Mainstream Media Claims There Is a Guy Looking to Off Belgium’s Fauci So He Got 45,000 Supporters in Days

The guy, not the Fauci

The Facebook group, Als 1 achter jürgen (“As One Behind Jürgen”), has now been taken down, but before that happened it collected over 45 thousand members in the 5 days (May 20 to May 25) that it was up.

In the mean time, already the third march in support of him was held yesterday, this time in the small National Park the military had been sweeping the days prior:

The third support march for Conings attracted more than 100 participants to the Salamander in Maasmechelen on Monday afternoon. The support march takes place for the third consecutive day in the Mechelse Heide. Around 2.15 pm the group left for a walk through the nature reserve, after being addressed by initiator Achille Chernouh.

After a week-long manhunt Jürgen Conings is still at large, and the authorities unable to trace him down are instead engaging in smear-ful theater where they are pretending Belgian mosques are at risk from him, and need to be closed down and protected by the military.

The manhunt at one point involved hundreds of police and military, and even the help of special forces from neighboring Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, but all they were able to find was Conings car with four missiles inside (or so they claim).

Conings left letters explaining he can’t stand the lockdown fascism anymore for his partner, but she turned around and reported the contents to the government which launched a manhunt:

Who reported his disappearance on Monday was his girlfriend, Gwendy, who would have discovered several letters in which it was said that “he could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything from us” or that he would “join the resistance and not give up.”

Who knows what is the truth of the story. All we have to go on are the words of the lockdown fascists. That said, if the COVID Rouge says there’s a guy looking to off their High Priest and immediately 45,000 people express support that isn’t a good look for them.

  1. ken says

    Fauci isn’t worth a flea on a gnats ass. Just another liar and promoter of evil but he is their weapon of choice as so many are obsessed with health safety these days. — for some reason shooting up a unknown, untested, experimental concoction doesn’t seem bother them.–

    The fact they have so many of their armed trained monkeys out looking for Conings suggests they are worried about something else and the Fauci thing is a diversion.

    “but she turned around and reported the contents to the government which launched a manhunt:”

    The government putting the girlfriend at risk suggest they are using her for bait hoping Coning will come after her for revenge. Usually governments will protect their informants saying simply they ‘found’ the whatever it is.

    But women ARE capricious. One seldom knows what they’re thinking. Defined freedom is unknown to most of them,,, Protection and stability are their main modes of thought.

    But if he does take out Fauci,,, no tears from me.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Fauci is squint-eyed satanic JEW!!!

      1. Chacko Kurian says

        A 33rd degree Freemason. Freemasonry includes people from all occultic practioners whose god is lucifer. The question you must ask is who is their god? Includes apostate Christians, the elite of the world, Talmudic/kaballah Jews, sufis etc

        1. XSFRGR says

          It’s painfully obvious that you know absolutely nothing about Freemasonry.

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      You do understand that the article is about a Belgian man hunting Belgium’s “Fauci” in Belgium, not creepy Bill’s Mini-Me Fauci in the USA, right?

      The agents of evil and the eugenic Great Reset aren’t limited to the USA – although that would actually be a good place to start the purge.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Well, it has to start somewhere ?? Right …………..

  2. Helga Weber says

    We would need a few brave men to stand up against dictatorship and the gangsters in the governments.

  3. Ronnie says

    This set up is the best so far from the “Secret Squirrels.”
    Oh what a lovely farce!

  4. Juan says

    Pathethic, unmanly. A whole battalion hunting a single middle aged man. Beyond cringy. He’s going to get executed by the military, like the rebel guy in Venezuela (who didn’t hurt a fly) was bombarded with RPGs and rifle fire by Chavistas’ irregular commie militias.

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Seems strange to me that something like this has taken so long to happen – for someone with the skills and the means to actually fight back and threaten our self-appointed overlords with retribution.

    IMO it will be a very great blessing if this becomes a global trend, starting with the Big Pharma stooges and eugenic psychos based in the US.

    Hey, a guy can dream.

    1. Waldorf says

      Perhaps it has happened and not been publicised, for whatever reason. To discourage imitators?

  6. Mr Reynard says

    “They seek him here, they seek him there
    Those Belgians seek him everywhere
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
    That damned elusive Scarlet Pumpernickel”

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