Mad Dash War Ends, Triangle of Death Pacified, Are Russians Getting Their Act Together?

We’re now seeing fewer videos of annihilated Russian detachments. It leads me to believe that Russians have cleaned up their act somewhat and are no longer sending out small units far ahead.

Difficult to understand what that was about. Some of it maybe have been catastrophic communication failure as in the case of the Rosgvardida (paramilitary police) detachment that got annihilated at the eastern gates of Kiev (what was it doing there??).

Some of it may have been supply issues.

Mostly I think it was to create the impression of lightning-fast advance to see if that couldn’t shock Ukraine into collapse. (Perhaps Zelensky would flee and it would trigger a chain reaction, especially if they really had sleeper cells in the capital?) It didn’t. Instead, it boosted Ukrainian morale as tiny detachments could be met on equal or advantageous terms, and in many cases defeated.

Particularly in the triangle to the west of Sumy, south of Chernigov, and east of Kiev too many lives were thrown away too easily.

I guess the idea was that before the Kremlin could justify to itself launching an all-out war it had to explore the possibility that perhaps victory could be had with a “phantom war”. If it worked it could have spared numerous lives, but of course it didn’t. It also required keeping the majority of the assembled force in reserve for the real war that would follow if the mad dash war failed.

I think the mad dashing (with no artillery and virtually no airstrikes) was the major part of it during the first four days, followed by a day or so of reorganization, now seemingly followed by more by-the-books advance by sturdier units. It’s slower going with full battalion tactical groups of 800 men, but at least it’s not throwing lives away and gifting the opposition easy victories. (Or it could be that my mind is imposing order on a situation where it does not exist, but that’s my impression anyway from data that is both biased and incomplete.)

In the past two days, the Russians have taken Kherson (300,000 people) and encircled Mariupol in the south.

Forces attacking from the rebel Lugansk Republic have made a breakthrough, are in Starobelsk moving on to Svatovo, and could soon be linking up with Russians who have advanced south to Kupyansk and Balakliya.*

Most importantly of all, a much firmer grip on the old triangle of death in northeastern Ukraine below Chernigov and to the west of Sumy has been established. Some attacks on supplies continue, but at least passing combat troops are not getting blown up. It has allowed the Russians to quietly and without much fanfare move further west and establish themselves 40 kilometers to the east of Kiev.

It’s this area that has been a particular death sink for small Russian units, but is a lot more “filled up” now

In other words, as most everyone was focused on the giant traffic jam moving from Belarus that will be encircling Kiev from the west and storming it from the north, the Russians have made more critical work to the east of the city.

Russians in Bobrovytsya and Nova Basan, 40 kilometers from where built-up Kiev starts. That’s not good for Ukrainians:

Another interpretation of the NE area (almost a day behind now):

*A competing interpretation is that forces in Starobelsk have advanced to there directly from Russia and not from the Lugansk Republic:

Oryx has documented over 400 Russian vehicle losses, including over 50 tanks. Oryx is a team of notorious NATO-loving Russophobes. They were notoriously pro-Qaeda in Syria. However, their tally is backed by photograph and footage. Every claimed loss is linked back to a video or photo so their exaggeration can not be by leaps and bounds. The worrying part for Russia is that so many of the vehicle losses is gear that was abandoned or abandoned and captured. Documented Ukrainian losses are smaller (160 vehicles and 18 tanks) because 95% of the footage is from Ukrainians and Ukrainians don’t like filming their losses, and also because they had less gear to start with.

BTW, war is hell:

Moscow opted not to conduct missile strikes on Ukrainian barracks in the opening night of the war. Now it’s occasionally carrying them out, and as you can see it’s utter hell and tragedy. Horrific stuff.

  1. Martillo says

    USSA loves a sucker and the EUSSR is proof positive that you can do without the Pentacon demons as “friends”. Send all the undead Ukropper NAZIS to USSA for the upcoming civil war reloaded.

    1. Hungary Guy says

      …or to vote for CreepyJoe

      1. Jerôme says


  2. Dale says

    Are we really to imagine that Putin was caught unawares and has had to rejig his approach ? Recall that, during the Gulf War, it took the US and it’s numerous allies three weeks to fight its way to Baghdad. And that was following heavy bombardment from the air.

    1. Hungary Guy says

      Yeah, but they had- and still have total Media Control.
      This “War” is also mainly fought in the economic & propaganda sphere.
      To rid the Public’s mind off Covid HOAX and their Crimes against Humanity.
      That’s why BJ & Co. are accusing Russia of just that.

  3. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an article that compares the military strength of Russia, the United States and Ukraine:

    While Ukraine’s military strength is far below that of Russia’s, we have to keep in mind that the United States and United Kingdom (as well as other NATO nations) are supplying Ukraine’s military with the materiel that it needs to fight against Russia.

    1. Dale says

      Will this be another proxy loss for the US ? Vietnam was the first. Arguably, Syria has been another.

    2. Jerôme says

      A such weapon depos are a nice targets for Rissian Kinzhal missiles…

    3. William White says

      Can’t read the graphs, they’re all too small. [32″ ultra wide screen]

  4. EstibenDelMar says

    Russian generals dont care about soldiers or gear lost as long as they accomplish intricated, sophisticated, never seen before antics. Furthermore, the more ukranian civilians saved the the more solid future relations will be.

    1. Jerôme says

      Fuc..the ukronazis…and zionist nazis like Zelensky/ Green, Poroshenko,Kolomoisky and other zionist nazis in USrael….why they w,ere daily shelling the Russian civilians in Doneck? Why they launched full assault on these republics??? Why these zionazis wanted to go nuclear and into NATO???

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Thanks again to Marko for some real journalism, when all we get across the Western mainstream is fountains of BS.

    FWIW here’s some big-picture Western analysis absent the hysteria by a man who actually uses his brain…

    [ ]

    Repeat after me – “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!” (even if he’s big and hairy with enormous teeth and a pair of balls to match).

    1. Dale says

      What I don’t understand is, if Putin is throwing a wrench into globalist aspirations … why did he become such a bedwetter on Covid ?

      1. Hungary Guy says

        He was to be baited much, much earlier into this move.
        They made it clear long time ago just like recently Prime Murderer of Luxemburg (pop: 300.000) announced: Russia must get rid of Boogeyman Putin in order for Globalists to accept Russia and its People (outright LIE of course).
        Putin had 2 Reasons for Covid- Hoax & QR- Codes:
        1) Not to get out of the NWO Line and into its Way, too early
        2) besides years of sanctionproofing the Country- to prepare for Economic Shrinking as a Result of new Sanctions

        I think

        1. Dale says

          In any case, as a consequence, Russia appears to have suffered the worst excess mortality rate in the world.

  6. Kointel Killah says

    “Difficult to understand what that was about.”

    In the fog of war, the less is known, the more is speculated.

    Map from 2/25, similar to what you’ve shown.

  7. peterinanz says

    Good article.

    This in particular:
    “ was to create the impression of lightning-fast advance to see if that couldn’t shock Ukraine into collapse.
    ..the idea was that before the Kremlin could justify to itself
    launching an all-out war it had to explore the possibility that perhaps victory
    could be had with a “phantom war”. If it worked it could have spared
    numerous lives..,”

    The bloody part coming now.

  8. Jerôme says

    Putin got 7 from 11 zionazi biolabs in Kurvaine…What the USraeli zionazis were producing in them???

    1. Matt Beckinsale says

      Is there confirmation that they did take out 7 biolabs?

  9. Jerôme says

    Goyim, the WAR is about the END TIME…2025 is all over,our lives too….

  10. Victoria Atkins says


  11. sardonicus says

    the vehicles-destroyed count does not mean that there is a death count proportional to the vehicles’ occupancies. the survivability, even in instances of direct hits, is really quite astounding in vehicles like those. i know this from personal experience. sorry to disappoint any sanguine ghouls out there who revel in the deaths of other human beings, be the dead Russian dead or the dead of any other nationality.

    1. Eddy says

      Very valid point. We are told the Russians got too far ahead of their supply train and allegedly ran out of fuel and food. If that’s true, it’d make sitting ducks of the disabled tanks/trucks. Whether troops stayed behind to protect them, or bugged out with available transport, we’ll never know. Of course attacking such disabled vehicles without any opposition, is not what I would consider brave or heroic.

  12. Rob Johnson says

    Great coverage on this site, thank you guys.

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