Make the Red Triangle Nazis Used to Mark Their Political Enemies. Put “Unvaccinated” in the Center. Wear It in Public.

How to fight back

Editor’s note: I think Hopkins has a very interesting and valuable idea here. We would definitely benefit from a visual identifier (aside from not wearing a face diaper) to stand out from the virus cultists in human skin.

But there is also something pathetic about making that identifier a concentration camp chest badge, and something lame — as well as futile — about the strategy being to parade our victimhood so as to appeal to the “better nature” of the insectoid New Normals.

The identifier has to be something that is dignified and cool. Rattling the bugs is all good, but it can’t be done from a prostrate position.

Hopkins makes a great contribution here, he’s on to something. And if he makes the identifier something cool, like the Hawaiian of the Boogaloos, then we’re talking.

(T-shirts displaying a can of bug kill?? Too extreme???)

Every totalitarian system in history has used the power of visual propaganda to generate a new “reality,” one that reifies its official ideology, remaking the world in its own paranoid image. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception. For example, take a look at this panel copied from the landing page of The Guardian — one of the global-capitalist ruling classes’ primary propaganda organs — on July 17, 2021 …

This isn’t just “biased” or “sensationalist” journalism. It is systematic official propaganda, no different than that disseminated by every other totalitarian system throughout history. Here’s the one from the following day …

Forget about the content of the articles for a moment and just take in the cumulative visual effect. Official propaganda isn’t just information, misinformation, and disinformation. It is actually less about getting us to believe things than it is about creating an official reality, and imposing it on society by force. When you’re setting out to conjure up a new “reality,” images are extremely powerful tools, just as powerful, if not more powerful, than words.

Here are a few more that you might recall …

Again, the goal of this type of propaganda is not simply to deceive or terrorize the public. That is part of it, of course, but the more important part is forcing people to look at these images, over and over, hour after hour, day after day, at home, at work, on the streets, on television, on the Internet, everywhere. This is how we create “reality.” We represent our beliefs and values to ourselves, and to each other, with images, words, rituals, and other symbols and social behaviors. Essentially, we conjure our “reality” into being like actors rehearsing and performing a play … the more we all believe it, the more convincing it is.

This is also why mandatory masks have been essential to the roll-out of the New Normal ideology. Forcing the masses to wear medical-looking masks in public was a propaganda masterstoke. Simply put, if you can force people to dress up like they’re going to work in the infectious disease ward of a hospital every day for 17 months … presto! You’ve got yourself a new “reality” … a new, pathologized-totalitarian “reality,” a paranoid-psychotic, cult-like “reality” in which formerly semi-rational people have been reduced to nonsense-babbling lackeys who are afraid to go outside without permission from “the authorities,” and are injecting their children with experimental “vaccines.”

The sheer power of the visual image of those masks, and being forced to repeat the ritual behavior of putting them on, has been nearly irresistible. Yes, I know that you have been resisting. So have I. But we are the minority. Denying the power of what we are up against might make you feel better, but it will get us nowhere, or, in any event, nowhere good. The fact is, the vast majority of the public — except for people in Sweden, Florida, and assorted other officially non-existent places — have been robotically performing this theatrical ritual, and harassing those who refuse to do so, and thus collectively simulating an “apocalyptic plague.”

The New Normals — i.e., those still wearing masks outdoors, shrieking over meaningless “cases,” bullying everyone to get “vaccinated,” and collaborating with the segregation of the “Unvaccinated” — are not behaving the way they’re behaving because they are stupid. They are behaving that way because they’re living in a new “reality” that has been created for them over the course of the last 17 months by a massive official propaganda campaign, the most extensive and effective in the history of propaganda.

In other words, to put it bluntly, we are in a propaganda war, and we’re losing. We can’t match the propaganda power of the corporate media and New Normal governments, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back. We can, and must, at every opportunity. Recently, readers have been asking me how to do that. So, OK, here are a few simple suggestions.

The vast majority of obedient New Normals are not fanatical totalitarians. They’re scared, and weak, so they are following orders, adjusting their minds to the new official “reality.” Most of them do not perceive themselves as adherents of a totalitarian system or as segregationists, although that is what they are.

They perceive themselves as “responsible” people following sensible “health directives” to “protect” themselves and others from the virus, and its ever-multiplying mutant “variants.” They perceive the “Unvaccinated” as a minority of dangerous, irrational “conspiracy theorist” extremists, who want to kill them and their families. When we tell them that we simply want our constitutional rights back, and to not be forced into being “vaccinated,” and censored and persecuted for expressing our views, they do not believe us. They think we’re lying. They perceive us as threats, as aggressors, as monsters, as strangers among them, who need to be dealt with … which is exactly how the authorities want them to perceive us.

We need to try to change this perception, not by complying or being “polite” to them. On the contrary, we need to become more confrontational. No, not violent. Confrontational. There is actually a difference, though the “woke” will deny it.

To begin with, we need to call things what they are. The “vaccination pass” system is a segregation system. It is segregationism. Call it what it is. Those cooperating with it are segregationists. They’re not “helping” or “protecting” anybody from anything. They are segregationists, pure and simple. Refer to them as “segregationists.” Don’t let them hide behind their terminology. Confront them with the fact of what they are.

Same goes for the rest of CovidSpeak. Covid “cases,” “deaths,” and “vaccines” get scare quotes. Healthy people are not medical cases. If Covid didn’t kill someone, they are not a Covid death, period. “Vaccines” that do not behave like vaccines, and that are killing and crippling tens of thousands of people, and that have not been adequately tested for safety, and that are being indiscriminately forced on everyone, do not get to be called vaccines.

OK, here comes the big idea, which will only work if enough people do it. You probably won’t like it, but what the hell, here goes …

This is the red inverted triangle the Nazis used in the concentration camps to designate their political opponents and members of the anti-Nazi resistance. Make one. Make it out of fabric, paper, or whatever material you have at hand. Put a big, black “U” in the center of it to signify “Unvaccinated.” Wear it in public, conspicuously. When people ask you what it means and why you are wearing it in public, tell them. Encourage them to do the same, assuming they’re not New Normal segregationists, in which case … well, that will be a different conversation, but go ahead and tell them too.

That’s it. That’s the whole big idea. That, and whatever else you are already doing. The triangle is not meant to replace that. It’s just one simple way for people to express their opposition to the totalitarian, pseudo-medical segregation system that is currently being implemented … despite all that other stuff you’ve been doing, and that I have been doing, for 17 months.

All right, I can already feel your disappointment. You thought I was going to propose a frontal assault on Klaus Schwab’s secret castle, or a guerilla naval attack on Bill Gates’ yacht. Cathartic as either of those endeavors might be, they would be (a) futile, and (b) suicidal. Frustrating as it has been for all of us, this is still a battle for hearts and minds. Essentially, it is a War on Reality (or between two “realities” if you prefer). It is being fought in people’s heads, not in the streets.

So, let me try to sell you on this red triangle thing.

The point of a visual protest like this is to force the New Normals to confront a different representation of what they, and we, are. A representation that accurately reflects reality. No, of course we are not in concentration camps — so, please, spare me the irate literalist emails — but we are being segregated, scapegoated, censored, humiliated, and otherwise abused, not for any legitimate public health reasons, but because of our political dissent, because we refuse to mindlessly follow orders and conform to their new official ideology. The New Normals need to be forced to perceive their beliefs and actions in that context, even if only for a few fleeting moments at the mall, or in the grocery store, or wherever.

Think of it this way … as I explained above, they are basically performing a theatrical event, conjuring up a “pandemic reality” with words, actions, and pseudo-medical stage props. What we need to become is that asshole in the audience who destroys the suspension of disbelief and reminds everyone that they’re sitting in a theater, and not in 15th Century Denmark, by loudly taking a call on his phone right in the middle of Hamlet’s soliloquy.

Seriously, we need to become that asshole as conspicuously as possible, as often as possible, to disrupt the show the New Normals are performing … and to remind them what they are actually doing, and who they are actually doing it to.

Look at the white people in the tweet above tormenting that girl who is just trying to go to school like any other student. The New Normals do not want to perceive themselves that way, as a pack of fanatical, hate-drunk segregationists, but that is what they are, because it is what they are doing … but it is not what most of them are by nature. Yes, some people are congenitally sociopathic, but no one is inherently totalitarian. We are not born fascists or segregationists. We have to be programmed to be that way. That’s what the propaganda is for, not to mention all the other authoritarian conditioning we are subjected to from the time we are children.

Or that’s the gamble, or the leap of faith, behind the inverted red triangle thing. It is a basic non-violent civil-disobedience tactic, which works on people who still have a conscience and haven’t gone full totalitarian yet.

Granted, it might not work this timewe are already at the stage where they are going to imprison restaurant owners for serving the “Unvaccinated” — but it might, and what have we got to lose?

Source: Consent Factory

  1. tunamelt says

    Unvaxxed, unfazed. ?

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Wars are created by clash of realities.
    This is war!

  3. ken says

    So where are the signs 12,000 dead from the kill shot in the US,,, 18,000 dead in the EU,,, millions maimed?

    Notice these deaths and horrible side effects are never mentioned when they say the unvaxxed just need to be informed on the safety and efficacy of the jab. Yeah, “WE” are the poor misinformed NOT the slugs that accepted all their bs and got vaxxecuted.

    Then those caring people are eating their own when members of their cult die or get some sort of horrible disease and want to inform people. You don’t see them on CNN. The federale’s ignore them,,, most are not covered by their insurance because the kill shot is experimental.

  4. Jimmy Scott says

    Every one of the white people in the picture were correct. Non whites are cancer for white people nad anyone who denies this is anti white.

    1. Jay says

      You are a piece of shit

  5. Oyster says

    I agree with the writer the victimhood chants of most American protest make me cringe ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ is so passive, weak.& screams victim. If you go into battle with your state, you don’t go with your hands up.

  6. Adolf Richtar says

    Only demented retard can compare this fraud with National Socialism in Germany as BEST system ever created by White Adamic men. The triangle was for Sodomite faggots a mentally retarded lifestyle promoted today by jewish satanic media whores, who own 100% of all USA,EU,Australia . You retards wake up and compare this to jewish communism, because communism and this system today is run by jewish offspring of lucifer.

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      I couldn’t agree more, Adolf Richtar; only demented retards can compare this fraud with National Socialism in Germany as best system created by White Adamic men. Of course, the triangle was for Sodomites, a mentally retarded lifestyle promoted by Jewish Satanic media, who own 100% of all US, EU, Australia. All of these retards wake up and compare this to Jewish Communism, because Communism and this system today’s run by Jewish offspring of Lucifer, indeed.

      1. Tzvi says

        Why copy the Nazis in any shape or form would be the better answer.

        Nazi’s were stupid, childish, insolent, and very immoral flag wavers of the Totenkopf Kulture.

        Only a syphilitic Austrian with E1b1b Y DNA ( AMALEK) would fight a two front war, by invading Soviet territories late in the campaign season, and use scarce resources to hunt down starving Juden.

        The “conservative” and “Reform” Jews are mostly not even Jewish by our law due to Patrilineage and fake conversions…most “Secular Zionist” “Jews” are more properly termed Apostates. The failure of the majority of Orthodox to publicly denounce and disassociate themselves from these groups and their anti- Torah ( Bible) acts will lead to disaster yet again.

  7. jha says

    maybe the 6 million dead from the vaccine have been buried alongside the 6 million original dead from the virus

  8. Daniel says

    With all the crazy people out there, I would rather find a way to selectively express myself other than to put a BullsEye on my chest…

  9. Gavin says

    Good idea. The Romans abandoned the idea of slaves wearing armbands because on the street, slaves would realize how numerous they were and revolt. If this catches on, it would reveal the true number of unvaccinated

    1. Tzvi says

      That was one way to mark, others wore an iron collar engraved with T.M.Q.F. , or at the very least a tattoo on the forehead with the same “Tene me quia fugi”.

  10. John says

    Go to the farm store, buy some bright orange ear tags, attach clips, and decorate with clever messages. Wear as a fashion statement, hand out to friends, sell on ebay…

    “Got Vax? Moo!”

    “Herd Immunity”

    “No Facts, No Fear”

  11. Steven Rowlandson says

    There are no Nazi conspirators trying to genocide humanity. It isn’t 1933 to 1945 anymore. It is the allied side doing the dirty deeds today. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

    1. realhistorybaby says

      I’ve always said, No Hitler no Nazis.
      What is going on today a Nazi would never condone.
      However, a Progressive might…

  12. Malatok says

    Kary Mullis, Nobel Explosives Industries chemistry prize winner in 1993 explains the AIDS hoax which is also a Tony Da Fist Fauci production and startlingly similar to the ongoing Fist Fauci covaids caper. The ongoing covaids intelligence test and invitation to kill or main ourselves for the purpose of eugenics and even more wealth to the kakistocracy is no accident. It is a badly planned psychopathic scheme by soul less demons that imagine they are beyond the reach of justice because of their ill gotten wealth and subsequently the control they have over the lying garbage we “elect” to terrorize our unfortunate world. There will be justice for these global crimes of genocide, of that I have no doubt.
    The Gary Null 90 minute interview explains it all…how we allowed ourselves to be conned and slaughtered by these psychopaths; the herd is simply too lazy and stupid to educate itself and hence is the prey of psychopaths like Fauci and his demonic ilk. Fortunate for the filth that Kary Mullis died in August of 2019 just weeks before the Event 201 covaids plandemic roll out. Odd indeed but no surprise considering the slaughter that Kill Bill gates of hell and fellow pedovores have since unleashed on the expendables for profit and because they have our world in their claws.

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