Lukashenko Takes One Look at Coronavirus and Spits in Its Eye. Won’t Rescind Freedoms Over a Glorfied Cold

Time to annex surrender-happy Russia to great Belarus? Have the whole thing run from Minsk where there are still some men around

The only “dictator” in Europe also the only leader not rushing to crack down on his people’s freedoms on (social) media’s whim

Lukashenko asked about coronavirus: “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

How refreshing. A leader who will actually lead and isn’t a poodle addicted to kneeling before everything, including a glorified cold.

And how ironic, supposedly “Europe’s last dictator” but when the push comes to shove he’s the only one on the entire continent refusing to take advantage of the hysteria to crack down on his people’s freedoms:

[T]hanks to President Alexander Lukashenko, a man who is sometimes referred to as “Europe’s last dictator,” Belarus is the only European country that is still playing soccer.

With Lukashenko insisting that his country should not “panic” like countries in Western Europe, the Belarusian Premier League’s 2020 season began last Thursday as planned, and games are scheduled to be played this weekend.

Though Lukashenko has advised citizens to observe social distancing protocols, he has also suggested the coronavirus is a “psychosis.”

“The civilized world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders,” Lukashenko said last week. “No one is talking about the virus. In the villages, the tractor will heal everyone. The fields heal everyone.” To help combat COVID-19, Lukashenko has recommended having 40–50 grams of vodka daily, frequenting saunas and farm work.

That’s right, it is a psychosis, and an insane and feeble-minded overreaction.

Recently, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko displayed an iron calm, saying, “The most important thing is not to panic.”

The president of the country, where 86 cases have been identified so far, said that they would not take any precautions against the coronavirus, adding, “it happens.”

Lukashenko stated that everyone who came from abroad was tested, saying: “Two to three people a day have been tested positive for the coronavirus. These people are quarantined for 1.5-2 weeks.”

Displaying iron calm? We need some more of that. Calm and rationality — not emotion, hysteria and hype. The stupid feelings of excitable simpletons can’t take precedent before the freedom of entire peoples. And in Belarus’ case, they’re not allowed to.

  1. Digby says

    “surrender-happy Russia”

    This again? Seriously, what did Marko and co. expect Moscow to do besides imposing a lockdown?

    1. Ivan_K says

      How about
      publicly warn all the immunocompromised to stay in their homes,
      develop special services to provide for them,
      encourage the majority of population to use the warmer weather to take more initiative in their lives and be more productive,
      work on providing medicines for the endangered minority,
      support investigative journalism in getting to the roots of the crisis: What actually happened in Wuhan? Why in Italy “on re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus”? Why is Bill Gates in the media like an eminent authority? …

      Those are suggestions off the top of my head.

  2. Kevin Galalae says

    Bravo President Lukashenko!

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Marko, does this also reflect your penchant for satire?

    “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

    Good God, that sounds like John Wayne in a Hollywood Cold War film.

    Lukashenko is regarded by many as an authoritarian-prone leader, too.

    The interviewer is standing too close. Not a good example. No matter what you think of the disease, some social distancing is appropriate.

    This virus is spread by bodily fluids, as wee bits of spit when talking.

    1. DanielM says

      “Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas”.
      Emiliano Zapata

  4. Antti Sankari says

    Unfortunately, even though Lukashenko is a man with a big heart, he is not the sharpest pencil in the box.

    I hope Belarus will not be affected so much as other countries….. who do not take this seriously. Like Germany.

  5. Vijay Vallamudi says

    When you are debating an issue – in this case, the danger (or not) of COVID-19 – at least framing the issue correctly is key.


    The question then everyone should be asking is not just how many people are dying now (despite hospital care), but how many people are being hospitalized and in ICU because of COVID-19 and surviving and whether the rate of this increase can be managed or not.

    If this surge – which also occurs time-to-time in flus – can be successfully managed or is brief so that people who would have otherwise survived don’t die, great. Not a bigger concern than normal.

    But if the net rate of necessary hospitalizations (numbers in – numbers out) quickly overwhelms a city/region/country’s hospitals, that’s a danger since those needing hospitalizations may not find any space thus turning even a potentially treatable disease into a dangerous one (like it happens with other diseases in countries with poor healthcare).

    So is there evidence that COVID-19 can overwhelm the hospital system? Yes, from all the hotspots around the world. And all this *despite* what the editors would say are unnecessary measures.

    In New York, among confirmed COVID-19 cases:
    – 20% are hospitalized
    – 5 % are in ICUs
    – average time in ICU is 11-14 days (vs 3-4 days for the flu)
    – 2% are dying.
    – ventilators and PPEs have run/are running out depending on hospital

    All this despite, lockdowns; despite increasing production of ventilators and PPEs.

    Now I have no idea what the real agenda of the editors of this site is. Perhaps they are strict darwinists who support unnecessary deaths – not just to the old (so they died a couple of years early, tough!) – but to younger ones who would almost surely have survived hospitalization if they had access to it. Hey if your immune system couldn’t handle a little virus, you deserve to die! (In New York then that’s ~20% of those seeking hospital care or perhaps the 5% who need the ICU). Indeed this approach can be extended to every disease. Shut down heathcare. Let the strong survive and the weak perish!

    Ironically this is precisely the philosophy of the Empire the editors so strenuously claim to oppose.

    Pick a lane!

  6. JustPassingThrough says

    Again another BS covid-19 article

    This time cherry picking the situation in Belarus.

    There is no mention that Chinese students are under quarantine in Belarus since February 2020.

    This site has turned out to be a one-man rant regards corona virus.

    Not much anti-empire about that, imo.

    Does anyone really care that Rhode Island is locking out New Yorkers?

    Many of the braindead articles are nothing more than psychotics rants to support the site owner’s opinions.

    But maybe that is the plan, just constantly instill fear, frustration and confusion in the reader.

    If that be the case than M.M. is losing because his readers are a lot smarter than he makes them out to be.

    And if he thinks his one-man Quixotic crusade is going to save this site from oblivion… that is yet to be seen.

    When asked to clarify or explain his commentary, he is nowhere to be found.

    See below:

    Two days ago I asked for a clarification about some statements made by M.M.

    I’m still waiting and wading through BS articles by wannabe pulp fiction authors on the same theme over and over again.

    There is a lot going on in this world other than corona but it ain’t going on here

    1. Kevin Rangi says

      With over 200 million “active” websites on the internet it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you like.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        11 posts
        let’s bring out the dummy accounts.

        1. Kevin Rangi says

          I’m happy to come check out your website since it may be better than this one. Care to share the link?

          1. Mikhail Garchenko says

            Well said, exactly..! 😀 😀 😀

            1. JustPassingThrough says

              yap, yap, yap

          2. JustPassingThrough says

            my websites would not be of interest to you.
            anymore than this one is of any interest to me.
            …and that means no more financial support.
            so you’d better start hustling bunkie.
            don’t bother answering.
            no one is listening

      2. Mikhail Garchenko says

        …maybe he is masochist… 😉

        1. JustPassingThrough says

          mikhail just because you are a certified idiot, it doesn’t mean you have to keep telling everyone. lol

    2. Ulricht says

      Not much anti-empire about that, imo.

      Is the hysteria and shutting down of the global economies not empirical?
      Are you blind?

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        empirical: originating in or based on observation or experience.
        so what are you talking about, ulrich.

        as for being blind corona is not shutting down economies.
        economies have been on the cusp of collapse for many months now.
        but that has probably escaped you.

        before you get your nose out of joint, wake up.
        you are definitely behind the curve.

  7. FWH says

    Is it possible that a few more individuals like President Lukashenko might set a similar example and turn the whole thing around? A pandemic driven largely by fear and panic probably can be put in check by leaders who do not fear and panic.

    1. itchyvet says

      Only time will tell.

    2. JustPassingThrough says

      yes, leaders who are avowed dictators have that luxury.

  8. Aurum Cimex says

    Where can I get a flight to Belarus and how much is a house there?

    1. JustPassingThrough says

      ask M.M.

  9. Mikhail Garchenko says

    He is right… Just take a look at this: …a “boots on the ground” inform from Iran.

  10. Per says

    this theory posted @ stalkerzone is the only logic answer to this bs covid panick imho.

  11. Hideo Watanabe says

    Yes, the most important thing is not to panic because it is being agitated.
    We must be aware of that the US Treasury has been using corona pandemic as her economic growth strategy by weakening other economies at the sacrifice of human life.

    Please recall the 2008 financial crisis triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.
    Henry Paulson, then Treasury secretary did not rescue Lehman despite other banks such as Bear, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were bailed out.
    US GDP grew immediately after that crisis thanks to weakening dollar for their export volume increase. More important was that other economies had been a lot more damaged, which made US economy stronger on a relative basis. China, for instance had to take fiscal stimulus of $500 billion. Oil price was downed from $100 per barrel to $20 in five months which strengthened US energy sector financially supported by the US government.
    General Motors was bailed out in the form of state owned by $50 billion investment and took back 90% of the investment by IPO.

    Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary took the lead of $2.2 trillion stimulus. Key industries such as Boeing have been saved already and cash delivery to consumers will increase consumer spending directly because 50% of Americans have no savings.
    Anthony Fauci publicly announced possible 200,000 deaths in the US to spread the fear to prolong worldwide chaos.
    Chinese economy has been damaged significantly. Oil price fell less than $30 which is a crippling blow for Russian economy.
    Corona chaos is the same pattern the US Treasury took with Lehman Brothers bankruptcy 12 years ago.

    I am not sure whether the bioweapon theory is right or not but if it is the case this is their motivation to weaken other economies particularly China and Russia. If not, the US is trying to make use of this chaos for their own ego as much as possible.
    This is not hypothesis.
    Their strategy is not forgivable.
    Discuss the similarity of their strategic pattern loudly.

  12. SKA99 says

    On March 19, 2020, Public Health England, which is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom, stated that COVID-19 is no longer considered a high consequence infectious disease because it is not an acute infectious disease and because it has a low mortality rate.
    The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens of the Health and Safety Executive, which is a UK government agency responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, stated the same.

    I agree there is way too much hysteria and fearmongering with Corvid-19.

    Why so many ppl infected and deaths occuring with this Corvid-19?
    Viruses mutate and every time this happen – the new strain is stronger and usually deadlier(for those with existing health issues and senior in age) than the one before.

    I blame flu vaccinations and overprescribed antibiotics by doctors and Big Pharma most for the problems we face today.
    Having the flu is nature’s mechanism for our immune system to be attacked and weakened – but as our health regains; our immune system becomes even stronger than before. Like a health reboot.
    There is NO cure for the common cold. It’s your body’s way to tell you to take a break.
    You need to have complete bedrest – paracetamol for fever and aches – lemon and honey – and sleep (your body can only heal when you sleep).

    Taking antibiotics would mean that the next time you have the flu; these pills will have little or no effect on you.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Antibiotics do nothing to viruses.

      Viruses are not alive.They are hunks only of RNA in a shell with a delivery system for attaching to living cells.

      Antibiotics kill certain kinds of living things, which is what bacteria are, tiny living plants (yes, plants, not “bugs” as they are often loosely called), some of which have excretions harmful to us.

      That’s part of how we’re making bacteria more resistant to antibiotics, by using them where they don’t fit. They don’t fit the classic cold or flu.

      1. SKA99 says


      2. itchyvet says

        On the contrary. During my lifetime, (70) I have contracted a reasonable amount of illnessess, some of which were treated with antibiotics due to infections. Unfortuanetly, the antibiotics prescribed were of insufficient STRENGTH to knock out the bugs, thus repeats were neccessasry and the bug took far longer to eliminate. During that time, it developed further resistence. On the other hand, moving states and becoming reinfected two years later, the medics decided to cut to the chase and gave me the strongest antibiotics around, three injections of crystalised pennicilin. Cured me within three days, and have never ever again become sick with that infection. The proof is in the treatment. Dr’s are louth to kill infections, to do so, cuts off the source of their income.

  13. Josep says

    A while back I discovered a video titled “the difference between Russia and Belarus in 50 seconds” (, linked to in which the uploader travels from a bumpy road in the Krasnogorsky district of Bryansk oblast to a relatively smoother one in Gomel region. A few comments on the YouTube video blamed this on either Putin or the fact that Belarus does not export oil like Russia.
    Either way, I doubt that Belarus annexing Russia might work out at all, let alone repair the roads in the Krasnogorsky district at Bryansk. Besides, Belarus’ GDP is nearly 30 times smaller than that of Russia.

    On another note, as of this writing one Belarusian ruble is around 30.57 Russian rubles. The highest coin in circulation is two BYN, or 61.15 RUB. Meanwhile, 10 RUB is 0.33 BYN.
    If Russia were to be annexed by Belarus and have the Russian ruble be replaced with the Belarusian one, then purchasing power differences might need to be considered, even if it means nostalgia for Soviet times (when coins denominated in kopeks circulated and prices were denominated in values of less than one ruble).

    All being said, do Marko and co. still have faith in Putin’s Russia, or has that been lost?

  14. Marlon Glenn says

    Sorry Tim Allen…THIS is the last man standing!

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