Lukashenko: Ukraine Will Be Returned to the ‘Bosom of the Slavs’

Editor’s note: Lukashenko had a big address to the nation and said many interesting things.

Ukraine will be returned to the “bosom of the Slavs”, since Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russians are a Slavic brotherhood. This was announced on Friday, January 28, by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“It is important for the West to drown the Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood, our Slavic brotherhood, in blood. But we are native Slavic peoples, people from the same baptismal font. Our roots are from time immemorial, and this must be preserved no matter what it costs us,” Lukashenka said, addressing the people and parliament with a message.

According to him, “no matter how much someone opposes it”, Ukraine will be returned to the bosom of the Slavs.

At the same time, as Lukashenka pointed out, Belarus will always build fraternal relations with Russia. At the same time, the country is ready to cooperate with the West, but only if the countries themselves want to develop relations without violating the sovereignty of Belarus and without forcing them to choose between them and Russia, he added.

Source: Pledge Times

Lukashenko: Belarus will never be a source of war

“You do not have to worry about your sons. I have three. You know them. They will never hide behind other people’s backs. If need be, they will go to war,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“But I have never said that I will send troops to foreign land against some people. You mentioned Ukraine. God forbid I fight against this people. My great-grandfathers probably hail from there. I am a peaceful person and I do not give such orders. I have cited you two cases when Belarus may become involved in a war. I think they will never happen.”

Source: Belta

Lukashenko: Two terms are enough

“Today is not the mid-1990s, when shops were empty, when banditry was rampant in the county. We had a referendum. I took up the burdens of office in accordance with the Constitution, which is still in force today with amendments and additions. The situation is different now. Two terms are enough,” he concluded.

Source: Belta

Lukashenko on not being like Yanukovich and Ghani:

“What could have happened if there had been no Lukashenko in August 2020? I beg your pardon for immodesty. I’ve already answered this question.

Back then I was running around with an assault rifle together with my kid not because I wanted to show off. There was danger. I was running around to protect my own thing because I’d created it with my own hands together with you.

But I was in the lead, I made those decisions.

And I defended you like my own kids. I could not abandon you. My life would have been worth nothing then.

I was resolute like that. And god forbid if there had been a different president.”

Source: Belta

  1. Helga Weber says

    It would be good if people remember their heritage.

  2. EstibenDelMar says

    it seems the crisis in ukraine is over!! Apparently trump stepped in…

    1. D FERGi says

      Trump murdered Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani

  3. Maiasta says

    Lukashenko’s comments on the billionaires’ pseudo-pandemic:

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    I tried this scam and now I am broke and penniless.

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    The Link above contains a Virus. DO NOT Click it!

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