, the manufacturers didn’t include the elderly in their effectiveness studies in any real numbers precisely because their inclusion would bring down the numbers they were after.

Nonetheless, at 80 or 85 you’ve got less to lose, and more to gain.

If it works as well as the manufacturer claims it would be the equivalent of making you 15-20 years younger for the purposes of COVID death risk. Even if it works only one-third as well as advertised it could still be the difference between life and death.

On the other hand, if you’re 35 years old your chances of dying with COVID are already microscopic. A 10 times reduction in risk would mean making you the equivalent of a 20-year old, but it still means just dividing by 10 a figure that was already microscopic in the first place.

In fact, there is something misleading in saying that 14 out of every 100,000 US 35-year olds died with COVID.

That makes it sound as if any and all 35-year olds have a chance of dying with COVID albeit a very small one. That is not true.

The common flu can kill an active 85-year old. Someone who was healthier than his octogenarian peers. It happens all the time. The same is true of COVID.

They do not kill healthy 35-year olds.

The 621 deaths with COVID of 35-year old Americans were overwhelmingly of 35-year olds with very serious comorbidities.

At 35 if you still have a liver and at least half a lung you are already just about immortal for purposes of COVID death.

Even if vaccination can make you “more immortal,” the question is at what risk cost? 

And I’m not saying at all that the risk cost is high. What I’m saying is that when the benefit is converting microscopic risk into slightly smaller microscopic risk, taking on any risk cost above microscopic is illogical.

The risk cost of COVID vaccine is not microscopic:

  • They are less than one year old and their long-term effects can not be known by definition.
  • They are based on the completely new mRNA and the relatively new adenovirus technologies.
  • Vaccines getting pulled after a mass government injection program is not unheard of. There’s the Dengvaxia vaccine that the Philippines pulled in 2017 after it caused more Dengue than it prevented. There is the 2009 Pandemrix swine flu vaccine that was pulled after it gave hundreds of children narcolepsy for life. There is the US mass swine flu vaccination drive of 1976 that was later admitted to have been folly.

Moreover, it isn’t as if the vaccines are going anywhere. It’s not a binary choice between taking an injection now or never.

The vast majority of people alive today have the option to wait and take the vaccine 5 or 10 years from now if they are proven safe, or when they are improved. The risk cost for a 35-year old to wait 20 years until he is 55 is near zero.

I would say there is a cutoff age at which the math says it makes sense to take the injection even now. (I would say it’s somewhere in old age, eg 70, but your comfort levels with pharma products and pathogens may differ.) I would likewise say there is a cutoff age below which math says not to take the injection. I do not know why this is controversial. This is not an anti-vax stance. This is a pro-vax stance as corresponds to pro-vaxx ideology as it existed before 2020. Ie when we actually believed in testing vaccines before putting them into billions of arms.

I would also say there are other ways to reduce your risk besides the injection such as sun, outdoors, less social media, vitamin D, zinc… They are not silver bullets. Neither is the vaccine. It only reduces the risk by at most 10 times. For most people that is actually very, very little. Microscopically so.


These people DO NOT need an experimental medical intervention to survive COVID
  1. Jeremy Kunst says

    Heads we lose, tails we lose.

    Every slime-ball right-wing and neo-nazi freak is being lined up to be anointed with the COVID ‘cleansing’, using the truth about the COVID scam to anoint and build back credibility long lost through their brutalist & cruel policies, of the enemies of the people, the Anglo-sphere neo-liberal far-right.

    In the case of David Davis, the idiot fool of the far-rights jewel, the Brexit ‘win’, he is dragged out regularly to sound off about the COVID measures, often missing the point and falling for the vaccine propaganda. It is hard to keep this idiot on message, but he bathes in the credibility that the truth that exposing the Covid scam offers him.
    The ‘car wash’ of COVID truth is a service offered by the CIA via its controlled media outlets, for all its political allies, knowing that at some point the COVID scam will exhaust its usefulness even to them, and its obvious contradictions & absurdities will be exposed in the MSM, turning even the poisonous Ann Widdecombe, Peter Hitchens, Nigel Farage, IDS and David Davis into heroines and heroes.
    Every existing & now new far-right media outlet, like GBN, talkradio, Sky, which has been allowed to challenge the scam, will become our ‘champions’, whereas all moderate critical voices in parliament are blanked, or ghosted, left hanging or in the case of the BBC censored.

    The true voice of the left and a hero of the anti-COVID movement, Piers Corbyn is ridiculed, censored, arrested or ignored, not given a regular radio spot or shown on TV, like so many on the far-right, despite him taking a very early bold stance against the COVID measures, and the equally divisive & destructive, Global Warming scam.
    His exclusion tells us it is OK to be anti the COVID measures, but only as long as you sign up to the corporatist aims of the COVID measures. Dissenting bodies must champion the Corporate domination, be anti-left, be anti-society, pro-Brexit, pro-nationalism, pro xenophobia, in an operation to capture the hearts and minds, that were not captured in the absurd pantomime that is COVID hysteria.
    The majority of the anti-Covid media have been nothing more than another Psyop to forward the interests of the far-right, and their enforcers the CIA, who curated & shepherded the COVID scam in the first place.

    The Covid measures are an acceleration of the consolidation of large corporate enterprise and their grip on our economies and lives. A consolidation of the power of the rich, at the expense of the poorest.

    But the voice of the anti-COVID measures is channelled into the same ideology, a consolidation of the right and far-right & their influence over our lives, carried out in the name of opposition to COVID measures.

    Blaming the left for all COVID measures, at a time of their complete powerlessness & during a time of unprecedented American right-wing ideological dominance in the west, and pushing all the far-rights projects, like Brexit and attacks on all forms of civil rights protest.

    Not only did our democracy lose in a struggle with our elites latest attempt to extort us and dominates our lives, what is very new is that we also lost our ability to oppose that abuse, our opposition has been very cleverly hijacked by the same forces that wants to control and adjust us. It is as if the opposition to king Charles’s rule, during the British civil war, was fundamentally royalist in nature. We live in absurd, chaotic, transitional times, during a breakdown of rational thinking & logic itself. 

    1. tunamelt says

      “our democracy lose in a struggle with our elites latest attempt to extort us and dominates our lives” Nonsense. Democracy leads to socialism, socialism leads to communism. Democracy has always extorted us and attempted to dominate our lives. Nothing new under the sun.

      1. Shamen says

        Socialism & the power it had, taught you to read, what a waste that was.

        1. tunamelt says

          taxation is theft you despicable commie

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Apocalypse is certain, very soon!!! Up to 2033 Novus Ordo Seclorum!

  3. ken says

    So one lives longer if young and dies easier when old. hmmmm. Sounds about right to this layman. Cuomo sure as hell was aware of that when he murdered the elderly caged in those ‘nursing homes’.

    Well those 7000 plus deaths few seem concerned about, faucinated by government drug pushers, sure don’t have to worry about risk anymore. If they could talk I am sure they would all join the ranks with us conspiracy theorists.

    If the death toll continues unabated then in a month or so more will have died from the shot than at 9/11, all the US wars since then including 737 Max crashes and Condo collapses!

    All over a 0.13 chance of dying from the flu or cold as we all ‘should know’ by now the Sars 2 virus does not exist.

    Wanna see some serious stupidity? Go to Armstrong Economics and view those morons in NYC still wearing masks after vaxxed. Eat breakfast first. It ruined my appetite watching serious dumbshits explain why they’re dumbshits.

    1. Mark says

      Some people – actually, far more than I expected – are perpetually fearful of something, and wearing a mask comforts them. They feel like they’re doing everything they can to prevent illness; those are the people that go through hand sanitizer like an alcoholic goes through popskull vodka. Although I’m sure I represent the minority, I am a disciple of the ten-second rule; if it was on the floor for less than ten seconds, it’s still safe to eat it.

      That notwithstanding, no study ever has demonstrated the effectiveness of facemasks against an airborne virus – not even the high-end N-95 surgical masks, which are designed to stop bacteria whose particles are much larger. Non-surgical cloth masks are useless against it. Not somewhat ineffective. Useless. If you did not get sick while wearing your blue non-medical blown-cloth Chinese facemask, it was because (a) there was no virus around, or (b) you have natural immunity from previous bouts with coronaviruses or influenza, and did not get sick enough to notice, or not at all.

      In that context, wearing a facemask even after you are double-vaccinated is quite a bit like carrying around a stuffed animal or a scrap of fuzzy blanket, because it makes you feel safe. And that’s okay…if you are six years old or younger.

  4. Dale says

    I used to argue with people about vaccine efficacy. Until I learned that the virus doesn’t exist.

    1. Shamen says

      The vaccines are a miracle.

      1. Sally Snyder says

        For Big Pharma.

      2. James says

        I think you spelled your name wrong; it should be Shaman.

      3. Ultrafart the Brave says

        They sure are!

        Plucked out of Moderna’s arse in the space of just one day!

        Creepy Bill is a magical kinda guy.

    2. ken says

      “Virus’s “plural.

      I’d like to remind some that the viral theory is still THEORY!

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    This is an excellent analysis by Marko, spelling out the Corona Chan age-risk profile in clear and simple terms.

    “The vast majority of people alive today have the option to wait and take the vaccine 5 or 10 years from now if they are proven safe, or when they are improved. The risk cost for a 35-year old to wait 20 years until he is 55 is near zero.”

    The good news for Russians is that the Sputnik V safety profile already makes it a plausible option for those whose Corona Chan age-risk causes concern.

    Not so good for the Western lemmings, where the experimental Corona Chan “vaccines” are way more likely to kill any age group than Corona Chan itself.

    But wait! Why are we talking about vaccines at all? After all,they’ve only been granted “Emergency Use Authorization” on the premise that no other remedy exists for Corona Chan.

    But now we know, without any doubt whatsoever (no matter what crepy Bill’s Mini-Me Fauci might say) that cheap and supremely safe Ivermectin obliterates Corona Chan within 48 hours.

    Ivermectin Obliterates Corona Chan in Delhi

    In fact, it’s so abundantly crystal clear and indisputable now that Ivermectin kills Corona Chan stone dead, that the Indian Bar Association is moving to prosecute the Indian WHO official who blocked it’s use for mass murder!

    Indian Bar Association Prosecuting Indian WHO Official

    Here’s hoping many more nations will finally see the light, just like India, and commence identifying and prosecuting all those complicit in the farcical Corona Chan “pandemic” for crimes against humanity.

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