Macron Removes Macron-Compulsory Mask to COUGH (VIDEO)

Masks compulsory in France unless you're Macron and need to cough in the presence of other people

President Emmanuel Macron has drawn criticism on Twitter after removing his face mask while talking to students at a college in France.

As he addressed young people at a vocational college in Clermont-Ferrand, central France, the leader visibly struggled with his cloth covering, removing it to have a coughing fit and eventually swapping it for a more lightweight one.

“I’m going to put a lighter mask on because I must have absorbed something from this one,” he said.

Social media users called the president out for coughing while he wasn’t wearing a face and nose covering, saying this did not respect guidance on measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

They observed that he also touched his new mask and took a glass of water from someone without washing or using antibacterial gel on his hands.

“The president coughs outside of his mask and stretches out his hand to take and return a glass of water straight after… no gel, no handwashing. What can we hope for ??” wrote one Twitter user.

“Macron can’t stand the fabric masks sparingly distributed to teachers. However, he only spoke for five minutes with it. What do teachers have to say, who are forced to speak with one sometimes for eight hours per day? That the president is laughing at the world?” wrote another.

However, some brought into question the benefit of wearing a mask — a debate that is currently raging in Europe.

Source: Euronews

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  1. Agenda says

    Macron the moron choking in his own Co2. The slaves behind this toyboy would probably like to rip off their own masks too.

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