Lukashenko Told You It Was a Psychosis TWO YEARS AGO

The entire interwebs are ablaze with the term “mass formation psychosis”. Since a smart Ph.D. visited Joe Rogan everyone and their grandmother are now reading up on it, and emitting into the ether how the COVID panic (hysteria) is nothing but a mass psychosis. That is great. Except that it is January freaking 2022.

It has been a psychosis for nearly TWO YEARS now. It has been evident it is nothing but brain rot in the heads of excitable idiots this whole time. Aleksandr Lukashenko, a Belarusian potato farmer, and a much less educated man than Dr. Robert Malone, diagnosed it as a “psychosis” and an “info-demic” way back in March 2020.


“Despite some criticism on my part, I call this coronavirus nothing other than a psychosis, and I will never deny that, because I’ve gone through many situations of psychosis together with you, and we know what the results were.

“Coronavirus is yet another psychosis, which will benefit some people and will harm others.”


Doesn’t it seem to you that the powerful forces of the world would like to remake the world, without a ‘war’(Emmanuel Macron has already called it a war), through this so-called ‘corona-psychosis’, or ‘info-demic’? Many people are asking: ‘what will happen after the pandemic?’”

Some need the permission of a PhD to start thinking, preferably a PhD they saw on a massive media outlet like Rogan.* Others, like Lukashenko have their folksy common sense to work from.


*Who is on record as saying that without lockdowns you would have had more COVID deaths.

  1. GMC says

    The ” Last Dictator” as Brussels calls him, , just happened to be best one that stood Against the E U Nazis and their US Handlers.
    It’s a shame Ukraine and Georgia didn’t have any Men , left to fight for their sovereignty and future.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “The ” Last Dictator” as Brussels calls him…”

      If you’re going to have a dictator – make sure to get a good one.

      Lujashenko is a good one.

    2. Curmudgeon says

      that stood Against the E U Nazis and their US Handlers.

      I´m really getting tired of this Naht-zees and/or “fascists” nonsense. National Socialists and fascists were opposed to usury and the international banking cartel. The EU is a creation of the international banking cartel. Communism and capitalism are the two sides of the same shekel. Both seek to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few. It’s all in how you define the commune.

  2. ken says

    I don’t trust Rogan,,, another grifter just making a buck.

    Malone is a question mark. Most everything he says,,, imo,,, is true.

    That said, how can a ‘scientist‘ like himself claim this virus exists,,, and recommend treatment,,, when surely he knows it hasn’t been isolated, purified, sequenced or proven to cause the disease covid?

    It appears that he, like most everyone, believes without question anything we are told by the likes of Fraudci. Even within the CDC documents they state there is no isolate and that their using an insilico version,,, aka computer simulation.

    Bombshells? Everything Malone said I,,, and most here,,, have known since the beginning of this farce. Government is out of control,,, Manipulaion of data,,, Mandates are illegal,,,cash rewards for hospitals and doctors,,, Pandemic of the unvaccinated does not exist,,, on and on.

    For two years we have been screaming these points only to be ignored or told we were misinforming folks. aka conspiracy theorists. But a guy with MD or PhD attached can say these things and they’re bombshells!

    Listening to MD’s, PhD’s and government grifters is what got us into this mess to begin with. We all need to be scientists of the scientists in that we question what they are saying especially if what they are saying causes the trashing of economies,,, creating hate and discontent,,, forcing anything especially upon children,,, and government stepping away from lawful constitutions issuing Caesarean edicts.

    1. Marq says

      Malone has offered nothing more than regurgitated old info, except for false claims about himself and others. Inventor of mRNA?? Not hard to research the history. Bogus. And that is the only reason he is here.

      1. Citizen Joe says

        Malone has the first 9 patents issued for mRNA vaccine technology. From 1989. Even the left wing Atlantic Journal concedes this. Others have worked on various aspects of this technology. Malone’s info is backed up by world renowned virologists.

    2. John says

      absolutely correct

    3. Crs says

      Bam !!! Bull`s eye !

    4. Jasper says

      youre a troll

    5. anon says

      It’s likely that in the future we may be seeing Malone pushing some kind of ‘safe’ mRNA vaccines… (of course these don’t exist and never will)…

      By standing outside the fold, he gets an opportunity to redefine the market in his own interests and not those he worked for….personally I wouldn’t trust him..

      this is a man criticising vaccines that apparently he has had administered.. surely that must reflect on his credibility or his honesty (saline)…

      Be suspicious… and stay that way..

  3. silver9blue says

    1 year ago it was all covid, only civid deaths. Now we are given the difference between covid and the common flu like losing your sense of smell. All along it was so just the massive media figures trying a hypnotic effect.

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