Lukashenko’s Gift: Migrants Try to Storm the EU-Belarus Border

No freebie border guard work from Luka

They’re felling trees to trample the fences with

Hundreds if not thousands of migrants sought to storm the border from Belarus into Poland on Monday, cutting razor wire defenses and using branches to try and climb over them. The siege escalated a crisis along the European Union’s eastern border that has been simmering for months.

Poland’s government said it had rebuffed an illegal “invasion” and claimed the situation was under control. The Defense Ministry posted a video showing an armed Polish officer using a chemical spray through a fence at men who were trying to cut the razor wire. Some migrants threw objects at police.

Video footage from Belarusian media showed people using long wooden poles or branches to try to get past a border fence as police helicopters circled overhead.

“A coordinated attempt to massively enter the territory of the Republic of Poland by migrants used by Belarus for the hybrid attacks against Poland has just begun,” a spokesman for Poland’s security forces, Stanislaw Zaryn, said in a statement.

Piotr Mueller, Poland’s government spokesperson, said 3,000 to 4,000 migrants were next to the Polish border on the Belarusian side.

Anton Bychkovsky, spokesman for Belarus’ State Border Guard Committee, told The Associated Press that the migrants at the border are seeking to “exercise their right to apply for refugee status in the EU.

Steffen Seibert, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, told reporters Monday that “the Belarusian regime is acting as a human trafficker.”

“It instrumentalizes refugees and migrants in a way that’s politically and from a humanitarian point of view condemnable. And Europe will make a united stand against this continuous hybrid attack,” Seibert said.

Bix Aliu, the U.S. charge d’affaires in Warsaw, tweeted that Lukashenko’s regime was risking the migrants’ lives and “using them to escalate the border crisis and provoke Poland.”

“Hostile actions by Belarus are exacerbating the situation on the border with the EU and NATO dangerously and must end immediately,” he said.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Twitter that more than 12,000 soldiers have been deployed to the border and a volunteer Territorial Defense force was put on alert.

Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Pawel Jablonski held talks with Iraqi charge d’affaires Hussein al-Safi on ways of ending the migration crisis and thanked Iraq for having Belarus close its consulates in Baghdad and Irbil that were giving out tourist visas to migrants.

Source: The Associated Press


Retaliating for the sanctions, President Alexander Lukashenko said in late June that Belarus will no longer hold back migrants seeking to reach the EU.

“They demand that we protect them from smuggling and drugs. I just want to ask, are you mad? You have unleashed a hybrid war against us and now you demand that we protect you as we did before,” Lukashenko said.

“Until these senseless sanctions and efforts to humiliate our people are dropped, we won’t talk to them, and we won’t kneel before them,” Lukashenko said early in September, shortly after unveiling bill enabling border guards to send asylum seekers rejected in the EU back into the bloc.

  1. guest says

    Who brought these well-dressed, well-fed invaders into White Russia ?
    Vladimir is locking old people in their apartments; chasing down old ladies for not wearing mask; but these hordes of un-masked, un-vaccinated, un-tested aliens can travel through the flat-land.

    Is this Lukash so dense that he cannot comprehend that this sludge will fill White Russia, too. Blinded by his dislike of Poland he digs his own nation’s grave. The same goes for this Putin character. We long passed the point where we could indulge in historical dislikes; that luxury is long gone. Russia, Ukraine, White Russia, Roumania, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, and everyone else, needs to come to their senses, quickly. The central government in Brussels is the enemy, mortal enemy.

    Why don’t everyone of these squabling people visit Frankfurt, or London, or Paris, or Los Angeles, or Detroit, and get a taste of what the future holds for them if they don’t come to their senses, and act together ?

    Assholes in Serbia and Croatia did the same thing when Hungary started that fence —then they quickly learned how dumb they were. And if everyone of these invaders were shipped back the Greece, where they first landed in Europe, those rectum-divers would learn quickly, too.

    1. Malatok says

      Ras Putin has finally shown who has him on a leash and it ain’t pretty to see he’s just another lying (Russian) Trump. Shame really that they are ALL in the same club.

      Get the covaid$ squirt today, your elites will thank you for your “sacrifice”.

  2. Malatok says

    Poland holding the line against the EUSSR weaponized migrant hordes despite the evil in Natostan sewer Brussels. The collaps€ of the EUSSR along with the filthy IOU fiat filth toilet paper €urodollah will guarantee the end of this nonsense and the globalist satanic pedovore filth using these migrants to destroy what’s left of freedom in gulag Urupp.

  3. craig dudley says

    the crowd lined up at the polish border are the creation of the empire who invaded their lands and destroyed all they could and europe participated in that so the flood has once again arrived at their borders. its curious that europe/poland expects the russians/belorussians to be their police especially under circumstances like this. europe is earning what it has sown, and to then take their eastern neigbors to task for failing to do their bidding is hilarious at least. you earn what you sow.

  4. Adam says

    These so-called refugees have been sent (paid for and delivered) to de-stabilize Poland. The question is who is funding this destabilization and what are the motives?

    1. jack says

      Soros aka GB

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